10 Best Shopping Paradises In Kenya You Will Love To Explore

1. Village Market, Nairobi: Located in Gigiri, Nairobi, Village Market is an upscale shopping center sprawling over an area of 20,000 sq.Ft. Two Kenyan brothers started out this market in 1995 which has one hundred fifty shops. Starting from visitor and finishing in informal visitors, the village marketplace is a favorite vacation spot for all. You get a large variety of choice from style accessories, electronic gadget, and African artifacts. One of the occasions that interest me is the conventional dance that takes place right here. Starting from leisure centers, food courtroom, food shops and some promotional occasions that take location during the 12 months, this shopping mall draws visitors from all walks of life. Diplomats and expatriates like to spend evenings and weekends in this mall.

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2. West Gate Mall, Nairobi: Opened in 2007, West Gate Mall is one of the finest shopping facilities in Nairobi. Situated at Westlands, this mall suffered the worst terrorist assault ever in 2013, claiming a large number of lives, and wrecking the mall altogether. Kudos to the spirit of the Kenyans, the mall once more rose with its head held high in 2015. Be it branded add-ons, eateries, African artifacts, electric gadgets, food joints or a few zonal offices; you may locate the whole thing inside the mall. It’s a remarkable location to hang around with friends. You will find traditional African attire, artifacts and different gadgets of interest.

Three. Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi: Inaugurated in 2017 with the aid of President Uhuru Kenyatta, this mall is one of the state-of-the-art in Kenya. Sprawling over a place of 11 acres, it’s considered one of the largest malls in sub-Saharan Africa. The mall proudly showcases worldwide style leaders like LC Waikiki, Swarovski, Carrefour, and Zara. You may additionally revel in a cup of coffee in Attibassi or get entertained in Magic Planet.

Four. Nakumatt Nyali, Mombasa: Situated beside Nyali Bridge, this mall is considered one of the largest in Mombasa. Open 24 hours an afternoon, Nakumatt Nyali is a primary enchantment for both visitors and residents. Sporting numerous well-known brands, Nakumatt Nyali is a great location to hang around at the weekends. Nakumatt is a well-known Kenyan grocery store chain which has three branches throughout East Africa that entice buyers of all profile. You may also halt here for a luxurious lunch and then carry on with your website online seeing hobby even as you are in Mombasa.

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5. Akamba Handicraft, Mombasa: If you are keen on home décor, in no way pass over a visit to Akamba Handicraft. Established in 1917, Mutisya Muge started out promoting his carvings to the navy guys. Today it has almost a hundred employees and 2800 active individuals. It has some spellbinding series of animal carvings, ornamental carvings, masks and embellishes, human sculptures, useful carvings, and summary artwork. The mind-boggling art work gets a permanent vicinity for your eating hall to affect your visitors.

6. Sarit Center, Nairobi: Sarit Center is one of the city’s busiest purchasing facilities. Situated in the heart of Westlands, Nairobi, this shopping mall will provoke you with the listing of national and global brands showcased. The ongoing way of life show, exhibition and promotional occasions conducted right here are the principle enchantment for any vacationer. If you are keen on chocolates, savory and Indian spices, then your hunt ends here. A best location to spend weekends, Sarit Center is one of the most favored places to quench one’s buying spree.

7. Diamond Plaza, Nairobi: Situated in Nairobi, Diamond Plaza is a costly purchasing complex which comprises a 22 story building, six cinema lounges, restaurants, and cafe. Diamond Plaza is one of the oldest and largest shopping centers acknowledged to each Kenyan for the side road of the global manufacturers it shows. The specific plan, design, and architecture of the building as soon as took the media by using typhoon. You will find various meals courts, meals stores, workplaces and different recreational sports.

8. Diani Beach Shopping Center, Diani Beach: Located on Diani Beach, Mombasa, that is one of the well-known shopping facilities of Kenya. Having a plethora of buying options, the Diani Beach shopping center has one of the pleasant collections of accessories, meals courts, and electronic gadgets. If you are a traveler in Kenya, never omit a chance to go to Diani seashore for a sumptuous lunch wreck.

9. TRM, Thika Road: TRM mall in Thika is one of the modern modern-day shopping shops of gift instances. Having a collection of global and country wide manufacturers, TRM is one of the busiest hubs in the course of the weekends. Come to buy your wedding ceremony or is probably for a film, TRM will entertain you with all possible centers.

10. West End Shopping Mall, Kisumu: If you’re in Kisumu, in no way pass over the opportunity to sit back in the west give up shopping center. You will simply appreciate the significant series of international and domestic brands or may additionally indulge your self within the pleasures of getting an superb meal on the meals courtroom. You may be amazed to locate the myriad of artifacts, artwork, sculptures, books, and merchandise.

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Kenya is a perfect combination of amazing wildlife, outstanding hospitality, and modern-day add-ons. It preserves both modernity and primitive tribal lifestyles with utter perfection. Kenya and its precious property coupled with the hospitality and warmth of its people are unforgettable. And as some distance as shopping is worried, you have the excellent of the department stores here to quench your shopping spree.

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