11 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Top-notch Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) are powerful; however, sadly, they don’t have countless battery life. Many Android cellphone users could be happy to make it via an unmarried day, hoping that a nightly recharge is sufficient.

Android Phone's Battery Life

Sadly, it occasionally isn’t. A variety of factors have conspired to reduce machine patience over the past several years. Thinner designs with less room for batteries, more extensive and brighter displays, faster quad-middle processors, the more effective software program that runs within the background, and energy-hungry GPS radios all percentage duty. Some years ago, the move from 3G to 4G networks, especially the LTE range-has, also took its toll.

But there is a great deal extra to horrible battery life consequences than that. Fortunately, there are masses you can do to stem the float of juice from your Android device. To write this article, I used a Google Nexus 5, going for walks, the modern-day model of Android four.4 KitKat and not using an extra interface upgrade, but those pointers ought to apply throughout just about any Android cellphone. Try these hints to extend your handset’s battery lifestyle:

1. See what is sucking the most juice. Navigate to Settings > Battery to peer an organized breakdown of what’s eating your cellphone’s battery. Applications and functions will show in a descending list of battery hogs. If you spot a utility you barely use or a characteristic you never use, you’ll need to uninstall the app or turn off the feature.

2. Reduce email, Twitter, and Facebook polling. Set your various messaging apps to “manual” for the polling or refresh frequency, just as a check, and you will instantly extend your device’s battery life using a massive amount. Once you spot what a difference makes, attempt re-enabling just the most critical ones and possibly lowering their polling frequency within the system.

Three. Turn unnecessary hardware radios off. Incredibly, brand new phones have LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth; however, do you need all five activated 24 hours consistent with a day? Android maintains region-based totally apps resident inside the heritage, and the regular drain in your battery will become major, rapid. If your cellphone has an electricity control widget, you may use it to quickly switch on/off GPS (the most significant energy drain), NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE. On stock Android, swipe down to convey the Notification bar, and then faucet the icon at the pinnacle right corner.

Four. Use the more power-saving mode when you have it. The Galaxy mentioned above, S5 and HTC One (M8), each has Ultra Power Saving and Extreme Power Saving modes, respectively, limiting the cellphone to texting, telephone calls, Web surfing, and Facebook. This can squeeze more hours or even a day of standby time out of just a few last percentage battery points.

5. Trim apps going for walks in history. From Settings > Apps, swipe to the left; you’ll see a listing of apps that might be presently going for walks. Tap on everyone to peer what they are for; you can stop any apps that you do not want walking inside the background all of the time.

6. Dump needless domestic display screen widgets and live wallpaper. Just because they’re sitting on the house screen, seemingly inactive, doesn’t imply they’re now not ingesting energy. This is going for widgets that ballot repute updates within the heritage and ones that take a seat there; however, appearance pretty and lively-no longer to say live animated wallpaper. (But don’t dump the whole lot, as a part of what makes Android remarkable are the house display screen customizations; get rid of the ones you don’t use.)

7. Turn down the brightness and turn off Automatic Brightness. It’s in all likelihood apparent at this point. However, you’ll be surprised by how a good deal this one alone allows enhancing battery existence.

8. Update your apps. Applications regularly get updated to apply less battery electricity, so that you must make sure your apps are up to date. Even if you configure the cellphone for automatic updates, some apps nevertheless require manually installing updates. Check for app updates in Google Play using hitting the menu key and going to My Apps.

Android Phone's Battery Life

9. Keep a watch on sign strength. If you are in a place with terrible cell coverage, the telephone will work more difficult to latch onto a sturdy enough signal. This has a damaging effect on battery lifestyles. There’s no longer a good deal you may do about this one; however, remember that this will be the culprit behind a seemingly susceptible battery; it’s worth popping the smartphone into Airplane mode if you don’t want information or voice calls.

10. Check the critiques—we behavior battery existence exams on every single Android cellphone we evaluate. Unsurprisingly, the outcomes range extensively among handsets, even at the identical network. When choosing a telephone, ensure that real-global talk time is enough. You can’t go with the aid of what the manufacturer says; we see variances in the order of numerous hours of utilization in each guideline on an everyday basis.

11. Buy a battery case or a larger prolonged battery. Battery instances integrate a hardware enclosure, which protects your cellphone, with an extended storm that may double your telephone’s staying power. You can find fashions like-minded with popular Android phones from a selection of producers.

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