3m Privacy Filter Review

Every telecommuter needs to leave the residence someday. Maybe to get some fresh air – perhaps even get a gratifying work done at a nearby espresso keep. While at the local espresso save, sipping a latte and crunching income projections, you could get that uneasy feeling which you won’t be the simplest one crunching your numbers. Do you prefer to chorus from setting your touchy records on a show to passersby and curious onlookers? Have you seen the stupid 3M advertisements during the CNN morning information and are curious if the 3M Privacy Guard works?

 Filter Review

The 3M Privacy Filter is marketed toward those whose work may require a pc in public places. This includes telecommuters who favor paintings in a public wi-fi hotspot (Starbucks, Panera Bread) and frequent business vacationers who frequently work on sensitive statistics in airplanes and trains.

3M’s advertising literature makes many claims of its overall performance. In this assessment, I will try and verify or deny those claims. Additionally, I will provide input based totally on my usage of the 3M Privacy Filter over the past few months on a fifteen.4″ widescreen MacBook Pro.

The 3M Privacy filter out mounts to the pc display screen with clean plastic mounting tabs with – you guessed it; 3m adhesive. There are a total of three charges used throughout this setup. As recommended through the blanketed mounting instructions, have been located on each facet of the display screen and one at the bottom. After numerous months of use, the mounting tabs are firmly connected and have not degraded in performance or aesthetic enchantment. There is a small spherical cutout on the pinnacle of the Privacy Filter. This is to facilitate easy elimination. While it’s miles pretty obvious inside the snapshots, it is not a distraction. The most significant issue with those mounting tabs is that the privacy filters out inward during the last computer. This can be much less of a problem with a smaller screen, but the behemoth 15.4″ MacBook Pro screen reasons bowing within the filter out upon closure. This bowing of the filter out no longer affects performance, but most straightforward offers itself as an annoyance while finalizing the computer.

Item Performance

In regular light settings with a person sitting at once after the laptop with the Privacy Filter implemented, a considerable percentage of the display is invisible to the onlooker adjacent to the person. The filter out does a tremendous task of concealing the display records. However, do now not expect the Privacy Filter to paintings with people at once behind you! This disadvantage is maximum in all likelihood to occur when sitting in an aisle seat on a plane. It is still feasible to view some degree of screen records in this case.

3M states display information is not distorted while regarded under the Privacy Filter. This declare is actual, to some extent. Screen information isn’t “Warped”; however, the screen is tremendously darker. Most documents have a white background, in which case this is not too bad of an element. However, if watching a darker film, expect a lower brightness. Even in direct sunlight, the display screen continues to be usable, but this likely varies based on the great of your laptop’s backlight.


While no longer perfect, the 3M Privacy Filter stays up to most people’s claims. Due to its removable nature without problems, it’s far pleasant to use while coming into a public area wherein the privacy and security of your display screen facts are at the most critical threat. When privateness isn’t required, the display screen is eliminated and stored in the furnished packaging.

The 3M Privacy Filter was bought at a store with a reasonably liberal go-back policy. It has been several months, and I don’t intend to return the product for performance reasons. For the cash (more or less $50), the 3M Privacy Filter is worth the security of understanding your display screen records is viewable to best the ones within a certain radius.

 Filter Review

At $50, the 3M Privacy Filter is nevertheless a no-brainer for folks that require confidentiality of their display facts in public. The 3M Privacy Filter is the most specific product on this fee range in this area that performs this successfully.

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