6 Strange Mobile Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

As of February 2015, the full quantity of apps in Google Play and Apple Store have amounted right into a whopping 2.Eight million. For aspiring cell developers, that may be very inspiring and motivating or very intimidating, that’s comprehensible. But, with that type of number, you just understand that at the least dozens of those are at the “more strange” side. Although it is able to be defended by using pronouncing that the margin of recent ideas is getting thinner, you can’t additionally assist but be at a loss for words at a number of them. So, how weird has it long gone? You are probably amazed.

6 Strange Mobile Apps That Will Blow Your Mind 1

What a very good way to start, right? We figured that if we have been to put “6 Strange Mobile Apps” in the name, we ought to start it this manner. Anyway, this is pretty self-explanatory (A lot of them are): do your “commercial enterprise,” take a picture of the location, percentage it in the app, and it is carried out. You can now maintain tune of the locations you’ve dropped the “deuce.” It also has that regular social media experience to it with the “News Feed,” wherein you may see your pals’ personal “commercial enterprise” updates, and not handiest that, the pix may be also rated.

The creators of this app say that it may locate what a cry meant. Now, earlier than you assert that is loopy, a scientific testing from a clinic in Spain said that greater than 90% of the toddlers they examined stopped crying once they had observed the app’s guidelines. It turned into definitely a terrific look for them. But, the person reviews, that’s as essential as it could get, inform a specific story. As of this writing, the app’s common score within the Apple Store is two stars. The last couple of opinions didn’t help both; all panned the app’s inaccuracy. One of them even said that “(the app) became nothing more than a novelty.” While it’s miles true in lots of approaches, it’s nonetheless confusing how and why everybody might pay $five for this – even $1 sounds an excessive amount of.

It’s pretty easy… And a touch gross for many. It turned into famous for a while, but their proportion of critics was also robust, splitting humans’s opinions very lightly. Our “self-explanatory” subject matter remains in play. So, yeah, this app simply helps you to pop pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and scabs in a timed mission. Among their mini-games consist of Memory Game and Bubble Shooter, which challenges your memory of the sport’s sound FX and capacity to group pimple-looking bubbles, respectively. Well, thinking about the whole thing, it might be safe to say that the builders of this app must surely like this form of nastiness. Here are a number of their other creations: Pimplefy My Face, Pimple Popper Season, and Pimple Popper Pixel.

htc-one-365949_1920.jpg (1920×1279)

Now, this one right right here is sincerely pissing off lots feminists. An app that caters to guys (or ladies) it truly is unfaithful? Seriously? It’s without a doubt difficult to believe. Others will just have some a laugh with it, but you cannot say that there are some who will use it for “womanizing” reasons. It stores massive info along with names, gifts given, location of dates, and several other key info that unfaithful people need in order that they might not get stuck. So, the ones who’ve “plans,” download it and knock yourself out, but be equipped in case your enormous other finds out and “knocks you out.”

GHOST HUNTING APPS (Spirit Box, Ghost Detector, Ghost Voice Recorder, Ghost Hunter – Paranormal Activity, and so on.)
For this item, we won’t consciousness on just one app. There’s just too many of them, as indicated above. Functionality-sensible, they of direction differ in quite a few approaches, they may be all comparable in one declare: they are able to come across ghosts. It may be in reality intriguing to people who are interested by the “paranormal international.” That said, nobody can also deny that this app has a number of novelty jumbled together it. This is not genuinely about ghosts being real or not, however an app saying it could discover ghosts is truly no longer the maximum plausible issue inside the world, to mention the least. From the evaluations we’ve study on-line, some are pronouncing that the app can certainly collect voices. We’ll provide them the slightest advantage of the doubt, however it is honestly difficult to trust that those audio are from ghosts, particularly in this a lot modernized, excessive-tech world we live in.


ios-android-app-developmetn-banner.jpg (1920×886)
Watching Cute Girl surely takes the cake whilst you talk about strange apps. Leave it to the Japanese to develop things like these. They will push the envelope without hesitation, irrespective of the topic. The premise is easy: in case you’re by myself (or as a minimum feeling on my own), the app will make neglect that you are. The “looking adorable female” is proper to your telephone as you launch the app; observing you even as you do anything it’s far you are doing. That’s now not all, even though: she speaks, movements, and talks to you. It’s like Siri with a face and frame, however not as beneficial… And you’ll be likely greater crept out with “Watching Cute Girl.”

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