A Look At nine Underrated Cell Phone Features

Cell telephones are not simply telephones. A massive majority of mobile phone users simplest use their gadgets for calling and sending texts, but the cutting-edge cellular telephones can do so much greater! The wi-fi enterprise has sought out to mix telephones with different electronic devices for your benefit. In this manner, you may not want a backpack full of all your gadgets anytime you leave your house.

Cell Phone Features

In this text, I will touch upon several capabilities presently available in phones, however, either underrated or unknown. These functions might also assist make your lifestyle exceedingly extra green and convenient.

1. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is first-rate recognized for the increasing recognition of wi-fi earpieces. The use of earpieces is becoming more famous as states start enforcing laws prohibiting telephones in vehicles without them. The state I stay in does not have a law for this (yet), but I, in my view, could not force my automobile and communicate on the telephone without a Bluetooth (my vehicle’s a guide). It’s simply too hard and hazardous.

However, this is not the best aspect Bluetooth generation is capable of. Quite the opposite, in truth. Bluetooth makes use of numerous “profiles” that every serves a unique motive. I will touch upon every profile in another article, but I will highlight a few.

Most Bluetooth phones can report transfer; in other words, sending photos or songs from one phone to any other without the use of an MMS. The transfer is loose and downloads plenty quicker than MMS. Also, you should purchase stereo headphones to pay attention to tune to your phone (see #2).

2. MP3 Player

Any telephone with a few forms of reminiscence card capability can be used as a MP3 player. The quantity of songs you could play all relies upon the size of your card and the record length of each MP3. One of the maximum current SD codecs to pop out, SD High Compression (SDHC), packs plenty of extra disk area in a MicroSD card and enables you to use playing cards containing four or 8 GB of area. This will net you 600-1200 songs at the least.

Not all phones will take delivery of the SDHC layout; make certain to check the phone’s specs earlier than you are making the purchase. Phones that do not receive SDHC have to nevertheless maintain up to 2 GB playing cards, however.

3. Google Text

Google has installation their personal texting provider with which you may ship queries and acquire a response within seconds. You can use it for listing assistance, translate phrases to other languages, test stock prices, sports activities rankings, and weather; convert measurements, and you could even test the reputation of a current flight. To take a look at all of the other matters, you may do with Google textual content, search Google’s site for SMS.

4. Video Messaging

Multimedia messages are not only for sending pictures backward and forward; they’re for sending videos and audio clips as nicely. If you have got a digicam cellphone able to video capture, this is exceedingly beneficial! Whatever critical event goes on, capture it in your smartphone and ship it to friends and circle of relatives with no issues.

5. WiFi

WiFi offers you the ability to connect with wi-fi networks. Whether hotspots or your wireless router at domestic and paintings, WiFi offers you quicker internet access than you could get via the cellular phone towers.

This is also a free alternative to having access to the net for your phone unless the unique hotspot you use prices a rate. However, make without a doubt positive you are the use of the internet through WiFi and no longer your phone’s net; in any other case, you may be charged in step with kilobyte.

6. Memory Card Slot

Similar to #2, memory playing cards definitely do more than allow you to listen to the tune. You can store most types of files on these playing cards; my private reminiscence card holds three one-of-a-kind movies that I can play on any multimedia PDA smartphone, in conjunction with plenty of snapshots.

Even if you don’t use a memory card for a good deal, it’s an awesome idea to supplement your smartphone with at least a 1 GB card in case your cellphone has restrained space. This continues your smartphone’s performance optimization.

7. Voice Dial

Cell Phone Features

Some phones have voice commands. Instead of dialing, you can tell the phone which you want to name or even which software you need to view. This can be a pleasant time-saving shortcut for you if the application you need is buried in menus or if you want to call a person now not in your speed dial listing.

8. Organizer

Phones have a few organizer capabilities installed to make your lifestyle easier. Tools typically covered are to-do lists, calculators, memo pads, alarm clocks, and calendars to remind you whilst appointments are coming near. PDAs will let you download greater organizational equipment as nicely

9. GPS

GPS can be discovered on telephones in a unique bureaucracy. Some cellular smartphone services offer a service wherein you could keep track of your kids via their telephone, even as others offer navigation offerings while you pay a monthly subscription. Yet others will only use GPS through 911 services, so if your name for an emergency, you can be found greater easily.

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