Review – Acer Aspire 6920-6422 Laptop

What can I say approximately the Acer Aspire 6920-6422? Intel twin core 2.5mhz processor – check, 4GB of ram – test, dedicated nVidia 9500 video card with HDMI – check, Blue-Ray player – take a look at, Bluetooth – take a look at, Wireless N – test. All this is packaged in a beautiful shell that you cannot take your eyes off of.


This computer is designed to do the entirety a PC is meant to do. The central elements of this computer should come up with years of use for any workplace software, photo extensive multimedia applications, with HD movies and gaming in all it is a glory. The combination of the twin core 2.5ghz processor, 4GB of ddr2 ram, and first-rate rapid nVidia 9500 video card is the precise aggregate for the contemporary Windows Vista running gadget. The most straightforward pc on this rate range places all these things collectively in a stunning and nicely made shell.

Without getting too technical with pace charts, capabilities, and benchmarks, it suffices to mention that the Intel processor in the Acer Aspire 6920-6422 is one of the excellent to be had these days. Faster than any other CPU in almost any computer in any rate range. It’s going to breeze through Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. Plenty of strength to deal with rendering and processing in any photo application, including finding in Adobe CSx suites. It may also energy thru any processor’s in-depth approach to video games, providing you with fast reaction instances. Trust me; the processor will not be the susceptible link in your computer adventures.

The following hyperlink within the chain is the memory. With 4GB of DDR2 ram, Windows Vista can have lots of room to open multiple office programs, surf the internet, and check e-mail all at the same time. You’ll be able to transfer between any of those packages with speed and self-belief. For photo-intensive packages, you may be able to paintings with significant photo documents, edit HD video content material (like from your digital camera or camcorder), and seamlessly cut, paste, and undo any multimedia material the standard patron could ever work with.

The very last hyperlink inside the chain is the video card. The Acer Aspire 6920-6422 comes with the nVidia GeForce 9500M GS. This is the laptop version from it is an effective line of desktop video cards. Most laptops use an included intel answer that works first-rate for office applications and looking films. However, you need an effective, committed video card for photo-intensive packages like Adobe and gaming. The 9500 GS in this Acer does now not disappoint. Again, without getting too technical, you will be able to watch HD movies, use Nvidia’s notably rated PureVideo HD, and play full video games at or close to their maximum exceptional settings. The other significant issue about the video setup in this laptop is that it comes with an HDMI out port. This will permit you to hook up your pc on your 60″ HDTV and watch Blu-Ray films in all their virtual high definition glory.

Now we could talk approximately all of the other specs that make up this typfantasticazing fee. I don’t position as lots of emphasis onproblematicicult power size as I used to. Until strong country drives become the de-facto preferred, there’s little or no distinction within the laptop community. Severe, severe pressure is your trendy SATA 250GB 5400rpm 2.5″ force. Nothing, in particular, is unique here. But at 250GB, it’s big sufficient no longer to go away you wanting for any office software and gaming. For you multimedia customers who edit huge photograph files like raw snapshots and HD video, you probably have already got an outside force for that stuff anyway. If you don’t have one, get one. We all know how hard drives can and will fail ultimately, so lower back up your photographs, films, and projects to a difficult external pressure right away. Don’t depart stuff like that on a pc that may be dropped, lost, or stolen, proper?

Now there are many other capabilities right here that I’m going to skim via a bit. Still, those are the essential capabilities to prevent money because they may be no longer generally discovered on different laptops at this rate variety. In precise, the built-in Blu-Ray drive. You’d pay $200-$four hundred for one of this one after the other. Bluetooth built-in – you’ll pay $20-$40 for this one by one. HDMI out – constructed in and can’t be brought one by one, so that is virtually exceptional. Digital sound with s/pdif off – you would pay $60-$100 one at a time. Then there are the functions you find on top laptops in this range, such as memory card guide, the modem for dial-up, Ethernet, and USB ports. There’s additionally the sixteen-inch 16:nine ratio display, integrated subwoofer, and contact-sensitive multimedia manipulate panel. Don’t allow the subwoofer characteristic to fool you. This remains a laptop speaker configuration that sounds higher than maximum laptops. However, it continues to be a set of audio systems in a thin plastic case. Don’t expect so one can pay attention to this element simply in a noisy room, but it does sound exceptional while typing away for your favorite chair.

I like the blue-ray pressure, Bluetooth, and HDMI port. You can watch blue-ray films to your HDTV and chat using your cell phone’s Bluetooth wireless headset on all the voice messaging services or VoIP like Skype. These are features usually reserved for computing device customers who might buy these items as upload to their laptop (like me). If your wannabe is cool, buy a Bluetooth keyboard and air mouse and use your HDTV as your essential screen. Turn your pc into an actual piece of home theater gadget because it already has the blue-ray drive, HDMI, and s/pdif audio.

Wireless-N is a nice feature. It’s an essential advantage right now’s the range. Although it is theoretically 6x quicker than wi-fi, it will likely be a long term earlier than the cable/DSL agencies may be able to pump out that form of speed to the consumer. The theoretical 4x the range of wireless-g is in which it is at. If you have got a wi-fi-n router at domestic, then you’ll be capable of roaming around your property without dropping the signal. Also, even though you may not see any difference in internet speeds, wi-fi-n offers sufficient space to move HD video content matequicklyasily and transfer documents between your pc and desktop tons faster as nicely.

Still, with some of these functions and energy located inside the Acer Aspire 6920-6422, I thought of a pair of factors that could make this little gem stand out just a tad greater. For one, a SATA port difficult external drives. Of course, you may purchase a USB outside hard drives ally that provides the identical speed, but I opt to use the local SATA interface whenever feasible. Most USB drives are virtually SATA drives with a conversion to USB built-in. The handiest component I’d want is the contemporary dual-band wireless n. It already has wireless n built. However, they have got these days pop out with a dual-band wi-fi n that could perform on a distinct frequency. This reduces interference commonly discovered in homes and places of work that have all forms of wi-fi gadgets.

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