Extreme Digital Photography – Beyond Point-and-Shoot

When my old Olympus virtual digicam was given broke even as caving in the course of my own family camping ride, I had mixed emotions. For quite a while I had felt that the quality of a number of my pix turned into hampered by means of the restrictions of that digicam, but I did now not look forward to spending the cash on a brand new one.

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The antique digital camera wasn’t awful, but there have been sure situations wherein it becomes hard to get desirable images with it. When taking pictures at my son’s basketball games, for instance, the digicam would slow the shutter down to try to enhance the exposure, and this would motivate the quick-transferring gamers to simply seem like a blur. The flash turned into of no assistance, as it did not work nicely from that distance. All I could do become change the ISO sensitivity and that made the images grainy. Also, the digicam changed into sluggish, so I’d regularly pass over a great image with the aid of about half of a 2d. At soccer games, I had another hassle; the players had been just up to now away that the digital camera’s zoom wasn’t enough.

For some time, I tried using my old Yashica 35 mm film camera. I even bought a fairly big telephoto lens off eBay and controlled to get a few really high-quality soccer pix that manner. Unfortunately, though, I determined that I wasn’t saving any money with the aid of not shopping for a new virtual because the image processing changed into so high priced, particularly by the time I brought the greater fee of requesting CDs. Also, the Yashica had a guiding awareness, which allowed maximum manage, but sometimes I wasn’t brief sufficient with the focal point and the shot was spoiled. Worst of all, considering the fact that I couldn’t see the pix until I’d paid for the processing, more than one instances I discovered that there have been few if any desirable photographs on a whole roll. With virtual, I would have in reality taken lots more photographs and deleted the awful ones.

So, ultimately I decided I wished a new digital, but I become spoiled with the aid of the management that the Yashica gave me. Simple factor-and-shoot was now not suitable sufficient. I wanted a digicam with good optical zoom (virtual zoom is just an advertising gimmick) that could supply me the capability to take control of extra of the camera’s functions. I also wanted a digital camera with a pleasant lens (an oft disregarded characteristic in patron cameras), but I did now not want to spend a number of cash. I eventually settled at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ3 3MP Digital Camera with 12x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom.

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Everybody searching at virtual cameras seem to appearance especially at MP (megapixels), but 3MP is good enough for photographing fine 8X10’s if you do not do plenty of cropping and enlarging. So, it is an awesome vicinity for capacity value savings. Personally, I’d instead spend my cash on capabilities as a way to in reality assist me to take better pictures, now not simply larger ones. And the Lumix is loaded with such features. Consider also that in case you get a higher MP digital camera, you furthermore might want a larger, greater steeply-priced memory card as properly.

This digicam is actually too massive to be pocketable, which may be a difficulty for some human beings, and if you use the adapter for filters it makes it even extra bulky. However, it is quite mild weight (due largely to the battery type) and I like a digicam that suits into the hand well instead of feeling like a toy. Also, there may be a purpose why specialists lug round the one’s massive cameras. It’s because they take better snapshots… If you recognize the way to use them properly. Most people do not realize that a telephoto lens isn’t always only for taking pictures of factors far away. They are also exceptional for pictures. And for taking photos of my son’s soccer games, the more zoom the higher.

One of the top-notch aspects about this camera for me is that my spouse, who needs things to be simple, can use the digicam in “simple mode”. So, she will take extremely good pictures of youngsters birthday parties and such without having to examine all the capabilities of the digicam. I actually have also used the “easy mode” now and again, but for basketball games and other excessive conditions, I even have the option of the usage of shutter-priority or manual modes and were capable of obtaining better results. And with the 12X optical zoom, the camera is super for soccer games too.

I’ve visible postings at the net in which people who have sold virtual cameras are thinking why they can’t appear to get top pix in positive situations. The solution is easy. Most cameras are made for the common user who needs something small and simple. They aren’t made to paintings properly in intense situations.

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In this article, I have described what my wishes were while buying my camera. Your wishes may be entirely one-of-a-kind, and may also exchange over time (as mine have). However, in case you cautiously examine your personal desires and take into consideration the professionals and cons of different cameras before you purchase, you’ll simply avoid a few stressful surprises.

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