The Body is a Biological Computer

The frame is a biological laptop. This is being managed to utilize awareness. Do you become aware of yourself as your frame? Or are you the questioning, aware electricity that directs the body via this 3 dimensional ‘holographic’ universe? If you’ve fallen into the lure of thinking which you are your frame, you have forgotten a completely crucial part of your being.

Quantum Perplexities

 Biological Computer

By observing smaller and smaller particles (divisions), scientists have found a few very extraordinary matters about the universe. For example, taking a look at quantum mechanics has proven that nothing is strong within the experience that most people suppose. Sure, you can not put your hand via the top of a desk, but while the desk (or your hand) is considered in portions smaller than molecules, we find that almost the complete component is made up of an apparently empty area. For a concept of the way, a whole lot of space is an empty try imagining a soccer stadium with not anything inside of it except for a penny suspended in the air somewhere near the center of the stadium. That’s right; the complete universe is quite a lot ‘a gaggle of not anything’ while you are caught inside the third dimension. Now it’s not true in any respect, but from the latest standard scientist point of view, which is grounded on this 3-dimensional version of truth (if I can’t see it or measure it, it’s now not actual), it seems to be a gaggle of not anything’. What occupies the space is certainly outside of our capability to perceive. It’s outside of our observable frequency range.

At this scale, things are odd. It’s tough to tell whether that quantum debris is truly particles or if they’re waves of energy. It appears to rely on whether they’re being found or now not. These particles can seem like in more than one location at an identical time and might talk instantly across huge distances. This scale of reality frustrates and confuses the maximum scientists who examine it. It appears that the whole universe is a funky soup of frequency tiers and interference styles and not using a strong form until it is at once located; that’s while it ‘condenses’ into the ‘solid’ form that we see touch and pay attention to.

Frequency variety?

Every observable issue on this 3D fact has a measurable vibration. A measurable ‘frequency’. Megahertz and gigahertz are a few examples of the way we degree frequency degrees. Each of our senses sincerely simply alternatives up an extraordinary set of frequencies and converts it lower back into electrical signals, which can be dispatched to the mind to create our ‘displayed’ points of interest, sounds, and feelings.

Our eyes choose up the “seen the light” spectrum (frequency range). Each wavelength (frequency range) seems to us on our inner screen as a color or coloration of a shade. In order of the increasing frequency, they’re pink, orange, yellow, inexperienced, blue, and violet. There also are other mild that we can not see with our eyes, but they do exist.

Human ears can pick up sounds between 16 and 20,000 Hz. We listen to these longitudinal mechanical wave frequencies as sounds while our ears understand them and convert them returned into electric signals, which might be despatched to the brain for processing. Once the brain tactics those electric pulses, it plays a valid which we ‘hear’. There are many sounds inside the sixteen-20,000 Hz frequency variety, but there are numerous sounds which our ears do not pick out up. The sounds are nevertheless there. However, we cannot perceive them with our ‘system’. Bats can pay attention to sounds as much as a hundred,000 Hz, which no human beings can listen to without the resource of the era. There also are low-frequency sounds that cannot be heard by using human ears as properly. This doesn’t imply the one’s frequencies are not there; we cannot understand them, so we do not usually note them unless we’re using a tool designed to transform their frequencies into something we can perceive. You can not hear the radio station till you set your radio to pick up the right set of frequencies over which the radio station is broadcasting their applications; however, the sign continues to be there if the radio is not turned on, you do not notice it and go about your commercial enterprise. One motive it is great to have such constrained listening to skills is that whilst you get ill of listening to the identical 6 songs time and again, you may turn off the radio and forestall perceiving that frequency variety. Isn’t it splendid that we can’t pick up all the one’s frequency stages with our frame pc?:-P

 Biological Computer

The identical thing is going for the experience of touch, taste, and scent. They are just unique vibrations that those gadgets can pick out up. But we are not our eyes, or our ears, or our nose or mouth… We are not our skin. We aren’t our coronary heart, blood, or mind both. We do our ‘thinking’ or processing with the brain. However, we are not the brain. Would you please think of the brain like our body’s CPU and hard pressure for reminiscence storage? The pores and skin are our earthly space match to preserve the dirt and guard our inner hardware. Our organic computer components. We are in the focus that controls the body; you could call this a ‘soul’, ‘focus’, or a slew of other names; however, the crucial element is to differentiate between the body and the cognizance. You aren’t your body; it’s miles just a tool.

You ought to consider DNA as the supply code for the body. The DNA incorporates the code that defines how the frame can be compiled and its attributes. Scientists say that 97% of our DNA is ‘junk DNA’. This is nonsense. Just because they do not understand it does now not suggest it is junk. I assure you that it isn’t ‘junk’. Some say that this junk DNA keeps facts from beyond lives or the ‘akashic data’‘. Whether there is any truth to that or now not, I don’t know; however, it is without a doubt no longer junk.

I am sitting here in the front of a laptop typing this right now, but I am no longer the pc. If you trust which you are your frame, you are getting yourself burdened along with your pc. If we did not have a frame, we could not interact with this frequency range. What we have forgotten is that we will connect with all of the different frequency stages too. Most of us have forgotten that there is a super range of frequencies that we can not engage with the usage of our frame pc and have got so wrapped up within the holographic 3-d illusion we assume it is a reality that we’ve got confused ourselves with our computer systems.

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