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When I first heard about BTV Solo, I didn’t recognize what to expect. I was in the studio with a manufacturer pal and I told him approximately the shortage of vibe I had these days. I’ll try to make a day of sitting all the way down to make beats but I get to it and nothing comes out, no inspiration. I’ve been a Dj all my life, I moved into producing a few years ago and have been around some actual expertise while engineering. But as I bury myself in engineer paintings I watch a number of the artists I work with and need to start producing greater than I was.

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So my pal works with a number of the larger names proper now and is always at the internal of new equipment, he had Pro Tools 10 as a beta long earlier than all people knew it turned into even a notion (critically, I hadn’t even picked up 9 yet) he starts offevolved taking place approximately BTV Solo and I figured (given that we each came from MPC’s) I need to as a minimum check it out if he’s co-signing it. He informed me it turned into like the use of hardware, in a software program (if that makes sense). The trouble with a number of those hardware controller/beat making software program combinations is whilst you cast off the controller the software is neutered. At this point, the controller may as well be a $500 mouse.

So I know that it comes with a ton of sounds and from what I saw, a stack of capabilities so I figured it turned into going to take a bunch of reading and setting up earlier than I, in reality, were given to the beat. A short while later I’m already adding a 2d track to mix over the drums I laced first on pay attention. I turned into in that rapid. My idea is again! I imply the way they were given it all installation is so you don’t should struggle through patch after patch of “Drum Kit 03”. It’s all proper there in names like “EAST-Illadelphia” and “HOUSE-Chicago-difficult”, “R&B-Motownphilly” and “DUBSTEP-UndergroundBass” so whatever temper you are in you could snatch it and start constructing. This is right for me because I’m constantly waking up at 4 am with a vibe in my head and want to get it out before I forget, then you definately’re just caught browsing kits without even remembering what you have been doing within the first place.

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Another bonus is being able to store consumer kits as you move, without a disturbing about complex index structures, you just store and that is it, hold working on your track and save once more as you go. This is why I’ve constantly been partial to brief cuts and key instructions, I like to shop every few steps and if I actually have to drag my mouse thru a gaggle of drop downs every time it gets tedious.

Speaking approximately the easy customizing, it is even easier to load lower back up your kits and gadgets, whether or not inventory or user special. You realize when you’re vibing to a track, however, you might need to strive out extraordinary kits? There’s not anything worse than waiting for the “loading” throughout my screen while my session involves a halt. BTV Solo masses the sounds on the click, without difficulty auditioning something sound you need to switch out as you play along, why cannot they all be like this?

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So as a beat making software this is already stacking up however what approximately the sounds? The FX? For what they are asking fee smart for this, together with how streamlined it is you would not anticipate lots but as I browse via the opposite gadgets I became blown away via the fine and attention to detail. I’ll pay greater for ONE virtual device than they charge for BTV Solo itself let alone the heaps of sounds that come with it. They provide us with a pleasant choice of synth sounds to be manipulated but you want, and recorded (well I would possibly add) samples that come up with that stay feel, whether you need it clean like they offer to give the song that “I recorded this all stay myself” experience, or if you want to cut it up sampler fashion, upload a vinyl effect and it sounds such as you simply dug out a few crazy sample nobody else knew approximately. And on the turn facet in case you do dig actual vinyl regularly and have a few loopy samples, just load them into the car-chop and you are prepared to move. Hardware fashion sampling made smooth in a simple beat making software

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