Business Ethics – Overrated Or Underrated?

Ethical behavior, excellent person, honesty, moral integrity – how does an enterprise view these human attributes? I tend to view them as a given with the humans I interact with within global business and my lifestyle. I assume the fine from people but hold my eyes open for conduct that contradicts my expectancies.


I am a commercial enterprise broking based in Florida. In the career of helping those buy and sell companies. In my career, as with almost all professions, you have what a few don’t forget top business agents, harmful business agents, and OK commercial enterprise agents. Most all industries have the best, the awful, and the common. Is it moral practices that help define the best, awful or OK?

I recently experienced an enterprise hobby that made me take special notice of an enterprise customer’s actions. We had verbal expertise and settlement concerning an enterprise courting we’d enter into contractually. While using to fulfill with the consumer to signal the documents that outlined our payment, my patron became approached through others.

The customer and I had no written agreement among us. The purchaser could doubtlessly pass in some other direction which could value me an honest sum of money. I had left at five:00 am to power 6 hours to meet the client, and about half an hour before I was given to our assembly, he is known as me to inform me of this other situation. After noting what he had on his thoughts, I turned into incredibly thrilled when he then asked me how long before I should get there and we could signal our papers, and I may want to constitute him with this prospective purchaser of his commercial enterprise. He informed me he felt he needed the assistance of my representation, yet he should have dealt with the state of affairs so much in a different way. Before this exchange, I regarded this potential purchaser as a perfect, honest, clear-cut character. His movements bolstered to me the price of managing someone of properly man or woman.


I have shared this tale with numerous friends who might be enterprise owners, and their reaction became reasonably commonplace. They too additionally considerably price coping with someone of the excellent individual. But that truth that the ones around me keep business relationships with the ones of true man or woman in such excessive regard makes me recognize a suitable individual from others is a precious yet incredibly constrained commodity.

A few weeks returned, my teenage son and I spoke of the Tiger Woods situation regarding his many documented affairs. We each are active golfers and had trendy Tiger Woods golf capabilities over the last 10+ years.

Golf is a thrilling sport, and it has been stated that one can study greater approximately a person in a single round of golfing than you could in a couple of workplaces primarily based conferences. I asked my son if Tiger Woods had “cheated” on his wife and circle of relatives. Do you think he may also have cheated on golf? My son said, “No,” I said, “Why?” He stated that he thinks Tiger Woods views golfing so notably that he wouldn’t cheat on golf. So I asked him the plain, “So you suspect he perspectives dishonest on golf to be worst than dishonest for your wife and own family, and this is where he attracts the road?” My teenage son stated, “Yes.”


I was related to several specific organizations, institutions, and trade groups. I nevertheless get a bit amazed that lots of these such companies experience compelled to teach ethics. I am inside the business dealer profession, and my paintings with people and companies buying and promoting agencies. I don’t forget that I will treat my clients and clients in a sincere, ethical, and moral manner as a given, yet after I witness others that “always take the high road,” I take special notice. I was a member of the commercial enterprise community for numerous a long time and recognize that most anybody is on a quest to grow economic benefit. Where does ethical behavior suit that mix?

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