Computer Guru Secrets to Buying a Computer!

Being an Information Technology (I.T.) Consultant – or a “Computer Guy” as I choose to be referred to as – maybe a risky profession. Sometimes while human beings find out what I do for a dwelling, I practically get tackled! “Hey, I’m about to buy a brand new pc…What need to I get?” After being a pc man for nearly 20 years, I’m a very good person to invite. In this text, I will percentage my recommendation on how to buy a brand new pc.


There is nothing extra frustrating than spending your hard-earned money on a brand new pc and ending up being pissed off because you did not get what you desired. By following some easy tips, you could purchase the ideal laptop to your desires without spending an arm and a leg.

If you’re considering buying a laptop, please study my article “Should I Buy a Desktop or Laptop laptop?” (available at my internet site) to help you make up your mind. If you are certain that a laptop is a right choice for you, then here is my recommendation to select the correct new laptop to fit your needs.

What Kind of Computer?

There are many manufacturers of computers to be had. (I happen to be an unabashed fan of Dell Computers. I even have recommended Dell computing devices, pc, and server computer systems to my buddies, family, and customers for decades and continue to be inspired with their best, fee, and overall performance. Each Thursday, I check out the modern-day Dell offers as they come out and post the deal of the week on my website.) However, if you decide on another emblem, take the following guidelines into account, and you may be high-quality.

What approximately WinXP Media Center version and Windows VISTA? I’m no longer partial to either. WinXP Media Center turns your computer into a jukebox, Tivo, and DVD player. If you are a college pupil with a restricted area for your dorm room, this might be adequate. But my experience is, human beings invest in a WinXP Media Center computer, and after the newness wears off, they move returned to the usage of their TV to look at the TV again. I don’t consider clogging up your computer with software that you are not using on an ordinary foundation.

Windows Vista is just too new, and even as it suggests promise, I don’t propose a brand new running system until Service Pack One is launched. As the antique announcing is going, “You can always tell the pioneers with the aid of the arrows of their backs”. Let a person else debug Vista. My opinion on this can probably alternate later in 2007 or early 2008 while a number of the troubles had been labored out.

How Much RAM??

Get not less than One Gigabyte (1024 Megabytes) of RAM. The unmarried maximum important factor you can do to speed up your computer is to make certain it has plenty of RAM. Invest in a GIG now, and you will by no means remorse it. Your computer may run speedily while you first pull it out of the box; however, once you begin putting in the software program, surfing the Internet, downloading the tune, or doing something, it is you do…Believe me; matters are going to begin to gradual down.

512Megs is the naked minimum for a Windows XP laptop with Service Pack 2 hooked up (my rule, no longer Microsoft’s). 768Megs is higher, and a Gig is a gold standard. If you are into video editing, CAD/CAM, or Photoshop, you may need to invest in extra than a Gigabyte. Another reason to buy extra now’s so you can improve to Vista later. If this is your plan, get Gigabytes now.

The minimal processor and hard pressure are possibly ok. For most people, the “slowest” processor supplied is probably greater than ok. Faster processors are regularly available for $50-$500 more; however, I assume you are wasting your money if you are like most customers and want to surf the web, read e-mail, do a little phrase processing, and so on. Spend that extra cash on more RAM or an outside difficult disk for backups as an alternative!


How Big of a Hard Disk??

Similarly, until you honestly plan on downloading lots of songs and films or take LOTS of massive digital pics, the “smallest” tough power available might be ok. As an instance, Windows XP and Microsoft Office blended absorb much less than 4 Gigs. Most of the difficult drives I see have much less than 20 Gigs used. Just move for the minimum drive (it’s likely 60-80 Gigs) and, if you run out of space, you could constantly spend money on 2d inner or outside hard power later.

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