Computer Science: It Is Not Programming But Problem Solving

I actually have had the delight and the opportunity to do one in every one of my preferred interests within the past years, and that is teaching. I actually have had the possibility of coaching several special subjects inside the discipline of computer technology, from introductory guides to higher department courses, and I even have visible a pattern along with the students, which has been a puzzle for me in particular within the upper-division classes.

Problem Solving

One of the principal unexpected records I have noticed is that most scholars have very little realistic enjoyment in software improvement, mainly within the higher department classes. That is, they have not been given sufficient opportunity to do hands-on projects to enhance and first-rate tune their programming skills in the lower division instructions, and once they take publications which includes Software Engineering, maximum of them don’t have the potential to create a fully usable system from the floor up.

Now I can understand if that is the first yr for the pupil and they’re simply beginning out and gaining knowledge of their first laptop language and all of the equipment and environments to be had to them. And it is also understandable that there are exclusive degrees of students with different ability sets and motivations. But being in a top department path and being uncomfortable with the fundamentals is a little horrifying for me.

What I also observed and amazed me is that most of the scholars who are simply beginning out within the laptop technology curriculum do not know what computer technology is all about. Perhaps that is an unfair statement, you may argue that they may be uncertain or undecided, but I think that is not the case. If you are in a technological know-how or engineering curriculum, then there are sure matters which are critical for the student to realize, like an awesome basis in mathematics and physics.

Again maybe, the issue is how we put together our young people in advanced years of life. For instance, as part of the computer technology curriculum, scholars are required to take a course in Software Engineering. I am no longer going to talk about what software program engineering is; however, to enlighten you, here’s a description from Wikipedia: Software engineering (SE) is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the design, development, operation, and upkeep of software program and the observation of these strategies; that is, the application of engineering to a software program. The time period software engineering first seemed inside the 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference and became intended to provoke ideas concerning the perceived “software program disaster” on time. Software development, a far used and extra widely wide-spread time period, does not necessarily subsume the engineering paradigm.

In this type of elegance, the scholars are predicted to have terrific expertise in at least one programming language consisting of JAVA, C#, C++, and so on… In addition to the amazing expertise of Object-Oriented Methodology and Design. On top of the programming abilities, the student needs to have excellent knowledge of statistics systems and algorithms. Don’t forget, a Program = Data Structures + Algorithms! It could additionally help if the scholars have database information, etc…

These are simply technical abilities that they ought to have and maintain pleasant tuning on a daily foundation. The extra essential factor of pc technological know-how has nothing to do with JAVA or C# programming or anything like that. It has to do with the ability to ANALYZE and SOLVE PROBLEMS!

In my remaining class, I had created six one-of-a-kind groups composed of three individuals each. Each organization was given the option to provide you with its own mission to design and develop all through the route. If they have been unable to achieve this, I changed into going to assign them a project.

The college students had been superb at arising with defining their very own tasks. We had an excellent kind of initiative from Hospital Management System, to Hotel Management System, to an iPad utility for Retail Shopping and Inventory, to Android application for a simple 2D sport, to a Learning Management System on the net, and a Windows primarily application developing customized MIMES.

Problem Solving

Throughout the path, the students have been accountable for defining: the requirements and specs, the design and implementation, and sooner or later the trying out and launch (demo) of their software venture.

The sudden factor for me changed into that most college students didn’t understand in which to start! Given a specific problem, how could one take it and dissect it into smaller elements to clear it up in small portions and pop out with the final solutions via the divide and conquer technique!

As referred to, some groups did a definitely suitable process at each step, and others started susceptible, after which accelerated their efforts and effectiveness for the duration of the direction. As you can see, the tasks themselves are relatively complex for the scholars. All of them require the information of precise User Interface Design, Object-Oriented Design, Database Design, and for most, a few kinds of Network Communication!

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