Coolest Technology for Your Car: A Geek Guide

Car manufacturers are incorporating an inordinate amount of generation into their vehicles in recent times. Despite their high-quality efforts, but, there are a variety of factors you can do to geek your ride. From one little machine to a complete-fledged automobile mod, there may be continually something else that makes your car one step closer to the batmobile.

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Hate being lost? GPS is the solution. The contemporary in-vehicle navigation systems feature voice popularity and touchscreen technology. GM’s OnStar provides peace-of-mind in the case of an accident, however, a few say that the gadget enables Big Brother to music your every flow. More superior navigation systems can direct you to the closest fuel station or pizza joint in place of requiring a specific deal with. Some may even provide you with other information like stock rates, news, and sports scores.

If you have not heard of war riding, it’s for the exercise of using around, locating wi-fi networks, and “sharing” different people’s bandwidth. Black-hat hackers now and again use struggle riding absolutely to find prone networks or as a technique of anonymity. This exercise glaringly requires a transportable pc which results in our next tip...

How cool would it not be to have a pc at your disposal inside the automobile? Many police departments now outfit their vehicles with a laptop pc installed at an angle over the passenger seat. Hardcore geeks will do the equal. Once you put one laptop for your vehicle, why no longer add a document server for tune and garage? You can fit it beneath the seat or inside the trunk and connect it to different devices in the automobile via a wireless network.

What do you do with a laptop in your car? Bring your collection of music and films along. Connect it to OBD (see under). Get on line from anywhere. I can hear you now: “Anywhere?” nicely, everywhere with a cellular telephone signal. Verizon has a service that enables you to get on line as much as you need for $60 a month (on top of your regular mobile telephone invoice).

Here’s a simple one. Get a grip pad to set on the sprint or the center console. This gives you a place to set your cell cellphone inside smooth reach. You can also set your iPod or sunglasses down. The top notch issue is, you can usually take a nook fairly fast and your stuff might not pass an inch.

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If you have got a lead foot, it is really worth making an investment in a radar detector. There are many models available from $forty to $400. Make sure to get a version that could discover K, Ka, and laser. If your preferred detector picks up on X band, so much the higher, however, make sure you could disable it. X band is a not unusual supply of false alarms (mainly near site visitors lights).


OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics. This device is built into nearly all vehicles bought after 1996. If you’ve got a laptop to your automobile, you can commonly purchase a special cable so one can allow you to view an actual-time circulate of facts from nearly every sensor inside the vehicle. Want to understand the left the front wheel speed in real-time? You were given it. OBD II presents many one-of-a-kind facts streams. You can view the horsepower and torque at any RPM, see how rapid you can do 0-60mph, or locate the actual gas mileage at any given pace and keep a few money on the pump.

A characteristic typically favorite in less warm climates. Wouldn’t it be fine in case your car sat idling, heated and defrosted, inside the morning? You can install a far off starter that permits you to start the car from indoors and permit it to warm up. This is a feature generally favorite in colder climates, however, it may additionally be used to begin the A/C and funky things down.

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Assuming you have got the basics protected like electricity locks and A/C, there are many functions which you have to bear in mind when shopping for a new automobile. Heated seats, cruise manage, dual-area climate manage, sunroof.

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