Data Protection – A Review of SpiderOak Online Backup and Sync

SpiderOak is a privately controlled business who are based in Northbrook, Illinois and had been fashioned in December 2007. They run an Online Backup, Online Synchronization, and Online Sharing Service which gives 100Gb of web garage for $10 in step with a month and you may have up to one.5Tb of a garage in 100Gb chunks, each chew costing an additional $10 a month.


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SpiderOak takes security extremely severely. Unconvinced with 256bit AES encryption on documents even as being transferred and on their servers; they additionally comfortable your facts via utilizing 2048bit RSA password encryption. That’s manner extra cozy than you want to get in your piece of mind.

They additionally provide ‘zero-information’ facts encryption which means that at every degree, there may be sincerely no way that everybody – even SpiderOak personnel – are capable of view any of your files, not even the folder and file names. Physically, their records middle – which they very own rather than outsourcing – makes use of the trendy era with redundancy at all degrees and several excessive speed connections to the net.

They also will offer geographically redundant protection (wherein your records is saved in numerous data facilities placed in exceptional elements of the arena at the equal time) for a premium price.

Backup Features

SpiderOak makes use of a garage redundancy procedure meaning best one copy of a unique report is stored on their servers. If you have the identical file in exceptional folders, then they depart a marker in every folder but simplest shop one unique. This reduces the quantity of storage you want and lets in SpiderOak to preserve limitless file versions of any document however simplest stores and uploads the differences between documents.

This makes uploads lots faster and reduces the amount of storage space required. For additional manage over document versions, there may be the choice to erase antique versions as and whilst you wish to. SpiderOak backs up computer systems, laptops and servers jogging MAC, home windows or Linux; Not to mention community drives and removable media all from an unmarried account.

Since SpiderOak is a backup and synchronization provider, you’ve got instant internet get entry to any version of any file you’ve got ever archived. If the file you want to get better is a synced record, then it’ll be on another device which you have setup for synchronization. There is a choice in the purchaser utility to keep a replica of all archived information blocks in an area you pick out, this can be a local folder or an FTP or sFTP server.

This provides more speedy restores if bandwidth is constrained or restrained. SpiderOak will usually check this place to restore blocks before retrieving from the offsite storage.

Control and Analysis

The purchaser software gives information of which documents are presently being sponsored up, what activities are being accomplished within your SpiderOak network, a log of all of the amassed interest and statistics which includes the whole quantity of storage getting used inside your SpiderOak network.

As some distance as controls passes, the mounted software program allows you to govern the most length of personal documents that can be subsidized up and to no longer backup files older than a stated time further to options to exclude particular documents and folders. Scheduling may be setup for backup, sync and sharing capabilities and may be configured to whatever from automatic to once every 2 days.

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If set to automated any adjustments to documents in the backup, sync or proportion units can be right away brought to the upload list. The SpiderOak purchaser may be configured to use Proxy servers through the Network tab on the choices display screen. The amount of internet bandwidth that SpiderOak uses may be configured from the Network tab.

SpiderOak makes use of a facility known as ShareRooms which helps you to share your files. Changes to any files in ShareRooms are mechanical to be had to all customers of the ShareRoom and modifications are appended to an RSS feed so users may be kept up-to-date with the latest modifications.

The documents and folders in a ShareRoom can be from any computer in the SpiderOak account, no longer just documents synced to the web portal. When a ShareRoom is created it’s miles assigned a completely unique net location which you could distribute to absolutely everyone you need to get right of entry to the ShareRoom or you could ask human beings to log in to SpiderOak’s internet site the use of the ShareRoom username and password created when the ShareRoom changed into setup.


SpiderOak has synchronization at its center: You may also have an infinite quantity of PCs in an unmarried account and allow them all to sync with an important repository. It is feasible to configure one-of-a-kind sync jobs for your documents and the complete technique is protected in their astonishing encryption blanket.

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