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Rentapp for Android was just released by Alpha Developers. All Android users can now download RentApp and use it right away! RentApp is an innovative new app that has some excellent features that people in the real estate industry have never seen before. Learn how this excellent new product can help you find the perfect home, where you’ll be more comfortable, save more money, and spend more time with your family!

RentApp Valuation & Funding

RentApp is a peer-to-peer rental application used by people who rent out their homes to generate income. RentApp’s valuation and funding came from angel investors. RentApp has $60k in total funding, and they have raised this much through individual investors and venture capital. This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in this rapidly growing company. RentApp also offers one of the best equity packages in our database, with options for 2x your money at $3,000 down and up to $15,000 in additional investment. This means that someone who puts in $3,000 could receive a minimum of $6,000 in shares if they ask for it!


Signing Up For RentApp

Signing up for RentApp is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. I create a profile that I can use to either offer my place or search for a place to live. No credit card or deposit is required, and you will only be charged when your rent payment is due. If you choose to pay by cash, check, or money order, your payment will be considered late, and you will be charged a late fee of $25. If you have any questions about our rental payment plan options, please contact us.

What RentApp Provides

RentApp is a low-cost, no-frills rental service that helps tenants find apartments and houses to rent. We are a startup company founded in the United States to make renting an apartment as easy as using an app. RentApp provides landlords with properties to rent, which the company verifies, and renters can search for available properties for rent.

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  • What is RentApp?
  • Who founded RentApp?
  • How many properties does RentApp offer for rent?
  • How much does RentApp cost?
  • What is RentApp’s customer service like?
  • What are the benefits of RentApp?
  • What is RentApp’s goal?

RentApp for Android

A mobile application allows users to rent out their unused items or schedule a pickup service. RentApp for Android is a mobile application that allows users to rent out new things or schedule a pickup service. This can be done through the app by simply taking a picture of the item and listing it. The company can also do an on-demand service by allowing users to check the inventory of their items in real-time and schedule them to be delivered at the time of their choice. This reduces the work for the user and makes it easier for businesses to keep track of the inventory in the long run.

RentApp Basic Information

RentApp is a new app that allows tenants to rent an apartment from landlords. RentApp is a new app that connects renters with available rental apartments from landlords. The app will enable people to easily connect with landlords to find their perfect place to live. Tenants can search through listings of available properties, submit a request for a specific location, and contact landlords directly. Renters can also share photos of their desired living space with the landlord to find the best fit.

Benefits of RentApp

When a tenant needs to find a new home, RentApp helps them find apartments in their budget and near their favorite places. Many people can have a hard time finding a place to live. This is because they may not know where to start looking. Sometimes they may not know how much they should spend on rent each month. We recommend setting aside at least 2-3 months’ worth of rent in an emergency fund. That way, if something unexpected happens, you are financially prepared. Use this as a starting point and add to it each month to earn more money. “I saved every penny I could when I first started living on my own, because I was determined to never go back to living with my parents again,” says Reese Brannon.

The Future of RentApp

The future of RentApp is to improve the user experience through rapid product development. We aim to cater to an expansive user base by making our platform compatible with as many devices as possible. RentApp is a dedicated rent app that connects landlords and tenants in just a few clicks. The platform offers all the necessary tools to streamline the rental process, including property search, contract signing, tenant application, payment options, tenant communication, property management, property valuation, and more. The future of RentApp is to improve the user experience through rapid product development.

Developers of RentApp

RentApp is a website that allows tenants to find apartments in their area. RentApp was created by AJ Lumsden, Cameron Jantz, and Michael Roberts. RentApp is an apartment-finding website that lets people search for apartments by location, size, and price. The company claims to have over 1,000,000 users. The company is profitable and backed by 500 Startups. Intuit launched QuickBooks Online in 2006. It was the first significant software product to offer cloud-based services instead of a local installation. In 2013, Intuit bought competitor Xero for $390 million. In 2017, Intuit acquired small business accounting software startup Fresh in a deal valued at $60 million.

How RentApp Helps People Find Homes

RentApp is a free online service that helps people find homes to rent. Once people have found the perfect rental, they can create a listing on the site with their contact information, as well as some details about the house or apartment. RentApp also offers some advice on what documents people should bring when going to an open house. RentApp is a free service that helps people find homes to rent.


Entering the renting market is no easy task. Not only do you have to find a property that fits your needs, but you also have to search for an agent, attend showings, and then negotiate with the landlord. A new service called RentApp makes renting easy. RentApp allows users to search for properties based on location, size, number of bedrooms, or anything else they may be looking for.

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