EMR Pollution and The Business Traveller

An article approximately Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) published in Townsend Letter, The Examiner of Alternative Medicine (November 2014) highlights the brand new environmental panorama we find ourselves and the insidious impact EMR is wreaking on health. The article serves as a reminder of a real and present chance of our time and the function EMR ought to play inside the fitness photograph of everybody dealing with contamination. The article’s value lies in alerting us to a growing consensus in positive elements of the medical community and our potential to study among the lines of what is known approximately this new landscape and where the trend is heading. This article hopes to attract your interest to the fact that there are sure workers within the popular population who’re extra prone to the outcomes of EMR than others. In this example, I am referring to enterprise travelers and everybody who has worldwide travel as a part of their process description.

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In the latter a part of the 20th century we commenced a big-scale test by way of making use of artificial electromagnetic radiation waves to power technology and enterprise which gave us a few very nifty advantages. The upside has been the accelerating rate of globalization of the sector and the arena economies. The disadvantage is that we’ve come to be greater out of contact with our innate health supporting surroundings. As the world has globalized it mobilized; Technology is an enabler of a cell international and EMR is an important feature. The Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth and 19th centuries saw our society transform from an agrarian one to an industrial one. Now we’ve transformed from a business society to a technologically pushed society with a few no longer so suited outcomes. Artificial EMR waves we use in day by day existence to energy our gadgets and join globally are disruptive to human fitness due to the fact they extreme our hyperlink to the herbal geomagnetic wave profile that has nourished Man from time immemorial.

The article goes on to describe the author’s health venture with Lyme’s sickness and the position EMR performed in it. It is the research fabric quoted in the article, that’s of more interest to us in phrases of what it says approximately the dangers of EMR pollution to enterprise guests. The most unique research quoted was the BioInitiative Report compiled by scientists and researchers of ten nations. It notes thousands of studies which demonstrate the harmful outcomes of EMR from cellular smartphone radiation and other assets. It is damning because it shows the intensity of the problem throughout diverse fields of look at.

Digging into the info of some of the other studies used we find a quote from the past due Dr Professor Neil Cherry a pioneer in environmental health who stated, “EMR confuses and damages the cells signaling system, which produces signs together with headaches, concentration problems, memory loss, dizziness and nausea, and long-time period diseases together with Alzheimer’s dementia, mind, and despair.”

In a quote from an interview posted in 2009 with Dr. Thomas Rau of the renowned Paracelsus health facility in Switzerland he says ” … Cultures of ordinary human endogenous bacterial cultures grow a whole lot less whilst exposed to EMR”. Rau’s feedback is a mirrored image that our immunity is compromised in the presence of EMR. Herein lies the trouble. EMR messes with immunity which has harmful results on lengthy-term fitness.

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The article additionally costs a Lynn Quiring (RPh, CCN, NMD) paper titled “The Cell Phone Poisoning of America.” In it, Lynn cites over sixty-six clinical references proving the relationship among extended EMR publicity and a bunch of fitness situations consisting of hormonal imbalances, low sperm count number, immune gadget issues, memory loss, and sleep disorders.

Not only are we converting the surroundings externally, but its effect on our internal surroundings is what’s most demanding. Our capability to manipulate and decide our internal surroundings is our capability to preserve fitness. It is our first line of defense in opposition to pressure and the demanding situations we are facing on a day by day basis.

Business guests have many tough situations to negotiate in pursuit of a successful commercial enterprise ride. They can consist of something from the geopolitical nature of the world, the climate, business action, private protection even as on the street and more. The regular shift in any of these variables is sufficient to motive stress, particularly whilst you cannot manage them. For the maximum element we brush them off and get on with the enterprise in hand but, being capable of doing this is reliant on our strain coping mechanism. Yet here we’ve got evidence that one of the tools that allow our capability within the worldwide economy is the very thing that is eroding our a lot-wished resilience. If this appears a chunk too some distance-fetched test the subsequent Infographic from PC Housing – Mobile Dependence.

Where is that this heading? To 0 in on what one sort of future situation should seem like we only ought to take a look at a collection of people who at the moment are being identified as Electro-sensitive. Electro-Sensitives cannot be in near proximity of or undergo long periods of time within the vicinity of EMR or devices the use of them. Electro-Sensitivity and Electro-Smog have entered the popular lexicon. In the face of EMR ruling our airwaves and environments, our immunity is taking a battering. When you put this in angle with figures from the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association (AARDA) you get a sense of in which the fashion is headed and the way EMR is an element we have to reckon with. See their document “A Briefing Report on Autoimmune Disease and AARDA: Past, Present, and Future”. To get an even extra specific take on how pressure is affecting Business Travel see the enterprise unique white paper by means of AirPlus known as “Traveller Productivity: How to tailor your travel policy to improve traveler performance.”

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How is this affecting the global economic system now? It is severe sufficient to get a mention at the open discussion board on the World Economic Forum in 2011 in a communicate titled Burnout – The Latest Fashion? While the communicate didn’t without delay point out EMR as a causative element its role as an enabler of efficiency inside the workspace makes it a contributing issue.

The Business Travel enterprise and commercial enterprise guests want to lighten the strain of business journey for the sake of all involved. The Carlson Wagonlit metric the Travel Stress Index (TSi) puts the hidden price of business travel at over $600 consistent with the journey. For corporations with huge cell workforces making a couple of journeys 12 months that could be a massive economic incentive. Mitigating charges take a blended approach, which entails acknowledging the environment we discover ourselves operating and dwelling in and a feel of individual obligation towards our fitness that supports health and therefore productivity.

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