Event Photography – Why Do People Buy Your Images?

If you want to recognize how you may enhance your sales you want to apprehend why human beings purchase and when. Maslow’s hierarchy of wishes is a concept in psychology, proposed through Abraham Maslow in 1943 and breaks down our requirements into a pyramid with our most basic desires at the lowest of which might be physiological desires, these are the apparent necessities for human survival including Breathing and Food, so no requirement for pix.

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The second layer, Safety desires deals with such factors as Personal Security, Financial Security, and Health and Well-Being, so it could be argued that pricey portrait purchases at an excessive street photographer could be a chance at this level. Layer 3 is Social desires and deals with Friendship, Intimacy, and Family and offers in a component with belonging, a need to discover who we’re. People want to be part of a set and have identification and pictures can assist to reinforce those identities.

The fourth layer is Esteem and takes the thoughts of belongingness a step in addition due to the fact anybody wants to have recognition through their sports that cause them to sense ordinary i.E. Each person wants their 15 mins of repute or simply the honor in their friends. At this stage, people buy images due to the fact they need to reveal who they’re and what they are able to do.

The top is Self-actualization and as with any stages, you ought to have achieved the decrease tiers to get here. Self-actualization that’s the private need to be the nice at what you want to do consisting of the fine photographer or fine forum moderator. At this degree, people purchase your photographs because the pics are the first-rate that they should buy.

So after the Psychobabble in which exactly are we? The truth is that given the choice among Food & Drink or buying a photo, the photo comes 2nd. At an occasion, we intentionally decreased the price to £8 which allowed any infant that has been given a £10 notice to shop for their photograph and a can of coke and so forth. Which lets in them to fulfill layer 1 and hence layer 3.

Event Photography - Why Do People Buy Your Images? 2

A buy at an occasion covers many layers, Layer 3 to be part of the group, Layer 4 to show how excellent they were to others. It is simplest whilst Layers 1 & 2 are in place that people will don’t forget buying. The shelter is one of the maximum fundamental needs so if the weather is awful human beings will leave early, or they’ll emerge as on your income tent however you may guarantee decrease sales.

Guilt comes into play – if a few children were offered photographs it makes parents responsible that their kids do not also have snapshots – you do now not need to work on this emotion as there have usually been the haves and the have nots – you will frequently listen we are able to take a card and look online – in case you can’t get them to buy then and there your risk of them buying afterward will possibly be in the vicinity of 10-20% – once more think about the way that project sold.

Greed, why do many groups use the concept of buy 2 get one free? It is because human beings are greedy to get the free one and frequently they think that they are those gaining but if I sell at X and my charges are Y it’s far higher to make 2X-3Y than it is to make X-Y from a patron.

Vanity, make the consumer sense properly, inform how remarkable they look inside the pictures, all my customers have the first-rate searching horse or high-quality looking child. At social occasions it’s miles the photographer that begins the sales patter to position human beings inside the temper to buy, leaving the income people to close the deal and no longer having to initiate it.

There are further things that come into play inclusive of gullibility or stupidity – £9.99 sounds plenty less than £10 but is best zero.1% much less – they’re basically the equal rate however this meets with another idea that people like a few changes from a notice or that they do not like to ought to quit a notice and change – potentially income will lower a lot through promoting at £eleven every as opposed to £10 each which you might have made more profit at £8 every.

So you realize that the conditions and the rate need to be proper so what is the principal aspect that prevents human beings from buying while the product is right? It is the potential to pay – if people do now not understand that you are going to be there and that they’re going to need your product they may now not come armed with the prepared coins, they may have budgeted for meals, journey charges etc. But no longer for you so the addition of things like wi-fi chip and pin terminals permits the impulse purchase.

The situation could be very special if it’s for the consumer that has approached a studio because then they will have acknowledged earlier what they’re doing however once more they may be confined by way of what they can pay so the possibility to shop for thru credit or installments means that they can purchase what they want and not what they are able to afford or want. As become as soon as defined to me, the man in the Range Rover can find the money for it however the man inside the Mondeo aspires to it (probably attractive to layer 4) to provide him the opportunity to buy it as properly.

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If you want to recognize approximately income strategies just take a look at what supermarkets do, they pipe the smell of fresh bread around the store, they trade the lights in one-of-a-kind regions to make the product look better, they put unique offers on row ends to make you go up and down the rows, they positioned uniquely gives at the front door. Premium brands are at eye stage while budget (wherein they do not make a good deal money) are set a whole lot lower or better.

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