Facebook and Google Battle For Dominance of the Web

In a posted interview he gave to the Wall Street Journal on September 24 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt dismissed any notions that Facebook changed into an immediate threat to Mountain View. Mr. Schmidt suggested that the employer’s immediate risk changed into Microsoft Bing and that it became too early to inform how robust a competitor Facebook could be.

Facebook and Google Battle For Dominance of the Web 1

Evidently, Eric Schmidt seems to assume that Facebook isn’t a right away risk to Google but there may be some evidence to the opposite. A document in the broadly respected generation weblog Techcrunch found out on September 1, 2010, that many Google personnel are leaving the corporation and some have long gone to Facebook. Some of the maximum distinguished employees to have left the agency to encompass Omar Hamoui, the founding father of AdMob; Lars Rasmussen, who along side 3 others advanced Google map and wave left to team up with Facebook in November 2010.

These latest employees move indicates that Facebook is proving to be an impressive net corporation that has witnessed a dazzling increase. However, there have been several comparisons or recommendations as to how Facebook will become a viable alternative to Google or become more powerful than Google. Evidently, Google much like different internet residences like Myspace and Yahoo are searching for to assignment the dominance of Facebook in the social networking space. Google but has big resources and maintains to make acquisitions at a pace this is designed to dominate any section they play in.

Google, in particular, sees Facebook as a risk due to the fact its big person base of 500 million may want to well double in some years the use of the remaining five years as a manual. Obviously the more users Facebook has it becomes greater powerful; takes in more sales; generates more traffic and takes market proportion from Google. Technology analysts have noted that in relation to competition Google takes on all comers. For instance, Google outbid Viacom to shop for YouTube for $1 billion; Google outbid Apple to buy Admob for $750 million; Google outplayed Microsoft and tied up with Yahoo Japan; Google obtained ITA for $750 million a business enterprise that gives tour information to visitors on the net.

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In addition, Google’s acquisition of Android in 2005 has placed it as one of the leaders in the smart cellphone market these days. The huge adoption of Android will make certain that Google will probably keep dominating seek on the cell area. There isn’t any doubt that Google is searching for to emerge as a key participant in the social networking area. This is why Google launched Buzz and as Facebook threatens to u.S.A. Google as the most visited website within the global, Google is ready to release a project to keep its primary position. It is obvious that by using growing a social networking platform based on the concept of integrating numerous components of Google social networking factors into one platform Google is pursuing what Marketing strategists regard as a master brand method. A master logo strategy indicates that Google is constructing most of its different services or sub emblem names below the master logo name -Google. Evidently, from a Marketing angle, all Google products that are developed and bring the Google logo name benefit from the strong logo equity of the main logo and consequently would probably enjoy a high-quality Market off-take.

Clearly, Google is looking for to enhance its social networking platform as it seems that Facebook would quickly overtake the era largely because of the most effective internet site. As an end result, Google has renewed interest in constructing an impressive social networking platform designed to push back the undertaking posed by means of Facebook. Facebook is also aligned with Microsoft -an enterprise looking for to dethrone Google because of the search king at the net.

Obviously, the increase of a human pushed seek platform could reduce the relevance of Google’s robotic based totally algorithmic search. In addition, the emergence of iAd marketing and seek platform being evolved with the aid of Apple and the increase in the use of Apps, which Facebook has benefited from, could suggest that the browser-based totally search on which Google built its platform can also lose relevance and lessen Google’s impact because the seek king and largest net company.

As Facebook’s sales are ready to attain an envisioned $1.2 billion dollars and as the company presently controls 17%, a show of advertising on the internet, that is better that Google’s 6%. Facebook’s dominance of display advertising is a great cause for Google to be involved. Also, the fact that 96% of Google’s revenue comes from seek makes it very liable to critical contenders looking to put off its management in the search.

On the surface but, Facebook isn’t always virtually a healthy for Google. For instance of the top ten sites inside the international primarily based on Alexa traffic rank, 3 of them are websites owned through Google: Google, YouTube & Blogger. The top ten web sites listed so as in their rank are Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, Windows Live, Baidu, Wikipedia, Blogger, QQ.Com, and Twitter.

Furthermore, Google has a long way more net sites than Facebook. For instance, Google has Gmail, Buzz, Orkut, Google Map, Google Earth, Google Books, Web Search and More. Google has also advanced programs like internet browser- chrome and netbook running gadget and the very a hit Android Operating machine.

In addition, Google has a Market capitalization of approximately $156 billion bucks, that is six instances better than Facebook that has projected marketplace capitalization of $25 billion dollars. Also, Google’s annual sales are $25 billion bucks while that of Facebook is approximately $1.2 billion.

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