Five Hot Trends in Web Design for 2011

The theories in the back of brilliant net layout are not like those at the back of the excellent current structure, i.E., the form (shape) of a building need to be decided by its purpose (feature). As long as a constructing, a gadget, a product, or maybe an internet site, works as meant, it sincerely shouldn’t remember what it looks as if, right? So “fluff” without a purpose is wasted, frequently at a super price. But exceptional architects and architects like Frank Lloyd Wright understood that beauty for splendor’s sake changed into now not continually a bad issue.

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Beautiful designs created for no motive apart from decoration may be extraordinarily beneficial for attracting new clients or setting up a commercial enterprise’ identification. “Less is greater”, or designing something so simple, logical and utilitarian that it turns into just blah and uninteresting, would not constantly work. Customers are frequently interested in fancy, flashy, amusing and ingenious things, and this precept applies in the region of internet layout as well. But we can go overboard with the unique and complicated designs that do not anything to feature to our users’ experiences.

It’s not good enough to just create stunning Photoshop mock-ups. These are without problems forgotten. Internet customers of these days are busy and need greater functionality. They’re interested in websites which might be complicated, multifunctional, and pleasing at the identical time. And our job as internet designers/ developers is to ensure they locate the revel in they are searching out to hold them at the web site!

1. Depth & Simplicity in Color

You may be questioning “however I hate websites designed in sun shades of grey. Simplicity is right however does it should be dull?” No; step far away from the black, white and gray. Be courageous; upload some color to your designs. You might be amazed at how a great deal impact color can need to get your message throughout in an appealing and friendly way.

The trend is to apply only two or 3 foremost shades however use them wisely. And bear in mind to make the text properly-defined and easy to study. Some humans assume colors like purple are difficult to use on the web. Not so if carried out with a few forethoughts. Your design can nevertheless be easy, clean and effective with the diffused and subdued use of colors – even red.Can-Web-Design-Improve-Search-Engine-Rankings.jpg (2000×1000)

At the equal time, we are dwelling in an era whilst 3D is highly famous. You’re proper; we do not yet have a three-D era in web design, but we are able to create faux three-D consequences with the professional use of layering and properly-placed shadows. One effect is “parallax scrolling”. Although it’s no longer virtually new, it has handiest lately grow to be greater popular. Layered images flow around the web page at unique speeds to create an exciting three-D illusion.

You can do it with some easy CSS hints or jQuery plugins. Try the impact as a background, or as a header or footer. Don’t go overboard and frustrate your users. The results can be stunning and totally exciting!

2. Make it Touchscreen and Mobile-geared up

People are wild today over their smartphones, pills, iPads, and many others. In reality, the prediction is that extra smartphones will promote this yr than PCs and you need to be prepared to reply.

You cannot simply simplify your authentic site layout or layout a committed mobile web page and suppose you’re top to head. Not so. Many cellular websites deliver viewers the choice to hook up with the authentic web page, so you can count on to lose visitors in case your original website online isn’t cell-optimized.

You additionally need to reflect consideration on the fact that most web layout has usually been mouse-oriented. But smartphone and tablet customers can’t mouse-over something to illuminate links or use drop-down menus. How do you wish to accommodate the new fingertip navigation?

Horizontal navigation and mag-fashion layouts appear equipped-made for touchscreens. And, due to the fact we not should fear about display resolution sizes, you need to also recollect “liquid layouts”, where the bins at the web page flex based on the viewport window’s length. Since such a lot of visitors will be looking at your website both horizontally and vertically, this could give you an awful lot extra flexibility than constant-width layouts. Viewers will respect it.

Customers at the move can get information by taking a picture of the QR code with their phone camera or different cell tool. (Some can also ought to download the code reader.) They can immediately get entry to a website, a particular landing page including a video testimonial you want to promote, a business enterprise’s social media sites, or maybe area an automated cellphone call direct to the business. One espresso keeps in Vancouver, British Columbia, serves up their menu to teach passengers and permits them to order whilst on the train and discover their cup of Joe expecting them while they arrive at the store.

Embed them for your website to give traffic a shortcut in your cellular website online and include them for your advertisements and promotional substances. The QR also can be an exquisite manner to tune visitors by way of setting a special referral code at the URL you embed in the code. Or use the QR as your avatar whilst you leave remarks on sites. Make sure you put them on mobile-geared up net pages so humans can view the page without difficulty inside their phones.

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