Galaxy Nexus First Impressions

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus can be a cellphone that humans have no longer heard about with the massive commercials for Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. After looking Google I/O and learning that the Galaxy Nexus might be getting Jelly Bean I decided to reserve one. I simply received my new Galaxy Nexus and that is my first impressions of the cellphone.

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I ordered my Galaxy Nexus from the Google play shop and it’s far an unlocked HSPA+ cellphone in order to paintings on any GSM vendors like AT&T or T-mobile. The first element I observed approximately the Galaxy Nexus turned into the show. The beautiful 4.Sixty five-inch Super AMOLED show makes the use of the smartphone so much better since the apps and videos are a whole lot clearer than my antique Samsung Galaxy S2. This smartphone has numerous alternatives for unlocking you can use Face unlock which goes pretty properly or you can have a pattern or pin to free up the smartphone. The Galaxy Nexus does not have any physical buttons which leave extra room at the telephone for the display screen. The side buttons aren’t up closer to the pinnacle of the smartphone however as a substitute they’re inside the center which makes the usage of them easier and less of a stretch for the fingers to attain.

The Galaxy Nexus comes with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.04 Android most recent OS and has many cool capabilities that improve the android enjoy. One of the huge sells for this smartphone is that it’s miles a pure android phone, that means that when you purchase a phone it comes with a ton of apps that you do not need or need. These apps are called bloatware because they waste space on the smartphone and typically gradual it down and because the producers need the apps at the telephone you can’t delete them. But the Galaxy Nexus handiest has what Google desires the phone to have which means that the telephone is quicker. Also because that is Google’s phone the Galaxy Nexus will get updates as quickly as Google releases them while not having to await manufacturers to release theirs. Jelly Bean that’s the following launch of Android is being launched from Google quickly and the Galaxy Nexus may be the first telephone to get it via OTA and until you placed a custom room in your telephone you may look forward to months for Jelly Bean.

When I first began my Galaxy Nexus there are many capabilities that significantly enhance the cellphone enjoy from Honeycomb. There are three buttons on the lowest of the screen always and the buttons are again domestic, and different windows. The 0.33 is virtually cool the button will convey up a list of lately closed apps at the telephone. Being able to transfer to and fro among apps may be very beneficial to me. The smartphone has an extraordinary lockscreen as properly, the lock screen lets you either open the digital camera, open Google search or liberate the phone which allows me to get right of entry to the digicam quick or use Google seek while not having to unlock the cellphone. When you open the app drawer you may access apps, widgets, and the play saves from one location.

Things I don’t like:

The essential disadvantage for the Galaxy Nexus is that there is no sd card slot so you are stuck with both 16gbs or 32gbs cellphone area. After saying that except you’ve got a ton of track or movies you shouldn’t run into a problem of no free area. Google is attempting to get Android customers to have all their media on Google Play and streaming it for your device. Another downside to the cellphone is that the digicam may be very disappointing. The camera has some superb features like panoramic and fast capturing however the camera hardware just is not as first-class as other cellphone cameras on the market.

Tech Specs:

Other than the first-rate display the telephones come with a 1.2 GHz twin core processor with 1gb of ram and in case you buy from Google 16gb of ram. The cellphone has a stunning 1280×720 resolution pentile show. The 1,850mAh battery supply the cellphone extended battery lifestyles, the longest mine has gone is around 23 hours which is a huge improvement over my vintage Samsung Galaxy S 2. The phone has NFC (Near Field Communication) which fits with Android Beam so you can transfer contacts to some other NFC device, or use NFC tags to automate sports. Even even though the telephone is pretty large it fits in my hand surely nicely and is simple to keep. The battery cowl on the cellphone isn’t easy and has a mesh feel which makes it less difficult to keep directly to without traumatic about dropping it.

What I like:

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I truly like the general quickness you get with the aid of using an ICS smartphone. The three onscreen buttons together with recent apps is an outstanding function in this smartphone. I also like the advanced lock screen so if you are in a rush you could cross at once into a digital camera or Google seek. The new app drawer with getting right of entry to widgets and play store is a fantastic addition to have on an Android smartphone. The smartphone’s display is a massive plus and anyone that choices it up will be aware of a distinction over their different smartphone. The loopy battery life at the smartphone is something that actually surprised me and it’s going to take a while for me to get used to now not having to feed my cellphone each couple of hours.


After getting my new phone and having a hazard to apply it for a while I even have to say that it has surpassed my expectancies. A telephone that has such a lot of best capabilities and a first-rate display this is jogging the ultra-modern Android OS for handiest $329 from the play looks like an awesome deal to me. If you are looking into getting a new cellphone but don’t want to spend $seven hundred for the Samsung Galaxy S three than the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone and I recommend shopping for it.

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