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I had been blogging and the usage of SEO for some years. I am constantly requested with the aid of pals and attitude clients approximately the way to get on the first page on Google. Quite frankly, each commercial enterprise and website owner should be asking that query. Forget approximately spending hundreds of bucks on search engine optimization corporations and SEO equipment, I am going to rank you at the pinnacle of Google with nothing greater than a bit greater paintings.

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This can be a certain subjective approach depending upon what your area of interest is. My number one blog is a sports weblog, although I even have a few tech blogs and healthcare blogs. So let’s use my sports activities blog as an instance. Take something recreation you’re masking or writing about whether it’s far boxing, soccer, baseball, and so on. I blog a lot approximately UFC so for this example permit’s work with the UFC (MMA).

Target the subsequent huge UFC occasion. For our purposes, there is a huge UFC event this coming Saturday night. It is a massive UFC event and you realize that masses of people may be searching for results online at once after the fight is over. You need to weblog approximately it, however, let’s accept it. You are competing with hundreds of blogs and newspaper websites for pinnacle billing on Google. Simply writing a blog on Sunday morning with a few key phrases may not suggest an issue. You need an aspect. Your aspect is to be first. But how do you grow to be the first one to put up a tale on this unique UFC predominant-occasion.

Write tales in advance of time. Write one tale approximately one fighter prevailing and write every other tale approximately another fighter winning. Make the name honestly “Fighter Name defeats Fighter Name at Fight Event.” Come up with something accepted, but search engine optimization pleasant textual content to your abstract. Include the fighter’s names, the identity of the occasion, and the keyword “end result” for your first 160 words of the weblog. Come up with every other couple of paragraphs looking on the destiny of the winner and his subsequent fights and the future of the loser and his subsequent fights. Write a little approximately their division and how that specific end result affects the department. You understand have approximately four-five paragraphs of a piece of writing about a fight that hasn’t even taken place but. Save the articles. You are nearly completed.

Now you’re ready to head at 12:04 AM or every time the fight is absolutely over. It really enables in case you watch the combat, but there are masses of locations online that do loose play-by-play as much as the minute in case you do not want to spend $50. This goes for all sports, information, and many others. The fight is over, you click on submit, your weblog is up online before 95% of your competition. Where do you observe you will rank? You can be first or at the least within the first few results on Google. Once the story is posted, move back and add a few combat information. It may not alternate the ranking of the weblog as soon as it is published.

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This works for me just about every unmarried time for sports activities, information, or anything I want to get a soar on. I even have discovered this to be the nice White Hat search engine marketing technique to get at the front web page of Google. Now you in all likelihood may not preserve your first spot once websites with better web page rankings put up their tales and compete for the identical keywords. But, in case you snatch three,000 visits in an hour who honestly cares if you have to offer manner an hour later? The beauty of this approach is that it works for everything whether or not it is sports activities, tech, or news. Just change out UFC for an NFL or MLB sport and use the identical strategies, a declaration approximately a new piece of technology that has been leaked (declaration is at midday, hit publish straight away), an invoice being signed by the President, and many others. It works, except as true with me.

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It is imperative that you comply with my instructions to the letter. The significance of having the proper keywords within the name and the abstract is crucial to your first web page Google ranking. Once someone types the occasion name, the combat call, and so on into Google.Com or any other seek engine, your article comes up right away. If you do not have the proper keywords in there, it won’t be counted when you submit it. Hopefully, you get a few subscribers, you market your article right now within the proper social networks, and perhaps you’re making a few affiliate cash within the system. All in a day’s work for a blogger.

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