Gmail – Everything You Should Know About It

Everybody loves Google (at least that is what I think), and what if you add all the high-quality Google has into an email account? You’ve got one awesome electronic mail account named Google mail, or in easy phrases Gmail. Gmail was first released on 31 of March 2004. At its release, Gmail changed into running in beta mode and you can have an account only when you have an invitation from the present user. I changed into invited through a pal and I hold the ball rolling. I got 50 invitations when I have my account and I run out of them in very short succession. These days its loose and absolutely everyone may have it in quick and easy steps like 1, 2, three. Gmail turned into the first in presenting 1 GB free space for e-mail, at that time both Hotmail and Yahoo were imparting 10 MB or so without cost debts. Gmail was given a few virtually remarkable features and one should comprehend it all to enjoy Gmail at its excellent. I will try my level quality to explain as a great deal as I can about Gmail from my non-public revel in and wish that this text will additionally help you to use Gmail greater effectively.


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I was the use of Gmail for over four years now and I am actually in love with it. I used to have more than one accounts on Yahoo and Hotmail earlier than I switched from them to Gmail and believe it or no longer I in no way went back. Why? Because Gmail got some tremendous functions that make me fall in love with it. Few functions I cherished most are spam, rapid, clear and user-friendly interface, integrated chat, integrated spell checker and automatic draft saving. Gmail got incredible junk mail coverage and I infrequently get spam email in my inbox. Gmail makes use of AJAX dynamic contents for immediate enhancements. I even have listed down some functions and their usage in element underneath.


First, let’s see Gmail’s Labels. Labels are used to classify an email. It is kind of subset of folders, that means Labels were given everything that net based folder could have, plus it got something special too. You can assign your own described Labels both manually or by means of Filters (to see how filter out works Click Link3 under). When you have Labels assigned you can see them on left facet of Gmail beneath Gmail’s default links in labels column, and whilst you click on precise Label, Gmail displays emails those beneath that Label.

If you ever have skilled in managing emails in the folder you knew that electronic mail may be in simplest one folder at a time. So what are you able to do in case you need one e-mail to be located in or more folders? Gmail has answer for it, let’s assume you’ve got two Labels one is “College pals” and different is “co-workers”, now you bought a mail from someone who’s your co-employee as well as your university mate, then you could assign both labels on same email and access that specific email underneath each of these Labels.

Filters are one of the coolest and one in all my preferred capabilities that Gmail has to provide. If you setup Filters well, they are able to offer actual ease in e-mail management. Filters help you saving time and area in terms of undesirable emails to your inbox, and introduce you to multi-capability of Gmail. For more info on Filters feature click link3 beneath.


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Gmail affords you one greater function that is chatting with your friends the use of Gmail. Now Google introduced that Gmail chat will paintings with AOL’s chat service AIM. So now Gmail users can log in into their AIM bills through Gmail chat. Gmail chat allow u send a message even when the contact is offline and those messages will seem for your inbox as a message. You can make yourself online/offline each time with just unmarried click on. Your AIM contacts get an AIM icon in chat window so that you can distinguish among Gmail friends and buddies from AIM.

Keyboard shortcuts

I for my part like to work with shortcut keys whether I am running on my design process (Photoshop, flash and so on) or simply doing simple operating machine work, I like to do with shortcut keys. No doubt shortcut keys growth efficiency of the person and increase productivity by means of saving masses of time that you have to spend doing identical things manually.

Gmail has that first-rate feature of keyboard shortcuts, to make it work first you need to enable it. Click on the Settings hyperlink at the pinnacle right of the webpage, General tab will open. Look for Keyboard Shortcuts, and then click on on the Keyboard Shortcuts on a radio button. Now keyboard shortcuts are enabled and you may use them instantly. For extra information on keyboard shortcuts clicks here.

Forwarding and POP/IMAP

This alternative is for individuals who like to ahead their emails from Gmail to every other gadget, like Yahoo or Hotmail or maybe even to some other Gmail account. To forward your email, find the Forwarding section and click on the radio button subsequent to “Forward a copy of incoming mail. To “Make sure to feature the email cope with you need the e-mail to be forwarded to”, Then, you need to determine if you’d like to hold a copy in your Gmail gadget or delete them from Gmail. Once you’ve got made your choice, click on “Save Changes” and you are executed.

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If you need to download your Google mails the use of Outlook or Thunderbird, you need to allow POP. Select both Enable POP for all mail or simply Enable POP for all mail any more. Then, you have to decide in case you’d want to maintain a copy in your Gmail device or delete them from Gmail. Instructions on the way to install your electronic mail patron (like Outlook or Thunderbird) may be observed in detail by means of clicking “Configuration instructions” and choosing which e-mail purchaser you have got. Once you’ve made your choice, click “Save Changes” and you’re carried out.

The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is one of the maximum usual Internet standard protocols for email retrieval. All current e-mail clients and mail servers guide this protocol as an average of moving e-mail messages from a server. To enable an IMAP connection, you want to enable IMAP. Instructions on a way to set up your e-mail customer (like Outlook or Thunderbird) may be observed in the element with the aid of clicking “Configuration commands” and choosing which e-mail purchaser you’ve got. Once you’ve got made your choice, click on “Save Changes” and you’re executed.

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