Google’s Android Phones Challenge Apple iPhone

At a media discussion board on Thursday July 8, 2010 at the Allen & Co’s Sun Valley conference, Google executives Larry Page and Sergey Brin knowledgeable Journalists that Steve Jobs turned into re-writing Android’s records to align with Apple’s hobbies. They argued that contrary to Steve Jobs claims Google have been operating on Android lengthy earlier than the iPhone became launched in 2007.

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According to Mr. Page: “We were working on Android for a totally long term, with the notion of manufacturing phones which can be net enabled and feature accurate browsers and all that due to the fact that did no longer exist in the marketplace area. I suppose that the characterization of us as getting into after the iPhone become introduced is not in reality reasonable. ” Google co-founder Larry Page opined that Mr. Jobs declare that Google went into the telephone commercial enterprise so that it will assignment Apple iPhone became false.

However, an evaluation of cellphone history will show that Google received Android in 2005 and started making telephone prototypes quickly later on. Informed assets say the version of the Android telephones that Mr. Jobs noticed at that point regarded more like the Blackberry. This shows that Google’s initial concept might not have been to make telephones that appear to be the iPhone.
Now the query most industry watchers are asking is if Google has been running on an Android-powered telephone why they did wait till September 2008 a year after the iPhone became released to introduce the G1 phone? In addition, the records endorse that it turned into because of tensions over Google’s entry into the phone commercial enterprise that could contribute to the go out of Mr. Eric Schmidt from the Apple board. Analysts believe that Google may additionally be work on an Android powered smartphone earlier than the iPhone turned into brought however the iPhone regarded to have given them better insights as to a way to perfect their own phone. This is mainly true given the resemblance of the Nexus one to the iPhone.

A in addition confirmation of Google’s purpose for launching the Android phones can be gleaned from feedback they made on the Google I/O conference held ultimate May. At the occasion, Google explained that they brought Android to consumers in order that Apple could now not collect huge have an effect on that could become draconian.

In addition, the records appear to indicate that Google went into the phone business following the conclusion that the future of computing could be in portable devices like phones and tablet computers. As an end result, they went into the smartphone business with the intention of dominating internet search on that platform similar to they’d carried out on the computer. This notion is supported by way of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google in published comments he made in an interview with the UK Guardian newspaper on June 25th, 2010. In that interview, Mr. Schmidt cautioned that he desires Android to be the Windows of Mobile.

Also in that same interview Mr. Schmidt made critical comments approximately Microsoft Windows and stated: “You need to ask how on this planet Windows Phone – on the way to have a paid-for license – is ever going to attract any handset makers, but it ought to be loudest for builders thinking about whether the shrinking, forwards-incompatible pool of Windows Mobile telephones is definitely well worth bothering with”.

In an assessment, Apple appears to have long gone into the telephone commercial enterprise as a re-positioning strategy and with an intention to make massive sales from the sale of the smart smartphone hardware itself. Also with the advent of the smart telephones, Apple found out that there was a large capability in the location of cellular Advertising. This changed into why they sought to gather Admob. While Apple becomes negotiating to buy Admob that is a cellular Advertising organization Google quickly stepped in and bought Admob. As an end result Apple went ahead to gather Quatro wireless which is Admob’s biggest competitor. In response to Google’s acquisition of Admob Apple has re-written the policies of its cellular Advertising platform called the iAd consequently shutting out Admob, which were acquired via Google.

As the smartphone battle rages on Bloomberg, news reviews that Apple has offered greater than 50 million iPhones given that its introduction. According to Apple CEO, Steve Jobs the trendy model, iPhone 4 has bought more than 3 million gadgets because its June 24, 2010 debut. Analysts consider iPhones account for almost 35 percent of Apples $forty two. 9 billion revenue. Also, the iPhone has over 2 hundred, 000 packages with over 5 billion downloads till date.

The rapid increase of packages on Apple’s ecosystem may be traced to the initial incentive the company provided to builders. For instance at the start, with a view to inspire Applications on the way to run at the iPhone, Apple made oblique funding by virtue of a $one hundred million undertaking-capital fund installation by using Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Today Apple has paid over a thousand million bucks to developers due to the fact inception.

Apple’s fulfillment has spurred other players within the telephone market like HP, LG, RIM, Google, Palm, Nokia, and Microsoft to increase mobile stores wherein clients with mobile systems will pay and download packages.

Just like Apple, Google has been, attaining fulfillment with its Android-powered smartphones as sales have persisted to upward push dramatically. A confirmation of Android’s growth might be gleaned from the positive remarks made by means of Google’s Senior VP of Product Management, Jonathan Rosenberg in July 2010. According to Mr. Rosenberg there are 160, 000 Android-primarily based gadgets being activated day by day. He said that Android seek grew via 300 percentage within the first half of-of 2010, with robust growth predicted to maintain in the 2d half of.

Mr. Rosenberg delivered that common sales jumped by using 24 percent yr-on-yr and income increased by way of 19 percentage, as nicely. Informed reports display that as at May 2010, there had been 50, 000 Android Apps however today they’re over 70, 000 and via the give up of the year they ought to reach 100, 000. In addition, Google has attempted to inspire developers of applications for the Android working system thru a contest. Also in step with statistics made available by means of Andro Lib, Android users have downloaded a couple of billion software until date.

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Interestingly, every other degree of the fulfillment of Google Android telephone could be visible from high-quality figures posted by HTC the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer inside the 2nd region of 2010. The agency in July 2010 introduced that its internet earnings rose with the aid of 33 percent for the second one zone, and overall revenue was 58 percentage extra than final years figures. According to the Wall Street Journal for the second one quarter of 2010, HTC made earnings of $268 million.

The upward push inside the income of HTC is a mirrored image of the fulfillment of Google because analysts agree with that it’s miles Android telephones which are driving the organization’s boom. The huge reputation HTC’s Google Android-powered phones like Evo 4G, the Droid Incredible, the Google Nexus One, and T-Mobile-My Touch 3 are supporting to put HTC as the main cellphone producer.

A pointer to the speedy growth of Google’s Android could be discerned from the truth that Comscore pronounced on July 8, 2010, that Google’s Android platform grew via 44 percentage from February to May. According to Comscore in the 3 3-month time frame from December to February, Android had a median market percentage of approximately nine percent of the telephone’s inside the United States. However, within the following 3-month time body, from March to May, Android marketplace share grew to approximately thirteen percentage.

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