Hair Management Should Be Easier

You may be like me; there was a time when I had extraordinary trouble with hair control. No, no, now not that hair, the stuff for your head! It becomes a weekly task, makes an appointment, goes and waits at the barber, and hopefully get out in an inexpensive amount of time. Nobody seemed to be in a rush. For anybody else it turned into a social occasion wherein they were given to capture up with pals and speak approximately all styles of stuff. It annoyed me to no quit whilst the barber could prevent running and spend numerous minutes arguing to illustrate a few factors. I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as feasible. For me, it turned into a complete waste of a Saturday morning. I notion approximately cutting my hair myself.

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The “Flowbee” TV commercial changed into frequently on returned within the eighty’s and it regarded tremendously tempting. That turned into without a doubt a first-rate idea, connecting a vacuum purifier hose to the quiet of a hair clipper in order that the mess would be minimum. But it was this type of cumbersome contraption, and to me, clean up was not truly an issue since one should always cut hair in a room wherein the floor isn’t always carpeted, or even if it turned into, is not that what vacuum cleaners are for besides? No, hair smooth up wasn’t without a doubt the issue. The venture becomes to get a reasonable style while doing it myself.

“Why do it your self?” you’ll be questioning, “get someone to help, like your wife or lady friend or something.” Ah, I’m married and I name doing those sports together, “Marriage Testing Moments”. It takes real love… But I digress; we now not speak approximately relationship control, back to hair control.

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Just out of interest, and to make sure I spelled the product name successfully, I did a Google look for “Flowbee”, and to my amazement, the product continues to be offered. I haven’t seen the TV advertisement in years, definitely, a long time. And even more startling is now that I have a look at the product again, I can see what the goal is – now not just clean up, but clearly to fashion the hair by way of pulling up the hair strands in the way a hair stylist might after which cut it. Wow! I completely neglected the factor back in the 1980s once I first saw the product. It need to be due to the fact I don’t have that type of immediate hair. The Flowbee looks as if it has developed with time. What I bear in mind changed into a hose attachment on what looked like a preferred electric hair clipper. It now looks as if the clipper form has modified for advanced ergonomics, in particular, if one is cutting their own hair. And it also seems that the clipper is powered with the aid of a DC motor using an adaptor – whereas I don’t forget a standard house-present day electric powered clipper. I’m probably incorrect about the previous type of motor too, due to the fact I changed into so targeted at the hair slicing and styling. Or maybe I’m just too antique now and my reminiscence has failed me.

Age, that adjustments matter. Back in the 1980’s vanity contributed to the trouble: I could not just reduce my hair, it had to be styled and appearance excellent. That calls for a 3-dimensional view of my head, the ability to progressively modify the cutting duration and in the end fading it, trimming and edging. The Flowbee didn’t assist with that. Nature has looked after that hassle though, by using eliminating a maximum of the hair on the top of my head. Now, I simply want to get the remaining hair at the facet trimmed down. “Why do you cut your hair?” my 6-12 months-vintage asks. I do it in order that the edges match the pinnacle. I don’t want any graduated levels, I do not want the nice adjustment, I simply need to cut it quick and make it the same level all around.

That sounds easy, but it certainly isn’t because the three-dimensional view remains wished otherwise there will be spots neglected and you may effortlessly turn out to be with a head with a light and darkish patches looking like a giraffe. Using a hand-held reflect and a wall established mirror is a way to do it, on the way to see the again of the top. But it still takes too long, and whilst touring, there won’t be a conveniently established wall replicate, or it may be hard to carry a delicate handheld reflect in bags. Additionally, the usual electric hair clipper isn’t always ergonomic for that interest because one must place the blades at a specific angle to get the hair to reduce, change instructions to house the spiral nature of hair growth and to ensure that the hair that grows parallel to the pores and skin is picked up and reduce. That is especially why the twin mirror installation is needed. And including to the venture is that each one hand actions should be finished in reverse because of the reflected view. It takes practice and it takes time.

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For guys like me who want to just cut their hair brief or even all around, and simply low, we need an easier answer, something that simply mows hair down and via simply using our arms to sense the height, and listening to the hair clipper till the sound of hair reducing minimizes (you realize, kind of like taking note of popcorn popping to know whilst it is geared up), we will realize that the hair is reduce. The device needs to be ergonomic, formed like the hand, low profile in order that we maintain our hand flat towards the system, bumpers to protect sensitive regions like the ears. I envision a hockey % form, a multidirectional cutting system with adjustable cutting height, a hair picker-higher paddle device that increases the ones hairs that aren’t vertical and lay close to the skin so they can be reduced.

While studying the Flowbee, I encountered such a tool: it’s the “Conair Even Cut”. (I have heard this earlier than; at any given moment in time, there are several human beings thinking of the equal concept and this discovery proves that.) The Even Cut sincerely looks promising so I’m going to have to attempt it. I additionally located the “Do-it-Yourself Hair Clipper” from Phillips Norelco which additionally seems to have brilliant promise for the do-it-yourself hair cutter. Who is aware of, I may also have solved my hassle? Stand by using for updates on those gadgets.

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