High-Tech Security at Port of Long Beach

The improvement of the brand new Joint Command and Control Center at the Port of Long Beach changed into a development mission that spanned over five years. We officially broke ground in 2007 and the new constructing was grew to become over to us in Oct 2008. The protection division moved in shortly after that during January 2009. So we haven’t been right here pretty a year yet. Our facility is a thirty million dollar shape full of high-tech security systems which maintains close watch on the Port. The constructing value twenty million greenbacks and we’ve got invested approximately ten million in the systems that are living in the constructing, that doesn’t encompass all the sensors which might be in and across the Port. The twenty-eight thousand rectangular foot shape is three testimonies excessive with a heliport on top. All of our commercial enterprise operations live at the third ground with multiple organizations living inside the constructing inclusive of the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, Harbor Patrol, L.A., And Long Beach police departments and Marine Exchange. Our Harbor Department performs all the digicam upkeep within the field, while it is required. We also have a completely sophisticated industrial dive crew with our personal fifty-foot boat and 6 complete time divers on a body of workers. These guys are diving in and across the Port every day. So from a day-to-day operational viewpoint, it’s miles a dynamic constructing with quite a few transferring components.

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Of direction, we don’t have any trouble integrating new software applications into the prevailing device. When we at the start installed the visualization solution, every person idea it became simply going to be for the wall inside the command center. From our viewpoint, that become never the purpose. We supposed to proportion statistics in the total scope of this constructing. There are eleven areas on this building wherein we have the ability to view and share content on a screen, on an LCD screen, a video wall or an overhead projector. When we designed the system, we made certain that any virtual signal, whether it’s radar, sonar, video, amber signals / port statistics signs and symptoms, or TV stations, had the capability to be digitized and shared anywhere in the building. So when we got here up with the solution that changed into the scope of labor. As we’ve got progressed and commenced to add additional assets, integration into our current visualization and collaboration solution has constantly been a line item to make certain that we will put that on the brand new gadget, at the grid as well.

Are your cameras IP video cameras?

They grow to be IP cameras. We encode and decode at the edges. So we’re an NR answer. We presently put our cameras over a 650Mb private wireless network and we’re within the process of laying thirty-five miles of fiber. As we get to the digital camera locations, we are setting those cameras on our fiber so we have a redundant video feed. But currently, we take an analog digicam, placed an encoder on the end and digitize it. On the opposite facet, it sends it down the wireless community and whilst it comes into our control middle we ship it via an encoder to make it analog once more and then pipe it into our servers.

Is the visualization gadget streaming the videos?

The manner we’ve got deployed the device is that Verint is incorporated into the overall visualization solution. We have middleware software so operators do not should learn to feature the Verint machine. It’s essential to recognize that we’ve nine structures presently jogging, we’ve got purchased fourteen, and there are any other four at the drafting board. So we’ve got eighteen middle systems coming in right here. We did not want to need to teach all of the officers how to use all eighteen systems so we sold a middleware bundle to deal with all the digicam machine. With our visualization and collaboration software program, we replicate all the systems of their local shape to the grid in order that we can skip all of the one of a kind GUI’s from an administrative point of view. If executives want to see a number of cameras, they could simply bring digital camera feed up on the video wall, allow it populate, and I can percentage it in any of the twelve locations at some point of the constructing. So the visualization solution is the portal that permits us to do this. It’s an academic tool.

I consider a whole lot of what is at the wall is video feed?

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No, we’ve a lot of one of a kind content material that we are posting to the wall in addition to our digital camera feed. For example, we are pulling and pushing content material to the wall from an get right of entry to manage device that handles our badge and our alarm monitoring. We also have a navy software package deal that tracks vessels at some stage in the port. We have VTS which is the authentic vessel tracking gadget for the port which comes from the Marine Exchange. We have 3 excessive-quit video surveillance structures, an internet portal wherein we percentage our video feeds with our tenants and they share their cameras with us, and we additionally have other matters that cross at the wall like our port facts symptoms at the dual carriageway, an A.M. Radio with a GUI to look what’s being broadcast. There’s a mess of packages and we combine them all into the visualization solution so it does not depend in case you’re inside the govt conference room, in the branch operations middle or in a damaged room on the second one ground. If you have got a need to peer any of that facts, you could.

On the third floor, we have a stunning government convention room that sits approximately twenty-five human beings. In that room, we have video conferencing capabilities thru the visualization device. The video conferencing talents hyperlinks to our branch operations center that is at the 2nd ground and can be used externally or inside the constructing. What that allows us to do is to provide the policy selection makers a room where they do not impact the people which are running the operation. It allows us to split them out after which it additionally lets in the incident commander to walk into the command middle room and use the gear there to create his emergency motion plan for the occasion. So here you have pastime happening in three separate rooms. But thru the visual solution, now we are able to hyperlink all of that interest right into a photo so all of them have the same data. And it is a completely powerful device due to the fact all 3 of those sports have their own priorities and their own wishes. In the past, you’d place them in a room collectively and you then need to combat over whose precedence turned into the primary. But now, they can all paintings on their own priorities simultaneously and they’re simply sharing that information and no longer going in each other’s way. That in itself is a effective tool. It has streamlined the manner our groups paintings together.

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We knew that we have been going to be a dynamic constructing and we’d usually be evolving. Most of the visualization answers available are based on difficult-cord cable. So, anytime you wanted to add something to the grid, you’d want to usher in a large crew and you’d have to tug wires, put in routers, and manipulate bins. It’s a massive price which includes equipment and intensive exertions fees to make changes. The element that we adore about our visualization answer is that while you want to feature something because it’s an IP-primarily based answer, you could without difficulty integrate new hardware by using the software. You simply placed it on the subnet LAN and you’re achieved. That in itself saves a person like me or different task managers plenty of grief because now we will do something in a couple days which might have taken multiple weeks to get resolved it was not an IP-based answer.

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