HOA Contractors That Embrace Technology Will Succeed

As a full carrier affiliation management corporation, we’re constantly assisting our communities with acquiring first-class contractors, and carrier vendors for our association groups. We are continuously worried about reviewing maintenance specifications, acquiring contractor bids, and average oversight all most important maintenance or building initiatives.

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Association management has evolved especially with technology over the past 10 years. We constantly need to hold our HOA managers and a team of workers prepared with generation to be able to each improve our efficiency as an enterprise, and constantly with the goal to enhance communique between our communities, our management office, and all outdoor companies.

We have noticed a totally noticeable trend over the years with our communities and the contractors being decided on. The groups that have been continuously triumphing bids on big constructing initiatives and being selected for restore and re-production jobs all had one large similarity: They all were actively using several sorts of the newer generation.

What’s the relationship you ask? It’s simple: COMMUNICATION. When contractors are capable of share their expertise and information on their trade efficaciously with each the association manager and the HOA board contributors, it makes anyone’s existence less difficult. Contractors are not relying on the HOA control business enterprise to translate their estimates and thoughts, and the HOA board participants are ensured that their network goes to acquire what they want, and what they paid for.

This is any other very apparent “need to” these days. You can cross dozens of locations online and get a free e-mail deal with for your commercial enterprise. HOA and apartment communities don’t need only a verbal bid over the smartphone. That works in some instances, with familiar contractors, but does not paintings on medium to large length projects. Associations and the management businesses want bids, specifications, and very last prices to be in writing, to assist shield both events. No one desires to get in any sort of he stated / she said argument approximately dollar amounts and venture materials

Photos / Video

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Photos and videos have a tendency to go hand in hand with clever telephones or cell phones noted in advance. Practically every telephone made these days, have these competencies. If you are like me (visible right brained) then being able to see matters in snapshots or video shape is an absolute must. HOA board members come from all walks of lifestyles, and not necessarily familiar with creation or engineering strategies. Being in a position to expose them visually a problem, or deliver a task to existence with snapshots and video, places an entirely new attitude on things.


An internet site isn’t necessarily a must, but we, in reality, do endorse it. There are the apparent reasons like, getting observed on-line and having an excellent search engine rating to your region. There are also the not so obvious reasons like seeking out appropriate credentials (insurance contractor’s license number), gathering references, or searching out an assignment portfolio or similar preformed paintings. It is a lot easier to carry all this statistics if it’s on a pleasing, prepared internet site. So in case, you are an HOA contractor, and you do not need to totally rely on your network affiliation relationships for initiatives, investing a while or money for your online presence could be an amazing idea.

Video Calls

This is our favorite new generation to apply with our affiliation contractors. What if you may tour assets and evaluation numerous renovation troubles without having to physically be on site with the contractor? Our HOA management group uses this device constantly. Our managers get to experience like they may be bodily walking the grounds (that is constantly the best alternative if available) whilst nonetheless being able to log a few office time. It truly does assist in relation to scheduling and shifting ahead with tasks. As cell telephone providers increase to be had facts plans and community speeds, this option will simplest get easier to apply.

Bid / Work order systems

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Online bid and preservation paintings-order systems are starting to discover their way into everyday use with many property control kind organizations. These structures basically take all the prior noted era elements (cell telephone, electronic mail, pictures, films) and combine them into one and relaxed region online. These structures help prepare all of your community projects into one area for board members and association managers. These structures may also permit your contractors to generate many more leads from other communities and other comparable assets managers as nicely.

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