How to Connect Multiple Computers to One Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband, or excessive-velocity, an Internet connection is what many users currently use in their homes. With the excessive-velocity Internet, many customers might also use a router to allow more than one computer to connect with the Internet. This post will describe how a router is used to attach more than one computer. To make it easier to apprehend, I will use your stay compared to how your computer is connected to the Internet.

What is an IP Address?

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IP addresses are a chain of numbers in the form: nun.Nnn.Nnn.Nnn, wherein nnn is a one to 3 digit quantity. An IP deal is precise to a personal computer on a network, like how your private home has a unique agreement. For an Internet connection, an IP copes with is supplied by using your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In some cases, your ISP may additionally offer you more than one IP address, which allows you to attach multiple computer systems. As you may see later, you can connect a couple of computer systems with a single IP address.

Connecting a Single Computer

Connecting a single computer to your high-velocity Internet is very simple to do. Connect a network cable into your modem and then into the community card on your computer. Your pc will then be assigned an IP deal out of your ISP. For example, if your ISP assigned you the IP deal with, then your laptop could have that IP cope with.

When you request a server, which includes a Web page, the Web server knows which IP cope with made the request. The facts are then sent via the Internet and again for your laptop. This is just like while someone sends you mail to your home. The cope with on the mail allows it to be added to your own home and no longer elsewhere.

Connecting Multiple Computers

How can more than one computers join if only one dealing with is assigned? When you request a Web page, how does it realize which computer asked that web page? Let’s take our domestic analogy one step similarly. Let’s say, in place of living in residence, you stay in a condominium. When someone sends you mail, they no longer simplest consist of your cope with but also a rental number. This range is internal for your condominium construction, and each rental has its very own unique number. Similarly, more than one computer system can hook up with the Internet if they ever had their own particular local IP address. A router may treat this.

A router is a bit of hardware that connects immediately to the modem. Each pc is then linked to the router, in preference to the modem. Now about your computer having the IP address furnished by your ISP, your router’s assigned that IP copes with. This is just like your router acting because of the rental construction.

The beauty of a router is that it can assign its neighborhood IP addresses. When you join a laptop to the router, it receives one of the IP addresses assigned via your router, just like each condo has its quantity. Now when you request a Web page, the request is despatched the use of the equal ISP deal with, but this time it’s far assigned to the router. When the Web web page is back, the router receives the request and sends it locally to the laptop that requested the web page.

The router also has its very own nearby address, just like the computers’ nearby IP addresses. So now the router has addresses assigned to it: an external one furnished by using your ISP and a nearby one provided by it. This allows the router to connect with both the Internet and the nearby community.

Connect Multiple

Let’s check this situation. You have a router connecting a couple of computer systems to the Internet. But now, you want to create an FTP or Web server. No trouble. You set up the necessary software on a pc for your community, advise a person outside your community the neighborhood IP cope with your FTP server, and they are attempting to attach. They then discover that they cannot join. Why? It’s just like a person mailing something to you by way of simply specifying your apartment number and not coping with it.

The IP deal assigned for your pc is nearby in your community. You can connect with that computer from within your community, but no longer from the Internet. You will want to use your ISP-assigned IP address (the only one assigned for your router) to have someone from the Internet connection with your FTP server. The trouble is that your router is set that IP and not your pc, and because an IP address has to be particular, how can computers have the same IP? The solution: they can not, but they do not want to.

Routers can get ahead statistics on a port to a selected laptop. A port is a numbered channel that facts may be despatched on a community. You cannot bodily see it as a virtual channel used drastically in networking for sending/receiving statistics. For FTP servers, the default port is 21; however, another port can be used.

Open your router setup and look for the port forwarding option. Specify the internal IP deal with your FTP server and the port number after which shop that information. When a person tries to get admission to your FTP website, they must use the ISP IP cope assigned to your router. The router will then observe that the information is being sent on port 21, after which forward it robotically to your FTP server. A Web server may be set up in an equal manner. However, its default port usually is 80.

Note: By default, a router will dynamically assign IP addresses to the computer systems linked to it. In this manner that the first computer to hook up with the router will get the primary to be had IP cope with, and the next will get the second one, and so on. If you control an FTP server, assigning a static IP deal to the computers can be less challenging to ensure that the FTP server continually has an equal IP address.

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