How to Deal With Invisible Problems Sabotaging Your Business

Do you have got business blind spots? Don’t contemplate too long – all of us do. In this text, I explain what they may be, why we have them, and how to cope with the damage they could cause your business.


When you found out using, they told you approximately the car blind spots and how dangerous and potentially fatal they can be. You also found out (written on full automobile mirrors as a steady reminder) that the mirror distorts the distance you notice.

Business blind spots are similar – they’re the problems or answers you cannot see, or they may be distorted within the way you spot them. They can be risky in your enterprise and doubtlessly extending beyond your business to issues in your relationships, health, and lifestyle.

I defined popular sorts of enterprise blind spots: Aware and Unaware. Aware blind spots come in two varieties: Problems and Solutions. The Aware blind spots are less risky because you already know the hassle exists and take corrective action.

The Unaware Business blind spots are most dangerous because you can’t see them no matter how hard you look or because our view is distorted. The trickiest part of this business blind spot is that if you do not know you have got them or how they distort your vision, you can’t exercise a wanted warning or take a corrective movement. I diagnosed four sorts of Unaware blind spots.

This blind spot is there while you recognize the problem; however, do not know the solution. This is the easiest to deal with because once you are aware of the trouble, and if you cannot resolve it using yourself, you could get the professional who allows you to find the answer.

This blind spot is there while you understand that there is a hassle. However, I don’t know what it is and how to locate it. This one is a piece tougher to solve, however nevertheless, very doable. Some specialists focus on diagnosing the problems for a business like yours. You want to find such an expert, and your trouble might be identified. You can then clear up the issue yourself or get someone else to help you do it.


After you run your enterprise for a certain length of time, the adoption turns internalized. You see it as personal and lose the space needed to compare and respond to problems objectively, impartially, and rapidly. You additionally lose the ability to virtually visit the difference between your commercial enterprise and the only you copied. I have seen many business proprietors “duplicating” someone’s recipe, formula, or blueprint without the potential to know why it’s going to no longer work for their commercial enterprise. This incapability to peer grows more severe the more extraordinary giant is the funding into the followed version.

We all have “glasses” through which we see the business and the sector in popularity. These “glasses” exchange reality into your belief of fact which can be very one-of-a-kind. This is wherein the blind spots are created. In neurolinguistic language programming (NLP), this effect is called “brain distortion” – the method permits us to make shifts in how we revel in sensory information.

We benefit from this distortion in a few methods; however, it’s a big hassle in different instances. We collect those “glasses” in our youth, and the distortions gather based totally on the events and emotions in our commercial enterprise and personal existence.

Here is the example familiar to many – jury obligation. I turned recently at the jury wherein 12 human beings noticed and heard the same testimony, yet all of us had a specific concept of what passed off. The witnesses saw the equal occasion yet told one-of-a-kind tales about what they saw.

This isn’t always restrained to sensory perceptions like web pages and hearing. In cases of alleged financial misconduct, the juries look at the numbers – supposedly the more significant dependable measure than a person’s imaginative, visionary, and listening to. Yet still, a similar phenomenon happens – unique human beings interpret “goal” numbers differently.


I did many enterprise audits for plenty of fundamental corporations; I located intentional fraud perpetrated via a man or woman simplest as soon as possible. No one else in the agency noticed it until I pointed it out. Even then, it becomes not smooth for control to accept it as truth. They looked at the situation through their “glasses” and were too connected (the blind spot I will speak about approximately next).

The reason financial and business audits are finished is to guarantee investors, lenders, management that there’s no wrongdoing intentional or otherwise. It is often done with the aid of inner auditors and through the outside of doors auditors because they see the problem(s) without the glasses of the business proprietors, personnel, and executives.

When constructing and growing your business, the imaginative and prescient manner and techniques are essential, and come up with the idea and the electricity to pursue it. The downside identity that too regularly, enterprise proprietors get too connected to them and can’t see that that is in which the hassle can be.

Here is an example maximum mother and father (me included) can relate to – now not acknowledging problems with their youngsters for a long time and a few never, because of the attachment. We tell ourselves that it is the age, that it’ll pass, that other youngsters have identical problems, while we put off handling the issues.

Many coaches and experts begin their organizations because they love what they do. They are attached to the idea of doing this painting and make investments a whole lot of money into the infrastructure, including education, internet-website, coaches, etc. This attachment is one of the motives they cannot see if theirs is a feasible commercial enterprise or the proper commercial enterprise strategies, even though different coaches and experts are supposedly “successful”“.

These blind spots are the maximum tough because they function below the level of our cognizance. Our unconscious mind operates based totally on the evolutionary principles designed to guard us when the human species developed, which can also in enterprise environment no longer serve their reason.

For instance, our subconscious mind is designed to routinely reply to risks, along with encountering a tiger or an enemy tribe through giving us the capability to combat or flee. Unless you figure within the zoo, your business is probably far removed from tigers and warring tribes. Yet your brain reacts in a similar style while it perceives what it considers risky and could act to save you-you from doing it.

Making selections to do something distinct in your enterprise takes you out of the consolation area and acquainted with the subconscious. Your unconscious mind will try to carry you again to what is familiar, which in reality won’t be in your excellent hobby. It will bring into your awareness all of the reasons why you must not make the exchange.

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