How To Develop Android Apps: Getting Started

In this article, I will give an advent on how to develop Android apps. I will not get into many technical details but as an alternative provide a top-level view of the tactics you have to don’t forget earlier than you get started out.

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Smartphones are taking the World by typhoon. In may 2012 a news item appeared which stated that in Europe, extra than 50% of all new cellular telephones bought had been smartphones. In 2011 the worldwide income figures of Android telephones handed those of the iPhone, the telephone that began the “cellphone revolution”.

With the developing range of Android telephones, the wide variety of to be had apps (small programs designed to paintings on those devices) has also grown explosively. In addition to mobile telephones, different gadgets consisting of tablet computer systems that run at the Android working machine are also gaining popularity. The outcome of all that is that there’s a growing want for Android apps.

The Google Play Store (previously Android Market) is developing at an substantial price: there are actually over 500,000 apps available. These are very various: software apps which include textual content messengers, venture managers, and email customers however additionally a number of video games. The maximum popular apps are being downloaded hundreds of thousands of instances. Other interesting classes are apps that decorate businesses. Examples of these are apps that allow customers to buy products proper from their cellular phone or apps that provide the vicinity of a enterprise department within the region of the consumer.

The increasing recognition of cell apps gives upward push to many thrilling commercial enterprise possibilities. This fashion is not going to trade any time soon and established business around the arena are acknowledging this truth. Not best have many groups produced cell apps to grow their sales or decorate their picture. The upward push of cell apps seems to be changing the way groups and consumers consider software program. A telling example comes from Microsoft: the new Windows eight working device has a “mobile look and experience” and the software program programs within the device at the moment are called “apps”.

So, if you want to discover ways to expand Android apps where need to you start? It depends in your preceding experience (if any) and the quantity of time and money you are willing to spend.

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The most obvious route is doing all the programming yourself. To do this you want understanding of the Java programming language and the Android Software Development Kit. If you have got by no means programmed before, you’ll need to study lots about topics such as object-oriented programming and operating with the essential developer equipment. This is the lengthy, hard street to becoming an app developer... But, in case you succeed at making your first few apps, it may be extraordinarily pleasing and you will have gained a variety of beneficial knowledge!

If you do now not recognize the way to application and don’t want to learn how to write Android apps then, thankfully, there are other options. Several software program merchandise exist which make the app for you. Most of these are online applications that use “wizards” and templates. A limitation of this method is that you’ll now not have as plenty control over the result as you will when doing all of the programming your self. Some of those app makers are unfastened, others offer a subscription provider or a one time fee.

If app creation software would not suit your wishes, a third manner is to rent a freelancer or a corporation to do the growing. If you’re an man or woman hobbyist or going for walks a small commercial enterprise, this will appear intimidating and costly. However, using a useful resource which includes oDesk we’ve get entry to to many reasonably-priced freelancers living outdoor of North America and Europe. Many are very successful at their task, so growing your app this way should not value a great deal in any respect.

Personally, I started out out trying to do all of the programming myself. I could not discover a web app maker that suited my wishes and I did no longer need to spend a whole lot of cash. However, despite the fact that I had a bit coding enjoy, I am now not a software developer by means of career. So when a exceedingly easy programming trouble reared its head, I were given stuck.

After a few hesitation, I determined to permit a freelancer resolve the hassle and this speeded up the development of my app relatively! It did now not fee me loads of money (around $a hundred) and I became capable of get the app to the market tons faster than if I had done everything myself. This allowed me to start testing the responses of customers quicker to look if it turned into a possible enterprise concept.

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This “hybrid” approach labored for me however you’ll should discover for yourself what works satisfactory for you. Which method you pick out does not matter as long as you attain your goal: making the idea you’ve got proper now in your app a fact. Something that people can use and enjoy, and perhaps will make you some cash or assist your current enterprise!

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