How to Make Your Web Site Press Friendly

Many public members of the family and marcom managers find themselves spending tens of heaps of bucks or more, establishing and maintaining a web page. In addition, they may spend tens of thousands greater every month on public relations. But is the net web page press friendly? Does it make it smooth for editors, analysts, and writers to find the records they need?

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Most brand new reporters use the web for their studies. It’s very effective. Many of them like doing studies at night or for the duration of ordinary hours when they don’t want to be answering phones. However, whilst a journalist or editor visits the internet website to do a little research and write approximately an organization or its merchandise, frequently they can not find what they may be seeking out. When your pr department is home asleep, your internet site is your only consultant to the click.

Is your website online properly organized? Is there an excellent and logical web site map with a Find/search button? Does your internet web page permit newshounds to effortlessly locate precise facts as it’s miles wanted? “Be rapid, clean to navigate, and feature fundamental data on the home page,” counsels Loring Wirbel of EE Times.

Editors are in a hurry. If they cannot locate what they need with a minimum of the problem, they’re off to every other website online. Happy editors write desirable copy. You don’t need to annoy them. Make sure your web page map is whole, updated and accurate.

Press launch sections are very crucial as well. “Your press releases segment must be searchable by using date and by way of subject matter,” stated Richard Adhikari, a freelance journalist with InformationWeek. A top website wishes complete and well-written press releases with precise, up to date contact names and numbers indexed.

Also, requesting that an editor register or fill out a complicated form before allowed to get entry to the documents and documents is very offputting. Even worse, is a site that requires to once more fill out the shape each and each time you visit it to download an image or a file. If you need the world to recognize approximately your information and merchandise, make it smooth to get entry to.


Graphics, snap shots, charts and other illustrated artwork may be very important. I actually have discovered that extraordinary artwork greatly improves your odds of having high-quality press insurance. Include both product pictures and technology illustrations. If possible, encompass pix of human beings the usage of your product. Don’t just submit low decision pictures for your net site – make it clean for writers and manufacturing departments to down load the three hundred dpi print exceptional art as needed. For example, many smart web sites submit thumbnail images and illustrations with hyperlinks to a fixed of without difficulty downloadable excessive-decision pics. The writer can down load and consist of a small JPEG. Later, if wished, the publication’s production team of workers can cross again and download the entire excessive-resolution image suitable for printing on the duvet.

Alternate Non-Graphic Version

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Provide an exchange non-photo model of your web website that provides speedy get admission to. Nice pictures, frames, and Java animations are cool but gradual. “A simple-text, frameless and caffeine unfastened alternate site may be very essential for journalists who don’t have time to study your fridge artwork,” says David Hakala of PC World and SmartPartner. “forty-50 percentage of surfers cruise with pictures turned off, and if I cannot locate things that way you they’re SOL.”And, to sum up: Keep your net website online properly prepared, updated and offer modern contacts. Make certain that each one applicable product, company and generation statistics are without problems handy. Editors and writers have distinctive desires than your clients and informal internet surfers. When you design and set up your corporate internet web page, remember that the press is critical. Don’t ignore their needs or they will forget about your employer.

Readily Available Contact List

Writers frequently want a touch greater that cannot be located on the web website. Maybe they want a quote from the president or a duplicate of your software to check. You need someone that could quick handle and reply to the click’s demands. Because, if the one’s needs aren’t met, the editor will throw her fingers up in disgust, and move onto to an extra press pleasant net web site. David Hakala of PC World and SmartPartner desires a touch list proper on the home web page, so there is no put off getting the statistics he wishes ASAP. “My biggest frustrations issue touch records,” says John San Filippo, editor of ComputorEdge. “On some websites, I can not discover a single iota of touch facts. The next worst component is electronic mail-best touch statistics. When you are in a hurry, the telephone beats email any day of the week.

Every corporate web site ought to consist of smartphone numbers for press human beings.”The element I most customarily discover lacking is whole contact data. For instance, the deal with, and call quantity that readers’ ought to name for greater info in order that I can submit it. And the click contact I can call for extra info,” complained Maury Wright at Commverge. “Many corporations dispose of that touch data from releases before posting them on the internet. Either go away the data in or have a separate press segment with an up to date list of press contacts.”Many agencies are actually the usage of a reply submission box. Make sure a person is certainly tracking those queries on an hourly basis.

I actually have visible too many corporations that funnel ALL the incoming web queries to an unmarried e-mail account monitored by way of a receptionist or salesclerk. PR inquiries can take a seat for days or perhaps weeks without a solution. This is a sure manner to make certain your agency does now not get press coverage. Often writers are running on the closing date and cannot wait a day or two for someone to get around to reading the email inquiries. A cellphone with a live person answering it during working hours is a pleasant answer. By the manner, it would seem obvious, make sure email and snail mail addresses are correct. Also, ensure your public relations and advertising humans test their email in-containers frequently (numerous times an afternoon) and observe upon possibilities.

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