How to Setup and Use Your Globalstar Satellite Phone

There are 2 varieties of satellite phones, base stations for in constructing use and portable phones. Globalstar models are the GSP-2900 base station and a GSP-1600 transportable hand-held satellite phone. During emergency situations, there are viable situations that would render office phones and cell cellphone systems inoperable. In situations while all different cellphone services are down, satellite telephones might be the best voice communique to be had.

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When to use this telephone

The satellite tv for pc cellphone is exact for conditions when all different varieties of voice communique are not running. For example, during typhoon Katrina, the only voice communication into or out of New Orleans changed into by means of a satellite phone.

Where to the region this telephone

The portable satellite telephones are similar to a mobile telephone. They come as a hand-held with a charger or in a yellow Pelican case for protection and need to be saved in a designated cozy location. The base stations are fixed, the antenna is located at the roof and the base is wired to a preferred analog smartphone for in constructing use.


For a satellite telephone to paintings, it needs to be used outdoors. The antenna has to be able to see the unobstructed sky. You can not use the phone in a vehicle due to this problem without the use of a vehicle package or portable alternative. Rotate the antenna absolutely to a 45 degree so that it’s miles pointing straight up towards the sky.

Special Instructions: Due to satellite tv for pc failures, Globalstar is changing its complete constellation of satellites over the subsequent 365 days. In the meantime, there are times whilst you will wait to method a call. Rather than having to keep selecting up the receiver to test for a dial tone, Globalstar has invented a tool referred to as a controller, which reboots the GSP-2900 periodically and lighting up pink or green. Green when you have a voice channel to be had. They have also advanced a device called a dongle which may be set up next to the telephone downstairs to your command center so you will understand when satellite tv for pc service is available. You most effective want a twisted pair to procedure voice calls, however, need 2 more wires to set off the dongle mild. So in case you want to run the voice or statistics lines for installation you ought to run 4 wires or pair. Cat 5 cable would be quality as well.

If we are not doing the installation, here are the guidelines: From the junction field you can run as much as four voice strains and one records line. Voice strains can run up to 1500 feet, if handiest one, or 700 toes if multiples. Most hospitals were strolling 1 or 2 voice traces, but that will be up to you. If you have got data lines they are able to most effectively be run a maximum of three hundred feet. Although you may run up to four voice strains most effective one call may be processed at a time, just like “party strains” back in the 1970s. Many companies have their very own TELCO human beings on the workforce to run the voice lines, but if no longer our personnel can run the TELCO strains as nicely. You can settlement directly with us for this service. When entire run a four cord jumper to the FEMALE receptacle of the dongle after which plug the dongle without delay into the analog handset.

You have to be outside with an unobstructed view of the sky. You may additionally move a distance away from your constructing. Wait until you’re out of doors earlier than you turn on the phone…That is due to the fact the phone will begin looking as soon as became on and if no sign is available will subsequently stop searching to preserve the battery. If you are awaiting a sign for an extended time period turn the phone off and on again.

Rotate and enlarge the antenna. The antenna needs to be pointing immediately as much as preserve the sign whilst you are talking. The telephone display will read looking for the carrier. When satellites are coming into view you will see a sign energy meter on the left facet, but a call can not be placed till an italic I seems on the right aspect of the display.

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If you’ve got a dongle watch for the inexperienced light to appear then raise up the handset and if you have a dial tone really dial 1 plus vicinity code and speak to the number. If you haven’t established the 2 pair cord and dongle you will get both a fast busy or dial tone. If you have a dial tone complete the decision.

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