I Know How to Build a Computer – Umm, What’s CPU?

Have you ever been in a communique that concerned terms like CPU, motherboard, or PC issue? We would really like to danger a wager the conversation becomes, in all likelihood, approximately constructing your very own pc. You may also have felt a chunk beaten with the terminology, especially for those of you who surely want to show the laptop on and have it work- knowing how and why it really works may mean little or no to you. Lack of knowledge in a few regions, especially technical areas, does not mean you need to sense dumb. We have all been there at some unspecified time in the future. Nevertheless, some fundamental expertise is beneficial.


When looking to purchase a pc, you’ll benefit by asking what is it which you want? Are you going to use your pc in particular for picture design? Or the protection of a purchaser database for the small business you’ve got always desired to own? Maybe you are inquisitive about gaming. Most in all likelihood, you’ll be the usage of it for all these things and greater- or perhaps you may no longer be the only user. So, we have created a quick guide (recall Cliff Notes?) for the fundamental pc person or searching for one.

Let us begin with the pc additives, which we are sure you all greater or less recognize the display, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, the pc case, RAM (memory), USB reader, keyboard, and mouse. Some of the components less known are the motherboard, the CPU, and the video card. We will go over some non-compulsory computer additives, along with the sound card, the LAN card, and the CD and DVD creator later.

The reveal might be the most highly-priced component. These days you could get a 17 or 19-inch LCD, although you can nonetheless discover the vintage CRT (the TV display-like) monitors, which might be lots cheaper than the LCDs. However, they can take up plenty more desk space. The hard pressure could be vital, so you might need to buy one of the better-recognized brands along with Western Digital, Seagate, or Maxtor. Based on our experience, the organizations that produce more famous manufacturers sometimes have higher customer service processes in the region, must you discover yourself having troubles with the product. Since software packages commonly come in CD format, it’s miles suited to have a CD reader because floppy disks are long past. Furthermore, your CD power wishes to be at a minimum 24X speed. Otherwise, it’d get prolonged. Anything less is not recommendable, as this will, in all likelihood, result in hitting your computer and honoring it with one-of-a-kind insults at the same time as you wait; that’s what a few Geeks On-Site customers declare to have done. You possibly will want to get a CD or DVD author because it has emerged as practically a should have function these days!

The computer case is, in simple words, your computer’s “bodily cope with”. This hardware is wherein the maximum of the components are. Another vital part of your laptop is the reminiscence, or RAM (Random Access Memory). This part determines the velocity of your pc, and how fast you can run a couple of packages at an identical time. Depending on what you will be using your pc for, Geeks On-Site recommends you have 4GB of reminiscence on your pc. Finally, the maximum, widely recognized components are the keyboard and mouse. You can discover those components in one-of-a-kind variations, wi-fi or conventional, and you may not pay a fortune for it.

Now, let’s go-to components that are not so seen, and consequently, perhaps not as well-known to the beginner pc user. One of the maximum crucial additives is the motherboard, which lives inside the computer case. It is likewise one of the largest additives; and has the feature of tying all the separate components together. We will talk greater approximately the motherboard later, in part of this series. That being said, for now, we can truly mention what you want to search for whilst buying this factor. Since it’s miles an indispensable part of your computer, you need to look at a few factors, including the supported CPU and RAM, bus speed, and built-in sound/video/LAN. We have broken down each object and could explain its miles and how it works.


Sound, video, and LAN cards are commonly covered in your PC’s motherboard. The sound card’s importance depends on whether or no longer you’ll be running multimedia programs. However, if you use your laptop frequently to work, you may now not care as much as, say, a gamer may. The video card IS vital to all of us, so if it isn’t always already inside the motherboard, Geeks On-Site indicates you upload it because the video card displays pix on your monitor, and who knows. You could want to take a bit of ruin from work and add 3-d images to your own family photographs or play a few cool online games.

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