Internet Marketer Or Internet Scammer?

This past week, I have attended several webinars and joined mailing lists as part of the ongoing need to discern what makes the period Internet Marketer call for a lot recognized. I recognize that ninety% of the Internet Marketers may fall under the term Internet Scammer, now not due to the fact they may be horrific human beings but because they’re simply following some else’s way of doing things because it labored for them. I’m a piece antique faculty in that not anything comes without tough paintings and staying power, and that they pontificate the identical element however with a spin.

 Internet Scammer

I wager I’m afflicted with the aid of the reality that nearly every Internet Marketer has narrowed down the shipping to a degree in which I now do not believe it. If I were given a nickel for every landing web page that appears identical, I would not have to work for a living…Grasp on I do not! That’s another tale for yet again, and I am looking. I guess the touchdown web page is equal for over ninety-five % of individuals who name themselves Internet Marketers; why? Because they are saying it works.

To be completely sincere, I’m extra interested in the motives, why are they doing what they’re doing, I realize to make money. But there needs to be a more profound motivator, doesn’t there? What’s the real motive for being an Internet Marketer? What is the WHY I AM I DOING THIS? I need to recognize I can consider you; I need to acknowledge there is a more exact to create the form of money you claim to make.

If you probably searched on Google for Internet Marketing, you would locate the effects of around 89 million associated links on the subject; if you searched for How to Make Money Online, you would discover over 30 Million related hyperlinks. If you modified it to say Make Money Online, the effects soar to over 40 million, then the big one, Get Rich Online, has over 253 Million effects. If you have been to click on every one of those hyperlinks, how many of them might look identical and or claim the same things? That’s numerous opportunities; it truly is quite a few trouble fixing, all of them want your cash, and they all say they have the solution to your problem, but do they?

Why achieve this many follow Internet Marketers? The want is the money of route. The problem I have located is that lots of these Internet Marketers are promoting the smooth road, you don’t need this and that, and you don’t should promote! Prosperity teaching isn’t always an excellent theology to stay with the aid of, as I cited in advance, nothing comes without complex paintings and staying power. Therefore, being bought on how little you need to do needs to be a crimson flag, shouldn’t it? It’s too appropriate to be proper, and so forth.

So what to do, who do you observe, how do you know who to believe without dropping your shirt shopping for the document after document on the way to get wealthy online? I watched a video clip of 3 men sitting down and talking approximately how they made money doing this and that without honestly telling how they did it; of course, they want you to shop for something, that is why. My battle with these fellows wasn’t that they found a way to make cash, but it changed into their mindset; they laughed at how clean it turned to make all this money. It turned out they ultimately ripped off the person; the hassle is that they didn’t. They ripped you and me off. They took our cash for something we believed was precious. Ok, good for you, now what? What are you going to do with all that money? Are you going to make a distinction inside the international, feed the negative, clothe the ones living on the road? The list is infinite. I even have best heard of a couple of gentlemen who use their Internet Marketing business to do missionary paintings, to make a distinction. Now that tells me maybe the reason is proper but is it? How do we find out?

I’m now not a notably suspicious person. However, I do smell crap easily, and I can tell when something is rotten in Denmark. I’m no pupil, and I’m now not an English primary ( you may tell by my writing). If the purpose is to make cash and plenty of it, and you’re not going to use the money to assist those in want, why are you doing it? What’s the factor of all this money-making?

 Internet Scammer

I would advocate for you that understanding the why is in which to begin, check your motives, why do you feel the way you experience approximately what you’ll do. It’s taken me a lifetime to determine what I’m undoubtedly obsessed with, why I write, why I share, and why I care about those around me a lot, including you. I’m not crying bitter grapes because I spent a lot of time and money looking to duplicate someone’s Internet Marketing commercial enterprise model and failed. No, I have two passions that force me; one is sending a message approximately the improvements of generation and how you will be impacted via it and to help you comprehend that you may make a difference, you are unique, you may be and do better than you are. And that means asking the thorny question of why, why to turn out to be an Internet Marketer, why do you do what you do, what’s the motive you spend some time and your cash the way you do.

I recognize that a few Internet Marketers will take offense to this publish, and you can consider your reasons are proper and genuine. I would love to hear about the great stuff you’re doing in your community with the money you’re making from your commercial enterprise. I want to listen to what makes you unique, what makes you distinctive, and what you’re obsessed with. I am merely suggesting that most people Internet Marketers do not deliver a minute concept of how they could make a distinction in a world that this is struggling with. They trust that making a living from you to do the same thing is a noble factor to do even if it does not help you. I can understand the handiest desire you’ll be extraordinary. I can appreciate your most convenient desire. Your motives are correct, and also you certainly want to assist the ones around you.

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