IPod Nano Reviewed

The curved design, for example, calls to thoughts the MacBook Air and offers the impact that the iPod nano is even thinner than its modest 6.2 mm (zero.24 inch). The aluminum and glass frame, blended with the brand new shape and weight of simply 36. Eight grams (1. Three ounces) also make the iPod nano comfortable to use. The one possible disadvantage to the consolation element, even though, is the sharpness of the corners. This shouldn’t be trouble unless you’ve got the iPod nano in a pocket, and it jabs you as you sit down.


However, the corners are a minor niggle and possibly an inevitable element of a design that places the iPod nano display in an “upright” function. The show, in reality, is similar to the 0.33 era iPod nano horizontal widescreen – but spherical in an alternative manner.

When you turn on the iPod nano and paintings through the menu, it’s clear that this change to the screen’s orientation has caused enhancements. The Preview Panel, as an example, is smaller and lets in the substantially extra area for menu titles and object names. You can even deactivate the Preview Panel for a yet greater show area.

Genius is a piece of software with iTunes eight that now runs on fourth-era iPod Nanos. A nice way of summarising Genius is to say that you could select music and permit Genius to endorse music going well with it. Genius additionally creates 25, 50, or one hundred song playlists primarily based on these pointers.

Another key greater relates now not to music but video. You may also already be wondering approximately the advisability of playing movies at the iPod nano’s vertical display. Apple’s solution is easy: you put the iPod nano on its side, to either the left or right. A built-in accelerometer takes you to observe and declares your video in normal widescreen format.

If you are looking inside the most important music menus, the accelerometer also brings Cover Flow onto your screen whilst you tilt the iPod nano via 90 ranges. You can then look for an album by browsing the covers (which appear in alphabetical order).

The video games gamers amongst you may straight away recognize the ability of the accelerometer. Sure enough, you may now flow the iPod nano, to and fro, for instance, to help you negotiate the challenges of video games, including Klondike, Maze, and Vortex.

A similar method now available thanks to the accelerometer is “shake to shuffle”. Give the iPod nano an energetic shake when you’re listening to a song, and you will listen to your songs in random order.

This does raise the problem of whether or not your iPod nano will transfer to Shuffle mode when you’re strolling or on the fitness center. Tests show this doesn’t manifest: you want to wave your iPod nano pretty enthusiastically to prompt “shake to shuffle”. On any occasion, if you’re concerned approximately this, you may virtually press the nano’s Hold transfer to show “shake to shuffle” off.

The very last new feature of the iPod nano is Spoken Menus. This improves the nano’s usability for humans with visible impairments (as do different accessibility capabilities along with the white-on-black video captions and the availability of a larger font).

Spoken Menus tells you what you’re surfing. It gives you the titles of menus, songs, albums, and artists and lets you know whilst the battery is walking low. All in all, it is an excellent addition.

The fourth-era iPod nano’s display is similar to the preceding version: an inch LCD with LED backlight and 320 x 240-pixel decision at 204 pixels in step with an inch. This nonetheless continues the screen at the forefront of available generation.

With storage, Apple has progressed capacity to double it for the 2 new iPod nano models to 8GB and 16GB. In this manner, you could region up to two,000 or four,000 songs in 128Kbps AAC format in your nano; 7,000 or 14,000 iPod appropriate photographs; or 8 or sixteen hours of video. When you think that you could also shop items on your iTunes library, you have got extra than enough room for day-by-day use.



The display screen can also have an equal era as the 0.33 era, but there may not be anything wrong. Picture outlines are sharp, and the colors shiny. The edges curve slightly too healthy the styling of the nano’s aluminum body, but there’s no glaring photo distortion. And although the screens overlaying is now glass, it resists glare and offers clean photos.

Audio nice with the iPod nano’s standard earphones is without problems as precise because the awesome sound reproduced by way of the 1/3 generation models. If you have the best fortune to the personal pinnacle of the variety headphones, however, you may word that the fourth era nano is higher as it eliminates historical past hiss almost completely.

As for power, assessments show you could squeeze about 25% – 30% extra existence from the brand new iPod nano battery than Apple’s professional figures of 24 hours for audio and 4 hours for video. Add this to a price time of just one and half hours to 80% ability and three hours to full fee, and you’ve got a long-lasting and easily revived digital media participant.

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