Is Social Media Only For The Young?

Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Blog? Webinar? Years ago when I started hearing those phrases and clearly ringing to and fro like church bells in Manila Cathedral; my curiosity led me to “check out” what they were? In reality, keeping up with the times is like being a jogger in Greenhills who can’t preserve up anymore with the young crowd. Nevertheless as what my late grandpa Luis Olivares Sr. Could say “It is handiest the Carabao which a while”. Determination and Positive Thinking are elements, which have to prevail. Like Clark Kent, I ventured and continually ensure to catch up with whoever is in the game. Of path, I make sure my body is tuned up and authorized with the aid of my docs.

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Thus I signed up for a Twitter account a few months ago and I were entertained through information, climate, and even perspectives of the humans I comply with. I also use Facebook to maintain in contact with my clients in particular folks who do no longer open their emails but regularly put up photos on Facebook. Even in global activities, Twitter and Facebook bills are de rigeur in case you want to touch as many human beings locally and the world over. To keep up with the section, I partnered with a young and dynamic individual who is domestic-based totally but does dynamic remodeling of websites of international groups from Australia and the United States. Aside from Twitter, I signed up in Linked In and created a fan web page on Facebook. Alas! These serve as my depository for all my articles to share with every body.

Talking about international occasions, we’re proud to announce that Chit Juan became invited by no much less than Harvard Business School- Social Enterprise Conference 2012 to present ECHOstore sustainable lifestyle, her social agency it’s a little over 3 years vintage already. ECHOstore is a social company that offers Market Access to many marginalized corporations and communities who used to sell their products just in alternate festivals and fiestas. With ECHOstore sourcing from these companies, they’re provided with loose design critique sessions, and mentoring in entrepreneurship, especially in advertising and marketing that is Chit Juan’s favorite problem.

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We also discovered that Chit has spoken meat yet every other convention, this time in Bangalore, India on the subject “Women and Technology”. As we recognize Chit has been energetic within the social media circuit, having a Twitter and Facebook account or even Linked In, which puts her in touch with her companions, patrons and now International groups who want to learn about her commercial enterprise revel in. We assume CEOs must take time to study Twitter and other social media if their organization need to be in step with the instances. It is by no means too past due to participate in Twitter and Facebook, if you really want to feel the heartbeat of your market. Pities are those individuals who always say, “They are too vintage for that”!

I have constantly been an early adopter in the generation. Telecom corporations were drawing near me to check their upcoming gadgets to offer my sincere opinion from the point of view of an entrepreneur. Learning the technology is retaining up with new advertising techniques. In the early times to have a CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) turned into something rare and may be for banks or locations, which might be sensitive in nature. Today with such advancement and affordability even kiosks like Baliwag Lechon Manok and Liempo have cameras with sounds! With an energetic Facebook Page, management can without difficulty reveal the go with the flow of enterprise and check on customer service. If people used to best write about “word of mouth” advertising, nowadays it’s far more than “word of mouth”. It is faster and greater viral than WOM. Today, you could even follow DOST Pagasa on Twitter. MMDA even has launched visitors reviews and nevertheless preserve on quality-tuning it. There are now Apps (brief for packages) for all types of OS (working systems).

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I preserve Blackberry because of the BBM feature and the accessibility to social media inside the palm of my hand. I can tweet and update my Facebook whilst on the street. I can ship and reply emails at the flick of the finger even without Wi-Fi signals. A couple of months in the past I ventured in having webinar (seminar thru internet). I couldn’t believe the gain as I had approximately 2 hundred people who got here from all locations within the global taking note of my 45-minute stay communicate. Come to think of it, I became mobile journeying to every other province. Signal was regular and audio was loud and clear. Ah, era. And we thought it is handiest for the young! It is the humans of my age who have to learn social media. We have to be grateful to those folks that created social media like Facebook and Google are young and terrific minds. Like Bill Gates, they’re regularly flawed by using society as weird. But who is now giggling their way to the banks accumulating tens of millions of big dollars? Recently we’ve digital assistants like Siri and Vlingo. Oh, I am starting to admire their presence for both Android and iPhone OS gadgets available 24/7 and no request for income growth!

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