Leveraging Social Media in HR

It goes without announcing which you’ve heard the word “Twitter” with increasing frequency, at the side of social media and Web 2. Zero. Like most people, you could have tried to withstand these new platforms, writing them off as pointless (Why do I care what you ate for breakfast?), but at the moment are beginning to succumb. You’re sooner or later giving in and want to learn how you could virtually leverage social media to see tangible results in your HR position.

Social Media

Let’s start with the basics. Social media is a vast term that contains many sites, online groups, and some lesser recognized retailers, like Ning, Xing, and Ryze. To hold it quick, though, we’ll stick to the Big three: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Used as a commercial enterprise device, these three may be leveraged in a large number of ways. From an advertising perspective, social media may be used to help construct an emblem, enhance popularity, and (from time to time) talk vital company news. It also can be used as a networking tool, and from a sales perspective, can be used to find and reach out to prospective clients.

The latest article located that an activity applicant’s LinkedIn profile is extra precious than the resume they send to you in many ways. Why? Because their LinkedIn profile is public, and no person is willing to be caught in a lie through their many expert connections.

Not most effective does this make LinkedIn an incredibly precious device to verify the authenticity of applicants’ resumes; however, it’s a perfect way to discover and engage passive candidates. By quickly seeking critical vital phrases, along with competencies, experiences, or maybe location, you have got a wealth of certified at your fingertips.

Lastly, posting open jobs in your LinkedIn status is a first-rate way to get the phrase out that you seek to fill a function. Not best is that this green because it’s all free of rate. Still, it is also more likely that your professional connections will discuss with you a excessive-quality candidate that could, in any other case, be difficult to connect with.


A few quick years ago, no one could have guessed how effective a recruiting tool LinkedIn would become. Many HR specialists predict the equality will occur with Facebook. With greater than two hundred million energetic customers and the 35-54 12 months antique demographic developing at a fantastic charge of 276 percent, that is not only a toy for university kids. Any bright enterprise individual is aware that you have to cross your target market, and an increasing number of, no matter demographic, that location can be Facebook.

A correct company Facebook web page will supply the capability applicants perception into what it would be like to paintings in your agency, and optimistically promote them on that concept. In addition to updating the web page often to include task openings, Facebook pages can also include worker testimonials, awards received, and current press releases.

Someone recently requested approximately encountering legal issues using social media stores, specifically Facebook, to recruit. The difficulty turned into that having access to intimate details about a candidate (gender, age, race) may want to cause a discrimination lawsuit effortlessly. However, if your employer has a Facebook web page on that you publish links directing the applicant back on your agency professional site, that hassle will become null and void. Crisis prevented.


Twitter is the most modern and most mentioned of the Big 3 used for recruiting in recent times, and it is being used in a spread of methods. The obvious and perhaps most straightforward use of Twitter recruiters and HR experts is to discover and supply candidates. Tweeting your agency’s open jobs is speedy and straightforward, and inside hours the available role may be viewed via masses of people. As your following grows, you will be attaining more and more passive and energetic candidates. Furthermore, it’s unfastened! What may be any better than that?

Another, perhaps more excellent superior, approaches to leverage Twitter is to promote your organization’s brand. Like the Facebook page that illuminates how first-rate its miles to work to your business enterprise, your tweets can do the identical. It can also be used to engage candidates and construct relationships with them. If a candidate often follows your tweets, it can be assumed that they are a great deal better knowledgeable approximately your company and its subculture earlier than the beginning. Once the offer has been extended, having a virtual dating with an HR crew member at an enterprise goes a long way in supporting a new lease sense welcome in their unique function.

Talent Management

Social Media
As we’ve got visible, the Big 3 in social media are speedy, reasonably-priced, and clean approaches to efficiently source, find and engage each passive and lively applicant, maintain your corporation logo, and construct relationships… And the listing goes on! Point made on the expertise acquisition side. But how can you use social media for skills control?

While it can now not be as overwhelmingly famous, increasingly, groups are the use of social media as a manner to foster worker engagement and productiveness. Internal corporation blogs and dialogue forums are pinnacle methods to communicate important messages with your body of workers correctly. Instead of the traditional one-way conversation- sending out mass internal communique and hoping it will be read, HR can now engage their employees in the communique and foster discussion, even across geographic traces. Again, with tightened budgets all around and less cash to spend on communications, this could be a less expensive, yet nonetheless efficient, manner to communicate with employees.

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