Leveraging Your Smartphone to Maximize Efficiency

Smartphones have grown to be ingrained in our everyday lives. A tool that we use nearly every waking hour is something that has a chief effect on our lives and can also impact productiveness substantially. Some may say that smartphones are just a distraction, however, I am here to argue that the phone is one of the most crucial things to come back about within the non-public era place. The smartphone lets in you to live connected regardless of in which you are, in order to make a name or textual content message to everywhere in the international in just mere seconds. This capability tied to an effective productiveness tool can leverage any single person to have the ability to finish a substantially more amount of labor. The manager can test in on his personnel even at the same time as he’s away, the IT branch can examine the fame of their networks while at lunch, and the purchaser can stay connected with the circle of relatives and pals through surfing social media.

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You might also have seen certainly one of my preceding posts approximately the HTC One M8, my favorite smartphone. This is an Android telephone and so I can be discussing productiveness enhancements based on the Android operating system and my point of view. Keep in thoughts that some of the packages provided on Android also are available on iOS for our iPhone users.

There are so many special applications to be had for a cell device occasionally it is difficult to choose which to apply. Which one will improve your life for the better? That is what I am right here to answer. Many of these examples include programs that I use on each day basis and that I actually have seen time and time again enhance my consumer enjoy. Staying applicable inside the era international is tough and so some of these hints won’t be for you, but you may as a minimum be made aware about what era is to be had to you. Especially something so small it is able to match for your pocket.

Sleep As Android

One of my favorite apps comes into play when I am waking up in the morning. Now I even have by no means been a morning individual, but leveraging many exclusive sleep applications for android I had been in a position to research my sleep and determine steps that may be taken to improve my sleep length and fine. Sleep as Android turned into the first app I used for sleep tracking and it’s far nevertheless the identical software that I use nowadays to awaken to. The way a lot of these programs paintings is the usage of the construct in accelerometer within the smartphone they music your movement in the course of the night time and decide your sleep first-rate and the contemporary degree of sleep you are in. When you’re in the lighter stages of sleep close to the time you’ve got your alarm set Sleep As Android will automatically begin to softly play your alarm to softly wake you up. Instead of being jarred wide awake by using a loud alarm the process that Sleeps As Android is an awful lot better and extra green. Do your sleep cycle a desire and download Sleep As Android these days it’s going to trade your sleep for all time.

Google Maps

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Commuting to paintings has grown to be more normal as of latest years with the fuel fees soaring many normal drivers have switched to the use of public transit or other varieties of transportation like Uber. Using your cities public transit machine may not be as easy as a number of the locals make it appear. When you input your destination into Google Maps the smartphone retrieves your modern place when you have GPS enabled. Once it has your vicinity Google Maps is incorporated with many public transit systems and could have all the route records that you could ever possibly need. With Google Maps you can scroll via many exclusive time slots and alternatives for getting for your destination, however at the top can be the maximum efficiency and value effective way in keeping with Google. I have determined from revel in that Google nearly absolutely always is aware of what’s great for you in terms of navigation. Google Maps uses dynamic routing to transport different Maps users along different routes when one becomes congested. This allows you to alternate your path at the fly and now not be concerned approximately getting for your vacation spot. Google Maps will usually alternate your course within the case of postponing or coincidence it’s going to alert you and provide to alternate the course round


When you’re seeking out a chew to eat whether it is on your fatherland or another city or maybe across the world. Urbanspoon is the app for you. Urbanspoon is an aggregator of eating places which can be without problems searchable through style, price, location, and others. The specific a part of Urbanspoon is spinning it to obtain random consequences. You can select unique criteria just like the kind of food served or a price limit and Urbanspoon will generate a list in an effort to choose from. While on Urbanspoon you can also evaluate and write opinions about the eating place you manifest to be visiting.


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Something that all of us are probably responsible for at someday or any other isn’t always taking the right care of our vehicles. Acar is there to make sure this doesn’t show up once more they offer carrier reminders with the aid of mileage or by using period whether or not it’s 2 months or 2 years Acar will remind you. Within the app, you can maintain track of all car associated prices like fuel, maintenance, components, and protection. With this kind of monitoring, you may honestly preserve a terrific eye in your car and ensure it stays dependable during the 12 months. I additionally use Acar to tune gasoline mileage to see how I am acting and what sort of cash it charges to drive. These lists are all compiled into one without problems readable log that is ready to be imported into an Excel file and regarded through. This sort of wealthy statistics is something that a capacity purchaser of your vehicle could be very appreciative of as properly.

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