Macro Photography – Top Tips and Techniques

Apart from panorama images, I have an ardor for macro photos too. It is the sort of numerous subject and covers this type of extensive kind of topics that there can be something to enchantment to every photographer obtainable.


I want to proportion with you some of the tips I have learned thru exercise and trial and error so you can avoid some frustration and making the same errors I did. I will first, in short, cover equipment after which recognition (excuse the pun!) on the numerous strategies I use.

Remote launch – For all the above techniques, I might extraordinarily propose which you put money into some far-flung release, both cable or wi-fi. With the high magnifications, you are taking pictures at urgent the shutter release button can be enough to introduce digicam shake and break the shot. A cable release can be bought for just a few pounds or dollars, so there’s simply no excuse for no longer having one!

Due to the small distances involved and slender intensity of area, I would like the most effective advocate that you only ever use manual focusing. Autofocus can make paintings to a degree; however you may only get pissed off because the autofocus locks, unlocks, hunts, locks, opens, hunts…… You get the idea! Also, due to the extraordinarily narrow intensity of discipline at short distances, the autofocus may additionally seem like it has locked where you want it. It isn’t till you look at the photo on your computer that you see that it genuinely closed slightly in front or behind wherein you desired it!

If you’re shooting outside and it is not too windy, I might endorse using a tripod and enabling a stay view in your camera. Live view is an absolute godsend for macro. It can be hard to tell thru the viewfinder by myself if you are successfully targeted, so I usually enable live view, then zoom in, then readjust the focus. It is notable how frequently you believe you studied. You’ve got the point of interest spot-on until you allow stay view and zoom in simplest to see it is off slightly! I might also advise which you use reflect lockup to minimize any vibrations from the mirror swinging up the manner while you are sincerely taking the shot.

If you’re shooting interior and using a Canon camera, I highly propose you employ the utility far off control software program that includes it. This allows you to apply the PC or Mac screen as a live view with real-time aperture preview, zoom, and taking pictures! A unique tool for the macro or nonetheless life photographer! Other digital camera producers also provide this selection, so test yours for details.


In situations wherein a tripod and stay view isn’t always appropriate, consisting of outdoors in much less than calm situations and in which you want to use higher shutter speeds, you can use the rocking method for focusing. This is carried out by way of more or less setting the point of interest manually; then, you rock back and forth lightly while looking through the viewfinder until you observe you have got short recognition. A precise tip right here is to put your camera into excessive pace capturing mode, then fire off some frames as you flow forwards and backward. A sort of complex a ready recognition bracketing! I use this approach often, and it guarantees you get a minimum of one sharp image from every burst of pictures.

The intensity of discipline available to you at close focusing distances is highly constrained compared to what you have got with different varieties of photography, at fast apertures of f2. Eight you may handiest have more than one millimeters or even at f16, this can only make more significant to a centimeter or two relying on how close you are and the extent of magnification used. A word of warning right here, do no longer be tempted to use apertures over f16 to extend the depth of field. Diffraction of light at small cracks nevertheless applies to macro pictures as it does to landscape images. Image sharpness in macro snapshots is of utmost importance; some say even extra so that in panorama pix, it is not worth compromising your pics in this manner.


Those will deepen and saturate colors in landscape images, mainly if you shoot outside on sunny days. They will even get rid of reflections from non-metal surfaces, so in case you are capturing moist, or dew included objects or water droplets, and you need to maintain the thoughts in those, then do now not use the polariser! It would be best to keep in mind that the usage of the polarizer may also reduce your shutter speed via one or stops, so make sure its use isn’t always making your shutter pace too low in case you are taking pictures handheld. One final factor – a polarizing filter is the only clear out that can’t be simulated in Photoshop!

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