Outdated SEO Strategies You Should Never Apply

You have your website designed, and you have the perfect company to host it for you. You got your computer with an HP Ink coupon code at a discount. Now, you start to prepare content for your website. You are getting into the world of SEOs.

SEO is a term that you will encounter very often if you want to prepare content for your website. Articles and content with SEO tend to rank higher on the Google search page. But did you know that some outdated SEO strategies can cause your website to rank lower?

SEO Strategies

Misuse of Keywords

There is a slight difference between over-optimization and correct optimization. Failing to get it right can misuse the keywords you want to position. Misusing keywords can get your article or whole page banned from the front line of search engines.

Google and other search engines are on the lookout for the misuse of keywords. If you overuse the keyword in your article, it makes reading the article difficult and tiring. Search engines are aware of this, and your article could get a lower ranking or worse.

Writing Bots

A few years ago, having a lot of content online would have garnered you a high ranking on search engines. Today, the algorithm has changed. So, many people and companies use writing bots to produce content.

Your content needs to be more targeted to achieve the effect you want. Your content must prove to be helpful to the audience. Your articles need to be reader-friendly and answer the topics being discussed.

Spinning Content

This was a famous black hat SEO technique. People used to spin original content into new content. While it was effective back in the day, it has become outdated and ineffective. Rephrasing and rewording original content in the hopes that it will get you high rankings is a failing method.

Most people are looking for new perspectives on issues. Therefore, it is paramount that you find new ways to get your audience’s attention. They will use different sources of information to develop an opinion on the issues.

Buying Links

A few years ago, this was a go-to tactic for web owners. You would pay someone to get many links pointing to your website. Nowadays, backlink profiles need optimization and maintenance. This also goes for the websites.

It might not suit your website if many backlinks point to it from low-quality domains. Low-quality websites are easily recognizable by search engines like Google. Google will also be aware of any links coming from low-quality sites.

Overusing Anchor Text

Good user experience and site structure is characterized by internal linking. You can do this using anchor text. Anchor text is an HTML element that gives information on the type of content to expect from a link.

There are various types of anchor texts, and some have grown in popularity. Google has become very good at identifying over-optimized content. So overusing anchor text can get your website in trouble.


There are many ways to use SEO strategies to optimize your content. Having the right mix can get your content ranked high in search engines. However, having the wrong one can have your page banned from search engines.




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