Patent Technology Indicators

The patent is the maximum treasured form of records available for competitive analysis. The different indicator is getting used to predict the fee of a patent or any corporation’s energy. Tech-Line® uses three general patent indicators and six advanced quotation signs invented by way of CHI to research company technological electricity.

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All indicators are calculated for unique corporations, in specific technologies over a term. Because patent citation quotes vary via generation, comparisons need to be made most effective inside comparable generation corporations.

Number of Patents – A rely upon an employer’s patents issued in the U.S. Patent gadget. Because the U.S. Is this sort of large market, even non-US corporations seek the safety of a U.S. Patent for their most crucial innovations. By tracking a range of patents, an increase in patenting and distribution across era regions, you could monitor and evaluate the evolution of companies’ R&D hobby by way of generation location. The number of patents tracks R&D spending however may be disaggregated across technologies while R&D spending generally cannot.

Patent Growth Percent in Area – The change inside the variety of patients from one time period to some other, expressed as a percent. This identifies technology receiving growing emphasis and people in which innovation is slackening off. It additionally identifies companies growing their technological improvement and those whose R&D is performed out.

Percent of Company Patents in Area – The number of patents in a technology vicinity divided by the overall variety of patents for that business enterprise, expressed as a percent. This tells you which of them technology shape the core of a company’s highbrow belongings portfolio.

Patent Citation Indicators

Four Tech-Line indicators are derived by using reading the references at the front pages of patents, or “patent citations.” References are located on patents to help set up the novelty of the invention. Inventions need to be novel to be offered a patent. To allow the patent office examiner to assess the novelty of the discovery, a patent report lists “prior art” within the shape of references to previous patents within the equal vicinity. Patent citations additionally play a crucial role in patent infringement litigation via delineating the domain of the patent.

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In counting citations, we opposite the perspective and count number how many citations a patent gets from subsequent patents. This is a manner of counting how oftentimes a patent becomes previous art in destiny technological advances. Research has mounted that fairly noted patents represent economically and technically critical inventions. Details on the history and validity of patent citation evaluation are inside the Tech-Line historical past paper.

Cites Per Patent- A be counted of the citations received through an agency’s patents from subsequent patents. This permits you to assess the technological impact of patents. High citation counts are frequently associated with important inventions, ones which are fundamental to destiny innovations. Companies with distinctly stated patents can be greater advanced than their competitors and feature greater valuable patent portfolios.

Current Impact Index (CII) – The variety of instances an enterprise’s previous five years of patents are cited in the modern-day year, relative to all patents inside the U.S. Patent machine. Indicates patent portfolio best. A fee of 1.Zero represents common citation frequency; a fee of 2.Zero represents two times common quotation frequency, and zero.25 represents 25% of average citation frequency. In a Tech-Line organization record, you can pick out the technologies wherein agencies produce their quality work. In a Tech-Line generation document, you can benchmark a corporation’s technological satisfactory towards different businesses and against the average for the era. (CII’s vary by generation. For instance, they’re high in semiconductors, biotechnology, and prescribed drugs, and coffee in glass, clay & cement, and textiles.) CII has been observed to be predictive of a business enterprise’s stock marketplace performance.

Technology Strength (TS) – Quality-weighted portfolio length, described as the wide variety of patents accelerated by modern impact index. Using Technology Strength you can discover that although one organization has extra patents, a 2d can be technologically extra effective due to the fact its patents are of better exceptional.

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Technology Cycle Time (TCT) – Indicates velocity of innovation or how speedy the era is popping over, described because the median age in years of the U.S. Patent references cited at the front web page of the employer’s patents. Companies with shorter cycle times than their competitors are advancing quicker from the earlier era to present day technology. In semiconductors, cycle instances are quick (3-four years); in shipbuilding, they’re long (greater than 10 years). The common is eight years. In fast transferring technology, TCT permits you to discover agencies that may gain the gain by innovating quicker.

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