Pre-Christian American Technology

The Caral pyramids are older than those on Giza’s Plateau in keeping with some teachers. The mummies determined in the Hebrides and Canary Islands have similar interment processes to the ones in Peru. There are many stuff that display advanced technology began in Peru and it’s far hard to know while it all commenced or what sort of lifestyle can also have taught the white people known as the Chachapoyas who have been still the leaders of the Incas despite the fact that records tell us they were defeated a brief time before Pizarro arrived.

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“A crew of archaeologists, led with the aid of Dr. Mike Parker Pearson of Sheffield University, has recently determined the remains of what are believed to be two mummified Bronze Age our bodies, buried underneath the floor of a prehistoric house at Cladh Hallan on the Hebridean Island of South Uist. The house in which the mummy skeletons have been buried turned into a part of a completely unique Bronze Age complex, which is as mysterious because the preserved corpses that were buried there.

This e book will explore two separate factors or eras of the improvement of what Europeans think turned into all carried out inside the Old World. Those eras could be post-Christianity and pre-Christianity. In both instances, there will be elite white human beings with superior technology and in a few cases, this era appears to have originated in Peru. When we cross even in addition lower back we are able to no longer be talking approximately white human beings. There are a few Polynesian roots to this real history in an effort to appear even more splendid than the plain outlandish claim that Peru (Puma Puncu, Tiahuanaco and the even extra interesting Pyramid complex inside the Madre de Dios region that shape a battery) is at the least the identity of Egypt and Sumer in phrases of contributing actual unique technology and lifestyle. In truth, the Brotherhood that colonized Sumer and Egypt is probably these very people. We will attempt to pierce the veils of antiquity and conquer the destruction of information and evidence practiced upon South America by Empire Builders.

Our temerity and gall will fly inside the face of ‘specialists’ who decry postmodernized supposedly unsubstantiated assertions that are seeking for to integrate the records. These ‘specialists’ continue their discovery by proclamation tactics to technology and deny all information in cases just like the Kensington Rune Stone. You can and must determine for yourself, in preference to receive the often disproven ‘specialists’ whose conceitedness is aware of few bounds. Consider the Scale of Nature that justified prejudice by putting the Hottentot and North American Indian just above the gorilla and ways beneath many other supposedly civilized people. This technological know-how was part of the premise for ‘Manifest Destiny’ and the genocidal remedy of Indians at the same time as dispossessing them with a view to civilize them. The disgust I feel knows no bounds!

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Pottery and sweat homes from NW Europe, cranium shaping and trepanning a number of the elite, Parcheesi, rubber, the wheel, gold laminating, stone masonry this is earthquake resistant, and the royal purple dye of the Phoenicians can also have originated in Aztlan and its colonies at some point of America. The mathematical and astronomical information enhanced through telescopes seems critical while one is aware of La Venta, Mexico has brought lenses to archaeologists’ palms. The Mayans discovered the mathematical idea of 0 and a decimal system that although relegated them to a low function at the Scale of Nature, even after the Pope declared the North American was human a few 3 decades after Columbus. Long earlier than that and back to the time of Goliath the American people have been journeying to the Middle East.

The listing of innovations and cultural effects at the entire global that originates in America are reputedly by no means-finishing yet the Canadian Museum of Civilization and all conservative emissaries of oppression preserve there has been no cultural impact! Recently it changed into observed that the Mayan language turned into each phonetic and pictographic however Bishop Landa had clearly said this became the case at the same time as he burned their libraries and librarians. What do you consider a map traced 5 hundred years in the past that identifies the Bering Strait as it turned into 12,500 years ago? We simplest finished this degree of the element in 1958.

Rituals and authorities like Pelota as an international court of justice and image of the movement of the planets across the solar originated in pre-Columbian America. Columbus’s interpreters did now not talk Chinese or any Asiatic tongue and we understand he became an agent of a Templar group like his brethren consisting of Vasco da Gama who flew their red go at the sails above their heads. We are nearly positive he had maps showing the manner to North America and even the Britannica ridicules the Queen Isabella tale approximately the investment of his day trip. I am sorry for the perpetual run-on sentences when I list the various achievements of these courageous people we’ve got relegated to the dung heap of history and heresy.

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It is easy to be satisfied with out all of the things we obsess over. The balance of our constituent selves and the possibility of participation in growing a whole or along side that WHOLE goes to be hard to overcome for enlightenment. But most people during the last little blip of human existence have bought into structures that deny the whole or any sense of ONENESS. We have seen a 5000-year’ nightmare’ as James Joyce accurately said. The thoroughly excellent element about this – it’s miles those elites who have informed us they communicate for God or are Divine Kings who in truth have used or led us into this soulful desert. We find a comparable paradigm exists in scientism which denies the observable effects or consequences of the soul and ESP.

Barthold Niebuhr stated that bringing something returned from the beyond or coming across something, is excessive that is comparable to the best creativity. It is so incredible to learn and see the manner of these we’ve denigrated as barbarian or primitive as they frolic in the pleasure of journey and oneness with Nature as they nurtured each differently.

The Heliopolitan faith or ‘solar-worship’ that is all over the complete international is revisited via the humans like Gene Savoy who observed it changed into properly advanced in Peru. He also constructed craft within the design of the Phoenicians from statistics discovered there. Here is a little approximately the character of ‘solar-worship’ to think upon.

“Long before the appearance of Jesus, Mithra become stated to had been born of a virgin mom, in a cave, at the time of Christmas, and died on a cross at Easter. Baptism became practiced, and the sign of the pass was made at the foreheads of all newly-baptized converts. Mithra was considered to be the savior of the arena, conferring on his followers an everlasting life in Heaven, and, much like the tale of Jesus, he died to save all others, furnished that they have been his fans.” (2)

Genetics will be a tough issue for various historians who ardently assist their tenured ‘me-too assume’ to triumph over. I get aid almost every week for my records from simply this one area of science. The declare that Australia or S. E. Asia is the origin of the primary Americans has simply hit the airwaves in September 2004 after I had finished scripting this ebook. This is in which I posit that pygmy people like Mungo Man who had to chant harmonic technology came from and Churchward would love to see what is being proven from all such a lot of disciplines nowadays. Reuters carried this data – “We want to make headlines from heads,” said Professor Clive Gamble of Southampton University. “DNA will give us a completely new map of the sector and the way we peopled it.”

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