Reasons to Not Have a Cellphone

I am hoping this could be a thought-frightening treatise on why I stay in a cellular phone-free household. Interestingly, once I did a Google search for “stats on mobile phone loose households Canada”, all that came up have been articles on how most Canadian families have mobile phones and not landlines… Not precisely what I became after. If I become to throw out a rough guesstimate of how many Canadian households are cellular telephone-unfastened, I might say 10-15%, and that would probably be better than the real number.


To come up with a feel of bizarre ways, it appears to the majority. At the same time, my husband and I tell them neither folk owns a cellphone, the general public is left speechless and cannot even start to comprehend how on earth, in this cellphone-based totally culture, we can live on without as a minimum ONE between the two of us. After 3 humans, sooner or later, incredulously requested me how on the planet I get through without a cellphone, I became inspired to write a piece on the topic. I figured that many of you, my committed pricey readers, may also find my reasoning incredibly interesting and worth pondering.

I want to start announcing that even though I select to no longer have a cellular phone, I don’t go around preaching to others piously approximately being cellular phone lose. Most of the time (to be absolutely honest, I do my best to be as much of the time as I can), I am now not judging human beings on cellphones. In my own case, just because I do not have a cellular phone, that does not preclude me from being hooked on the era, constantly scouring components of the metropolis I live in without spending a dime on Wi-Fi so that I can check my electronic mail… I admit to doing this continuously- besides on Saturday once I force myself to take one time off from checking email, and I even have to say, those days are tough to get thru because I am so addicted to email!

Women throughout the centuries by some means controlled to provide start whether or not they might get a maintain in their midwife in time… And now not to insult midwives, but if we are sincere, many girls did not/don’t have the choice of interesting a midwife inside the first location.

For the serious task searcher- we used to have those clunky unusual machines with matters referred to as cassette tapes in them referred to as ‘answering machines’- yes younger ones, listen up- we used to have a machine at domestic which might document the voices of folks that were seeking to reach us when we weren’t domestic, and it kindly shared the ones messages with us upon our return while we drove a button that stated “calls” on it- prehistoric and weird I recognize!

And lastly, for the addict who had the sturdy impulse to “use” something substance of preference they felt they wanted, they usually had the choice of going to a loose 12-step meeting to get the help they wished or should borrow a telephone or use a payphone in an emergency. I recollect a time after I became a younger gal within the large town- we had these mini glass-encased rooms all over the area with massive telephones in them! They had been without problems handy, kept you out of the freezing bloodless, and with a coin or, you may phone everyone you wanted inside seconds. Does anyone visible a great old-fashioned cellphone booth currently in your neighborhood? I bet the stock in phone sales space manufacturing is at rock bottom these days.

Digitally-Savvy and Cellphone Free

Before I list off what I believe are very sound reasons to remain cellphone lose, I feel the need to confess yet again that simply due to the fact I don’t have a cellular telephone, that doesn’t mean I’m not obsessed with technology and being wirelessly linked plenty of the time. In truth, I very own and use FOUR separate technological gadgets to paintings on, talk, and live link daily. I am a huge Apple fan, so all of my gadgets are Apple-based and encompass: an iMac computer (for office), a MacBook Pro laptop (when I’m touring and running), an iPad Air (for gambling with within the evenings- in most cases watching stupid videos and doing online buying), and my “trick cellular telephone”- an iPod- which appears nearly same to an iPhone but is the entirety however a cellphone! However, if I need to name all of us, I can effortlessly use Skype or FaceTime on ANY of these devices within seconds.

So, as you can see, I’m pretty digitally wired. I pick NOT to have a 5th tool which would be a cellular telephone. My hubby is within an equal boat and takes place to be an internet site designer. He’s noticeably tech-savvy without having a cellular phone glued to his hip always. I also confess that due to age, we’re a bit ‘antique faculty’ when it comes to telephones- we both pick landlines and recall them true telephones. Between the 2 folks, we have three separate landlines- one for every one of our groups and a domestic line.


Most humans that recognize me well roll their eyes once I factor this out at a night meal because they recognize what I’m relating to. Unlike most human beings I have ever met, I don’t want to be continuously available. I’m certain you’ll now agree that I made an awesome choice using not turning into a mom. I am acutely conscious that parenting necessitates one being extraordinarily on hand nearly all of the time and to my sisters available with children- I take my hat off to you for doing that! Yes, I admit it- I am a massive defender of my right to be a private individual- in reality, it is one of the markers of being a Highly Sensitive Person, and I agree with I’m no longer the most effective one obtainable who feels this way.

Don’t get me incorrect- I love and enjoy the corporation of others- simply now, not 24/7. Like all HSP’s, I need lots of my own time to recharge my battery, which means having the capability to be a hermit in chew-sized pieces throughout the day. The same goes for my beloved hubby- we both habitually retreat several times an afternoon- even from being with every other- to rest, replicate, and regain our energy.

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