Review of the Motorola MOTOROI XT720

MILESTONE XT720 breaks free from archetypal molds coupling the asymmetric face layout with a camel hump on them again. Diversely contrary to ordinary smartphones, the smoothened slab on the front, angled with an unexpected projection at the facet, absolutely renovates the telephone. Even the grasps feel exceptional and precise; metallic on the top and a firm rubberized body backside.


By no approach is the smartphone featherweight tilting the scales at one hundred sixty grams. Dimensions account for 61mm x 116mm x 11mm assuring a big display size but a compact preserve for normal use. Its extraordinarily bulky layout isn’t transportable or of much assist throughout calls (until you operate an external hardware device consisting of Bluetooth). However, the construct presents the grip to operate all different internet and multimedia functions.

Since a complete touchscreen dominates the front face, the bodily buttons are cornered on the side. Find a micro USB port, quantity keys, 3.5mm head jack, digicam manage buttons, lock or free up buttons, and most significantly, the HDMI output port.

Given that the hardware lacks any bodily buttons on the front, we had been now and then left gritting approximately wrongly pressed buttons. Nevertheless, it’s miles forgiven for the enjoyment of a 3.7″ display putting up an unforgettable display of pics, videos, and web pages.

The camel humpback might also appear interesting initially; however, we got used to it with time. The eight-megapixel digital camera lens with Xenon flash is on the nook of the backside with a slide-out battery cowl. Positioned behind the battery cowl is the microSD card slot, an extremely intricate region to preserve a card.

Features (8/10)

Motorola is participating with the Android working gadget for its MILESTONE collection, boasting the 2.1 Clair model. We hold our arms crossed for a 2.2 Froyo update at the earliest. Like other Android strolling phones, MILESTONE includes the ordinary Google functions with Search, Calendar, and Gmail. There’s usual access to the Android market at no cost down a load of apps.

A mild twist with the MILESTONE XT720 is its interface, considerably extraordinary from its MOTOBLUR siblings. The change isn’t a few most important makeovers and includes shortcuts to shoot you back to the home screen. A five-panel customizable domestic display screen makes up the default interface of the cellphone. If you want to customize the menu, pull up the arrow at the lowest screen, revealing a full array of menu options. Again, there are quite some Android apps pre-established, counting popular Google applications like YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, and many others. For the remainders, the market is a tick away.

The interface sits on 480×854 pixels, a 3.7-inch gigantic display, and is crisp sufficient to view movies, pics, and web pages. There is not any pixilation of snapshots/videos, nor does it disappoint within the web-surfing department. However, could we position it on a higher pedestal than the Samsung AMOLED and Retina display of the iPhone 4? Certainly no longer! The screen puts on a brave the front indoors; however, it is going for a toss while uncovered beneath direct sunlight. Sadly, you agree that the lights conditions will determine the fate of the visibility of the icons.

There’s something about the show that is not to be neglected. The magnifying glass functions as a cursor even as reading the text pinpoints to the precise place and is helpful because bodily buttons are absent.

Another crucial issue of the MILESTONE XT720 is its 8-megapixel digital camera and 720p video photos. Motorola puffs up its chest on those two selling points. We accept as true with Motorola’s stand because the digicam is surely very excellent. Its Xenon flashes, automobile cognizance, and potential to rise close to objects earn its brownie points.


The HD video recording merits similar applause. The footage turned into properly groomed and performed easily without a bumpy ride. For both the digicam and video, remember that these features are embedded in a phone and now not corresponding to high-quit digital cameras & camcorders.

Motorola has perked up the processor of the MILESTONE XT720 to show a 720MHz TI OMAP3440, upgraded from the 600MHz TI OMAP 3430 chucking the earlier MILESTONE. However, not being a 1 GHz plus processor, the performance grade does drop from time to time with gradual navigation or the want for a manual closure of programs throughout multi-tasking.

The battery existence became best residing for greater than an afternoon with electronic mail and social networking websites constantly streaming in the messages and standing updates. Nevertheless, carrying the charger at the cross, you can also discover yourself confronted with an embarrassing scenario.

Call first-class was pinnacle-notch, maintaining each caller and the called parties with smiling faces. The cellphone contains CrystalTalk generation in the telephone, performing as a noise cancellation barrier for external noises. Similarly, the palms-free impressed us with audio loud sufficient for a -party verbal exchange.

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