Semantic Web Applications

In order to boom using Semantic Web technologies it is necessary to create packages that make use of the Semantic Web for practical packages. Enabling Modelling with Semantic Web technologies should inspire domain experts to fill ontologies with useful information, so producing more advantage from their use.

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The use of Semantic Web languages as facts representation and whilst programming languages would assist greatly with interoperability as those modelling languages are standardised to be used in an extensive range of laptop structures.

Research can carry together End-User Programming, Modelling, and the Semantic Web processes. An important place of studies is a method for quit-consumer programming, that of allowing visible modeling of data. This corresponds to the sort of work typically undertaken using spreadsheets. This research involves using Semantic Web technologies to allow stop-consumer programming. The generation is applicable to any problem that involves person interplay, calculation, and modeling so it can be applied to a much broader variety of tasks and problem regions.

A method that involves structuring of statistics thru Ontology and Semantic Web strategies and allowing stop-user programming through visualization and interaction pursuits to achieve effective manufacturing of universal models. Horrocks (2002) explains Semantic Web technology and using dealers and ontologies, and ontology illustration languages. This demonstrates the connected nature of Ontology and Semantic Web studies.

Berners-Lee and Fischetti (1999) sum up the advantage of a Semantic Web application over programs in other languages. They write, “The advantage of setting the rules in RDF is that during doing so, all the reasoning is uncovered, whereas software is a black field: you don’t see what occurs internally it.” They speak using Semantic Web languages as programming languages and provide an explanation for the benefits asserting “The Semantic Web, just like the Web already, will make many stuff previously impossible just apparent. Visual Semantic Web programming is one of those obvious matters”.

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Berners-Lee et al. (2006) provide an explanation for the significance of visualization for navigation of information “Despite excitement approximately the Semantic Web, maximum of the arena’s statistics are locked in big facts shops and aren’t published as an open Web of inter-referring assets. As an end result, the reuse of records has been constrained. Substantial research challenges arise in converting this situation: the way to effectively question an unbounded Web of linked information repositories, a way to align and map between distinct facts models, and how to visualize and navigate the huge linked graph of data that results.” The use of Semantic Web languages as programming languages could help substantially with interoperability as those languages are standardized to be used in a wide range of pc systems

The essential benefit of open widespread representation of data furnished by using the Semantic Web is that data may be transferred from one utility to another. Additionally, it gives a layered structure that permits for a stepped translation from users to the laptop and returned for conveying results of a modeling run. The software transformation approach argued for with the aid of Lieberman (2007) can be used to translate from a site expert End-User Programmer abstraction to models represented via Semantic Web languages, ontologies, and code.

Use of Semantic Web technology is a means for open trendy representation of collaborative models, transformation into extraordinary representations as required, and for the provision of a high-degree interface as a device for model visualization and device introduction. Structuring of data via Ontology and Semantic Web strategies and permitting End-User Programming through visualization and interplay can acquire powerful production of typical fashions. Semantic Web technology could assist significantly with Web-based totally Simulation and Modelling. Kuljis and Paul (2001) evaluate development within the subject of web simulation. They argue the need for web-primarily based simulations to be focussed on solving actual-global troubles to be able to achieve success. Miller and Baramidze (2005) set up that for a “simulation observe that includes version constructing, situation introduction, model execution, output analysis, and saving/deciphering consequences. Ontologies may be beneficial throughout all of these phases.” Model-Driven Programming and the Semantic Web are defined by way of Frankel et al. (2004).

Research within the use and visualization of Semantic Web facts can provide the tools that cease-user programmers have been lacking until lately, and those gear may be used for modeling. Crapo et al. (2002) assert the need for a methodology for the introduction of structures to enable more collaborative processes to model by way of area expert stop-customers, and that this combined with visualization would permit engineers to version issues appropriately.

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Many corporations produce textual content primarily based reports from their IT structures. But textual content based totally reports does no longer continually show information nicely enough for accurate decision making. Automated conversion of those reports into Semantic Web languages may want to assist greatly with this. So a translation technique is required and may be carried out as part of an ordinary User-Driven Modelling/Programming Approach. Once reports are converted to a standardized illustration, hierarchical facts can be represented as clickable bushes and numerical representation as charts. This makes it possible to customize outputs from present IT systems and so lets in development in clarity of data without predominant modifications to the manner it’s produced. This ought to offer a massive benefit at little cost.

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