Should You Buy the New Huawei Honor 8?

2016 is almost over, and with the Christmas season nearly upon us, many telephone users could be seeking to improve their telephones. On the Android side of the fence, matters have in no way been so accurate, with aggressively priced and properly featured phones to be had at almost each rate bracket. The agencies which can be to thank for this flood of excellent phones in the market are the Chinese upstarts with names like Oppo, Xiaomi, and Huawei. Though Huawei isn’t always precisely an upstart, it is nonetheless not exactly a widely recognized name in most huge cellphone markets within the international besides China. So in many nations, Huawei is best now becoming a known emblem, and that too, only among the Android devoted.

The first-rate new Honor 8


This newfound popularity for Huawei is down to an available range of smartphones from the organization; the Honor Series. The contemporary telephone inside the line-up may also be Huawei’s great effort but: the Honor eight. Android smartphones users looking for a new device or an improvement on the give up of 2016 need to remember the Honor 8 honestly. If the number of online accent and case makers is whatever to move, the Honor eight must be selling like hotcakes because the marketplace is flooded with Honor eight instances and dressmaker Honor 8 Mobile covers.

Customize your Honor eight

With flagship beating specifications and a price tag that considerably undercuts some of its high competitors, the new Honor 8 is a fantastic phone from a hardware perspective. The handiest difficulty is that it isn’t exactly the maximum attractive cellphone to appearance, and nor is the Huawei logo one that inspires solid and high-quality emotions from each person, outside of China at the least. This shouldn’t forestall everybody from actively thinking about the Honor 8 as their next cellphone even though because while the design might not be thrilling, it’s miles exceptionally nicely made and superbly finished. If you’re looking to upload a touch style or character, a Huawei Honor eight case may be the answer you are looking for. There are some of the sites where you may, however, them online, and in case you want a case that virtually reflects who you are, perhaps a custom Huawei Honor 8 case is what you should be looking for. Many well-known websites provide you with the option to personalize an Honor 8 Case together with your favorite photo and caption to create a case that is precise to you.

The past yr has seen a gaggle of the latest emblem names pop up within the phone arena. While maximum incumbents like HTC and Sony appear to be having hassle making an income inside the increasingly more aggressive cellphone enterprise, many startups from mainland China suppose they could do one higher. Companies like Oppo, Xiaomi, and now OnePlus are doing a David and Goliath reenactment within the Android cellphone market. OnePlus is the state-of-the-art entrant into the ring, and their first shot at an Android smartphone turned into the imaginatively titled OnePlus One. The smartphone had a few hard edges, but on the whole, it changed into a surprisingly correct first product from a brand that nobody had ever heard of a while later as the beginning of 2014.

This year OnePlus has started its second innings by launching the OnePlus Two. The employer lacks in thrilling product names even though it seems to have made up in its capacity to design and manufacture a quite compelling mid to high-end Android telephone. The pricing and specification list of the new smartphone means that the OnePlus 2 covers a large variety of the Android phone market, taking intention right at the top rate mid-range to nearly flagship phones from other producers.

OnePlus even performs this up by calling the Two a ‘ 2016 flagship killer ‘, which means that it has specifications that might be the same to or higher than telephones, which might be released within the following few months. So, is there any fact about the OnePlus bombast? Well, sure and no. OnePlus operates on a unique business version wherein they sell relatively low volumes in small batches, occasionally as little as a few thousand phones. They do that with a reservation device where people searching for products/services sign up and wait to get an invite to buy the organization’s telephones. While many may also cringe at this unorthodox process, it isn’t always too distinctive from humans bodily queuing up for days on give up out of doors and Apple shop, expecting the today’s iDevice.

This manner lets in OnePlus cell telephones with additives that aren’t but to be had at the scales essential for giants like Samsung and Apple to put in phones that promote a few million gadgets in a month. This manner that for the charge you pay for them, OnePlus telephones are among some months to almost 12 months in advance of the curve, technologically speaking, compared to the opposition.


While inside the desktop area, innovation and even clock velocity advances have slowed to an incremental tempo. In telephone hardware, 12 months is a lifetime. This method that OnePlus telephones are technologically at least, as top as whatever you are probably to buy from the likes of Samsung or HTC in the next six months. The trouble is that a high cease phone is a great deal extra than just what is inner. Build excellent, fit, and finish and materials rely simply on plenty, if not different. This is in which the OnePlus falls, with a plasticky body and tacky plastic back. This is something but high cease. This can partially be remedied with the massive choice of OnePlus two covers; however, people who need an absolute flagship feel from their telephone will have to look elsewhere.

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