Slow Computer Fixes – How to Reinstall Windows Properly – Part 1

If you have got frequently been using your computer for greater than years, it seems that ultimately you’ll have to reinstall Windows because it becomes unstable through the years.

There are numerous reasons why a computer could be slowing down: documents end up disordered, pointless software fills up useful space, there are too many files no longer getting used anymore, the Windows registry is overflowing with garbage, or you’ve got a pc looking to load all of the applications established on it at startup.

Reinstall Windows Properly

The selection you’ll make is how a lot of a reinstallation you want to perform. Do you need to reinstall the simplest Windows or the whole machine? It has been my experience that an entire reinstallation of Windows and all the programs you employ is the most effective way to make sure your computer has a clean start, and it’s going to be pretty much the same as the day you do obtain it.

Installing Windows from scratch, such as reformatting the tough disk, then reinstalling all your applications, putting in and tweaking the laptop for your taste, is lots of work and could take some hours of some time. Sometimes greater than a day.

I actually have also found out the difficult manner that its miles necessary to put in the whole lot in a sure sequence and now not leave whatever for later. Some drivers and programs ought to be loaded before others. I have, on one occasion, lost the sound, and on any other, I couldn’t get the network working nicely. On both occasions, I needed to begin over from scratch.

If you watched that you don’t want to go through all that trouble, you might constantly install a Windows repair. When you boot from the Windows Installation CD, it’ll be a choice you will have. You’ll be able to reinstall Windows without dropping your packages and records, but if there’s trouble in one among your hooked-up packages, a Windows reinstall will not restore it. However, this education is for an entirely new setup and reformatting of the C power.

Your first step is to collect your Windows CD, all your software CDs, and drivers for reinstallation. In my case, I needed an updated chipboard driver and updated drivers for the graphics and sound playing cards, which I had to download. You have to additionally download Windows Service Pack 1, Windows Installer, and Windows Service Pack three.

Most computer systems are offered with a restore CD from the seller, replacing a Windows CD. Some supplier CDs provide you with all of the alternatives of a complete Windows CD, however with higher commands and the ease of having all the proper hardware drivers. Others can do nothing besides reformat your difficult power and restore it to the condition it changed into whilst you acquire the PC. The repair CD that got here with my pc was somewhere in among, as it had drivers on it; however, not the repair characteristic.

OK, first matters first, again up your facts documents and C: Documents to another tough drive, community, or a removable medium before reinstalling Windows. Also, back up another folder in that you save your data documents. You also want to unplug all the cables and peripherals on the laptop and only have the electrical cord plugged in. This is to stop Windows from randomly loading drivers for printers and attached gadgets, and many others. Which may additionally dissatisfy the configuration and sequence.

Boot your computer with your Windows CD-ROM inserted. When you get the ‘Press any key to boot from CD’ message, accomplish that. (If you do not see that message earlier than Windows starts offevolved, restart Windows, press the key, commonly F2, you’re caused to go into your PC Bios Setup and change the boot order so your CD force will boot first.)

At the ‘Welcome to Setup’ display, press Enter. Soon you will be instructed that there’s already a Windows set up on the pc. Press Esc to begin. Select your C: partition and press Enter. When you get the caution that asserts an operating machine is on that partition, press c. When you are requested your partition preference, pick out Leave the modern-day record device intact (no changes).

Reinstall Windows Properly

When you’re told that a Windows folder already exists, press l (‘ell’) to delete it and create a brand new one, follow the series of prompts. When the setup application asks in your name, enter the call you use for logging in.

In my next article, I will take you to grade by grade thru the sequential setup of the maximum essential utilities and applications first and a way to guard the installation you have performed.

I even have but discovered that it is now not vital to do a reinstallation or a reformat of Drive C. I even have researched and tested now no less than 30 programs, utilities and strategies over a period of numerous months to get top overall performance from our PCs with no dangle-America or system crashes. I advise 17 pieces of merchandise, every of which is designed to do a certain undertaking on the PC. We use eleven packages and utilities on an everyday basis to preserve our PC’s delivery shape. I do now not think I’ll need to reinstall Windows ever again.

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