Social Media & Blogs Are Broken

The Internet is the new recreation changer in each feasible way for business and individuals, it’s also a trouble, due to the fact just like the metropolis you live in it brings out the ones trying to take gain. Imagine a world with no regulation enforcement and I show you an afternoon wherein each person will try and take advantage, now not to benefit others but to gain themselves. It without a doubt isn’t always plenty one of a kind than these days, many do not value human life the manner we used too and we don’t assist every other in the manner that we should. We are self-serving most of the time, we do matters due to the fact there is some thing in it for us. Call me a cynic, however, human nature has demonstrated time & time again we are predictable. We prove day in and day trip there is ideal and evil, dumb & smart and there usually needs to be a winner and a loser.

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The pulling down of corporations and now the arena puts an old strength in our arms, you & me! Most folks aren’t ready to handle this new antique power, we can keep taking benefit of others with even extra ease. Can we be depended on with this strength? Probably not, all you have to do is have a look at the history of mankind, how we eat the entirety in our path inclusive of human beings. We are doing the identical element with the Internet, with Social Media and Blogs, ingesting and taking advantage.

The picture is not all black but it’s dark, I battle as I’m sure you do with how the policies are being damaged, how they may be being modified. This new antique electricity we have at our disposal is a double-edged sword, it’s going to work for us and towards us.

One of the maximum disappointing and tiresome issues on the Internet today with Blogs and Social Media is with the very issue we cherish the maximum, the content material. There is re-occurring trouble that takes the pleasure out being a Blogger is, Social Media & Blogs are damaged.

Social Media is forcing transparency, honesty and do the proper thing mentality, this is good proper? This via itself is extremely powerful and we will all feel the gain, but there is a darkish aspect too, a few will manage and attempt to take gain of this very energy. Let’s take Blogs for a spin right here, there are a few noticeably talented human beings accessible writing incredible content material and clearly have something of value to proportion with every person. They write for hours a day, sculpting and carving a message that is meant just for you. You were attempting to find this content material, however every now and then, you locate it in the maximum uncommon locations. Then there are Blogs that do not write one letter of original content material, they declare to be a the best aid on the Internet and all they do is pilfer information sources that car put up to a those Blogs. In essence, gaming the commercial enterprise of Blogging.

The gaming of Social Media has the same troubles, Twitter is an exceptional community for connecting with like-minded individuals. You also will find the identical links and content material posted by using millions time and again once more, everyone wondering they pronounced it first developing a wall of noise past anything you have seen or heard earlier than. Every Social Media Network has the same problem and I should listen to an amazing method of solving it. I understand I can not do tons about those troubles on my own but I can communicate against them and encourage you to do the proper component for you and your commercial enterprise. I to post hyperlinks to data with the motive that it truly subjects to you, not to be the first one to break the tale after which watch 250 million others do the identical, it defeats the cause of having a Blog or using Social Media Networks the manner they have been supposed.

I have discovered that the most not unusual thing being brought at the Internet is the way to make cash and get wealthy by way of using (buying) someone’s system, claiming to have achieved it, simplest to find out they do not have a clue how to run a commercial enterprise. They are simply doing what a person bought them to do, there are no quick cuts my pals so be prepared to pay a few kinds of price irrespective of what you do. Don’t get me wrong, we all need to earn a dwelling, however, if it’s too excellent to be true, it in all likelihood is.

A tip for you. There is a gap between knowing how to do the paintings of a commercial enterprise and understanding the way to run a commercial enterprise. You might not be prepared to be each enterprise proprietor (Entrepreneur) and the employee (technician), most aren’t.

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My point is this, If you’re serious approximately Blogging or being part of media, prevent trying to be like mainstream media, record out of you’re a part of the world no longer each person else’s world. Write about what is taking place to you and your hobbies. We already get bombarded by way of the same content material again and again via regular information offerings. Gaming some thing not often is a long-lasting challenge of fulfillment, you did not often get or maintain credibility by using doing it. If you must use a person else’s paintings, ask them that will help you, ask them to be a Guest Blogger or get permission to use their material, have integrity and be recognized for it. Your authentic content, your voice, will, in the end, be heard due to the fact no one can write or supply it the manner you could. Whatever it is you’re passionate about, do this, be that with all you may muster up to be it and permit the fine and sound of your voice be the distinction. Don’t installation structures that fail to offer your personality and choice to assist others. Only you may do that by using participating first hand along with your blood, sweat, and tears. Let us recognize who you are and see the passion of your coronary heart through being transparent, honest and real. We are looking forward to you.

Lee Hogan

Gamer. Twitter fan. Unapologetic analyst. Award-winning beeraholic. Subtly charming explorer. Cyclist, follower of Christ, drummer, Saul Bass fan and collaborator. Operating at the nexus of simplicity and elegance to save the world from bad design. Concept is the foundation of everything else.

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