The Apple Iphone Vs the Nokia 5800 XPress Music Phone

There were few contenders in the touchscreen handheld cellphone arena because of the introduction of the Apple iPhone – till now, that is. The Nokia 5800 has burst out onto the scene as Apple’s first critical competition within the touchscreen cellphone marketplace. Although it has no longer even been released to customers inside the United States and Europe, the scuttlebutt on blogs and within the media has been the comparisons among these handheld devices.

Size and Weight

Music Phone

Everyone wishes a smartphone this is easily held in a single hand. The iPhone isn’t always massive; however, it’s far trickier to function in a single hand. The Nokia 5800 is smaller than the iPhone into most people’s fingers and not using a trouble. This manner that you handiest want one hand to function the smartphone, to do something else people do with their hands. For the ones of you that want extra specifics, the subsequent are the precise sizes of each telephone:

As for the weight of each phone, the Nokia 5800 comes in at 25 g lighter than the Apple iPhone. Not an enormous difference for most people; however, it’s miles something to keep in mind.


The Apple iPhone has become added at a whopping $699 to the retail marketplace. It has for the reason that comes way down at a price but is still not extremely low price to the standard cell cellphone person. The Nokia 5800 may be rolled out at about 25% less than the Apple iPhone’s present-day fee. Even though Verizon will be the primary provider at the back of the Nokia 5800, the phone is expected to be “unlocked” off-the-shelf.

Of course, things like extra memory cards and the monthly plan you pick will determine the total fee of every one of those phones. When choosing either the Apple iPhone or the Nokia 5800, select your price range first, then overall, what your month-to-month cost can be over a length of one year. You must be capable of making a selection on the fee for every one of the two fashions.


No matter the number of bells and whistles a mobile smartphone has, you should recollect the audio quality of creating phone calls sooner or later. The Apple iPhone has constantly been taken into consideration advanced in audio best. On several sound great assessments, the iPhone 3g beats out different telephones in this region. Frequency reaction is fantastic, and voices sound clean and herbal, without bias to at least one frequency that could make voices sound tinny or weird.

The Nokia 5800 could be subjected to these checks once rolled out in the United States, and possibly faster. For now, keep in mind the Apple iPhone is superior in audio first-class.

Camera and Video

In recent times, every critical contender in the wireless smartphone market wishes to have an onboard digicam and video functionality properly. This area is where the Nokia 5800 Tube phone excels in nearly every room.

The Nokia handset functions a three.2-megapixel digicam with a Carl Zeiss lens. Both the video and photography aspects of this cellphone win out over the Apple iPhone. Not most effective is a video without difficulty captured at the Nokia 5800; however, sharing images and films is a snap become just an unmarried touch.

Apple hardly ever disappoints consumers with its innovative and precise products. However, the absence of video capability at the iPhone is one wherein they fell flat. If you’re thinking about either of these telephones for their video capability, even though Nokia 5800 wins our arms down. The specific screen resolutions of every phone are listed under:

Ease of use

It goes without saying that the whole idea behind a touchscreen cellphone is the simplicity of really operating it day in and day out. The Apple iPhone has gotten rave reviews for its ease of use. The query is whether the Nokia 5800 might be extra appealing to consumers from a practical standpoint after using a spread of functions daily.

One feature that is available in accessible on any cellphone prompts it along with your voice. The Nokia 5800 comes with capability, while the iPhone does not. This is a chief feature of ease of use.

Battery electricity

A reliable and long-lasting battery functionality is something that purchasers are worried about. The Nokia 5800 can seemingly offer up to 35 hrs of track playing time. The Apple iPhone claims to have a 24-hour battery life before being recharged. Overall battery power (talk time/standby) is likewise approximately 30% greater in Nokia 5800. The Nokia 5800 has a detachable battery because the Apple iPhone does now not.


If there is one element that the Nokia 5800 is designed for, it is playing the tune. Downloading tune tracks in this tool is straightforward and speedy, thanks to a considerable style of transfer alternatives to be had. The smartphone allows a variety of track formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, and the WMA.

With a sixteen MB reminiscence card set up, this phone can keep as many as 6000 songs and even geared up with FM radio. Moreover, you could sincerely make a cellphone name while you’re taking note of music, or you can set a ringing alarm clock on your favored tune. Connecting to a pc is a snap as well.

Not simplest do you have many selections to make when choosing the Apple iPhone or the Nokia 5800 [http://www.Nokia5800phone.Com] but you even need to consider new fashions be released inside the next six months. The Google telephone, or G-cellphone as it’s far aptly referred to as is every other contender, as a way to muddy the water for consumers. Another rival competitor will be the Blackberry Storm.

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