The Ascension Process and the Internet

I got here throughout a helpful description of the Ascension system that humanity is going via that compares Ascension with the adoption of the Internet. The facts came from a supply channeled via Mark Kimmel.

In a nutshell, you may examine the “activation” and the adoption of the Ascension technique with the advent and adoption of the Internet: After personal computer systems have been to be had, however, earlier than the Internet existed, some (nerdy) humans realized the benefit of hooking their computers collectively if you want to alternate data. Gradually others became aware of the benefits of being installed, and that they too established their computers into networks till a fledgling Internet became created. Once the Internet has become broadly available, the statistics and applications available to those connected up to it skyrocketed. Although the early pioneers may have observed it tough to get the mainstream enthusiastic about or even interested in their Internet thoughts before everything, it isn’t easy to imagine existence without the Internet now.

The following is an excerpt of Mark Kimmel’s channeling. It describes the more extensive Ascension process presently underway as a slow multi-step process similar to how people embraced the Internet.

“First, there is the realization of a bigger image. A few of the preliminary embracers saw this and started to publicize it. Second are those who, after receiving suggestions of the larger photo, start to investigate for themselves. By this time, the earliest embracers had moved ahead to make a free will desire to change how they lived–to live in keeping with their hearts. They have due to the fact turn out to be manner-showers–appearing both publicly or privately–within the context of an emerging paradigm.”–Mark Kimmel

Although the description of ways the Ascension process works in society seems correct, a stickler like myself could no longer discover it very right. In reality, you do not see the larger image without a doubt till you’re nicely into the process. Instead, the way it works is that there’s the realization that there have to be, must be a larger photo–that explains higher than the traditional paradigm why the arena is within the country it’s in and what may be executed about it. There can be glimpses of a larger photograph of converted humanity, there may be a yearning for and glimpses of some form of a Golden Age, but the truth is that you do not have the bigger photograph. As a pioneer, you place a wager with the Universe that there’s a larger image that could assist explain the onslaught of peculiar, odd, and painful occasions that have taken place in your lifestyles and the international, often reputedly for no practical reason, and that you will find it. When you locate the solutions for yourself, you could then assist others by sharing your stories. Desperation is the exceptional catalyst for seeking and discovering the answers to troubles in the long run.


So…Without having a clear recognition of the larger photograph, you must make a loose will choice to live according to your heart (your internal being, your better self) instead of what you have got been taught because the youth, even though you’re not very assured approximately trusting your inner guidance yet, or at times, even spotting it. It is most effective after you have lived like this for quite a while, such which you’ve gathered lots of firsthand stories and new insights that override the conventional idea that a bigger photo starts offevolved to emerge within you. Then it nevertheless takes something more significant so that you can speak it efficiently.

I can guarantee that a clear image will not form in your thoughts until you’ve undoubtedly experienced firsthand positive pivotal activities. For example, you won’t know who you’re and what you’re without a doubt able to till you’ve skilled your self suffering via your problems and then, growing above them and pleasing your contribution to the Golden Age.

Furthermore, I was spreading the concept that individuals certainly should make real existence choices (alternatives that frequently contain changing your life direction) as opposed to shopping for into the perception that you may locate yourself on a few “wave” that can be ridden or will routinely be swept up inside the Ascension manner without having to do a whole lot work. Still, I am under the effect that this message has not been comfortably embraced. The Ascension technique isn’t always a few waves you may “experience.” It’s now not a magic carpet experience.

Mark Kimmel’s channeled message communicates those ideas well: “People should do something. People can purchase an essential system to connect to the Internet or not. It is their choice. If they do now not buy the equipment, they’re not connected. Similarly, if humans no longer make a conscious effort to raise their vibration, they will not be swept alongside those who’ve performed so. There is not any unfastened ride.”–Mark Kimmel

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