The Benefits of Using Point Cloud Data in Laser Scanning

Were you looking to upgrade your digitalization game?

I am wondering how you can build your company model? Don’t you want to spend too much time racking up too many expenses? Ok, don’t go any further. For architects and engineers, laser scanning has become a powerful measuring instrument. It helps them to create 3D versions of their projects.

It has been the most common method used in these fields for digital modeling and safety assessments for a long time. It is nondestructive and hands-off as well!


The mechanism is not too complex. It begins with measurements and images being taken by 3D laser scanners. A probe pushes the laser around while, in all three dimensions, two sensor cameras record how the laser light changes in thickness and angle.

These thousands of measurements then make up what a “point cloud” is called.

To read more about why cloud point information is so helpful in laser screening, follow along.

Highly Accurate

For engineers and architects, laser scanning is helpful because it helps capture exact details about a physical object. This knowledge is more detailed than if they calculated items by hand, it would be. Also, laser measurements have one-to-two-millimeter precision.

We can only take measurements as exact as the measuring tool we are using, as we all learned in high school. Staff would need to use a device whose minimum marking was one millimeter to achieve such a high degree of accuracy.


This is particularly useful when engineers and architects can not be at the project’s physical location. They are also capable of conducting meaningful measurements over longer distances.

Anyone on their team can have free, remote access to the data without ever seeing the actual object the measurements are based on.

Contractors are particularly grateful for that point. For workers, the areas in which construction takes place are also hazardous.

Time Management

We all know that laser measurements are more accurate than measurements carried out by humans. The time a laser takes to complete a comprehensive map of an item is just a fraction of what a staff team might require.

It is a non-intrusive way for properties to be measured. This ensures that to be assessed, hospitals, schools, and sporting venues do not need to be shut down. Instead, after closing, specific measurements can be taken.

Cost Savings in the Long Term

The combination of laser and software can be pretty pricey. The amount of money and time that can be saved by getting them, however, is considerable. Since it is more effective to use a laser, tasks can be done more rapidly.

Also, because employees are no longer expected to conduct calculations, administrators do not need to set aside salaries as much as they do. Accident compensation is also limited because laser scanning is much safer.

Getting Started

It can seem daunting to get the required point-cloud technology for laser screening. However, It doesn’t have to be challenging to install the software for laser data.

ScanX has got you covered; whether it’s Mining & Construction, Damage Insurance, or Infrastructure Inspection, ScanX Online data processing specializing in DJI Zenmuse L1 will give you the optimum results.

What’s waiting for you? This fantastic technology gives your company an advantage and watches how fast your projects can get completed.

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